“I will not express my opinion, but I have promised to conduct this survey. Should Assange and Snowden be pardoned?” So Elon Musk returned to probe the mood of the Twitter audience a few days ago. The new owner of the social network, opening the votes of a new poll, asked users if the founder of Wikileaks and a former employee of the US National Security Agency should be forgiven. Assange helped release classified documents about war crimes committed by US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. 
17 counts of indictment hang over him, each worth 10 years in prison, for a total of around 175 years in prison, for revealing, via the Wikileaks platform, state secrets about the so-called US "wars on terror" in the Middle East exposing the crimes against humanity committed by the West in Afghanistan, precisely, and Iraq.

And speaking of revealed secrets, Musk kept an old promise and unveiled the "Twitter Files" which tell how the previous management of Twitter has come to the conclusion of limiting and blocking access to the New York Post article on "secrets ” contained in Hunter Biden's personal computer - from his private life to his foreign affairs - in the days leading up to the 2020 elections. The Tesla owner does not publish the documents directly but grants access to Matt Taibbi, the ever-critical journalist of online and media censorship, with which it implies that it has collaborated in the evaluation. Taibbi in a long series of tweets describes the contents of the cards viewed, attaches some of them and reaches his conclusions. In tweet number 18 he states: "Twitter has taken extraordinary measures to suppress the story" of the computer of Hunter Biden of the New York Post "by removing links and warning about what could be 'unsafe'. They have also blocked its direct transmission via message, a tool reserved for extreme cases such as child pornography". The documents shed light on the internal Twitter debate on blocking the article, highlighting the dissent and confusion over a decision later defined as wrong by former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.
The US administration did not like some of the businessman's tweets about the war in Ukraine that were too close to Putin and is considering checking his activities.
The US government is considering subjecting some of Elon Musk's companies to a national security check. These include Twitter and the satellite network Starlink.

As reported by Bloomberg, the need arises from concern over the tycoon's recent threat to interrupt Starlink satellite services in Ukraine.

The Biden administration also did not appreciate some tweets by Musk deemed favorable to Russian President Putin.

And while the doubts on the part of the US government are dissolving, Musk is preparing a cleaver cut on Twitter's workforce: his intention is to reduce the staff by 75%, going from the current 7,500 jobs to around 2,000.




Everything has now become a struggle. Against someone, against something, against the rival, against the rich, against those who do not do, against those who do, against the beautiful, against the ugly. Against judgment that shows just as much judgment, against reason that shows just as much compulsion, against the true, against the false. I saw an advertisement for a woman who “has been fighting obesity for years”. Against. Those behind the scenes know very well what it means to animate the feeling of struggle instead of confrontation. They know that counter strengthens and expands exactly what it is believed to be fighting for. Going against a physical problem, instead of understanding it, as with everything else … gives you back tripled. Keep fighting, keep going against you.
Aren’t we also like that giant of the forest? Sometimes we survive the rare storms, the avalanches, the harsh blows of existence, and then let our hearts devour the little insects of worry, insects that one would be able to squeeze between the thumb and forefinger. Anxiety is not mine, I know. It is something that lives outside, but which I have brought inside and which has now made its home inside me. Anxiety is not mine, anxiety is not me. It is not a war against myself, it is a war against what is around me. I was too, you know, tired of fighting against life, of always having to find a shortcut, a way out, of feeling inadequate, of looking for an alternative to the future, of not knowing how to be myself because it would not have been. popular; tired of the past that slips into the chest like blades, of indecision, of the emptiness inside that seems to speak, that seems to say: “It will all end”.
I feel alone, I stare into space, I wonder how long this will last, I hug the pillow, I cry in silence. They tell me to do it alone, to pull myself up and fight, but the weight I carry is too heavy and only makes me sink lower and lower, deeper and deeper. I find myself in total darkness and no one cares, there is no one there, I only hear the sound of my breath. Memories crowd my mind, my chest hurts, now I even struggle to breathe, I feel like a body without a soul, I feel trapped in a cage. You have to fight, they said. You have to fight they say. But they don’t know, they don’t know that girl no longer exists. That girl, that I was, stayed there in that room.

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