This girl is called Emma Gonzalez is one of the survivors of the "usual" shooting in a school in the USA, which took place a few days ago, with 17 victims and below is a list of who she is challenging in this exciting speech:

1) a president of the United States,
2) multinational arms manufacturing companies that together make $ 240 billion a year
3) the NRA (National Rifle Association) which is an organization that acts in favor of those who own a firearm and is one of the most influential political lobbies.
4) is challenging a parliament with many of them being part of the 5 million members of the aforementioned NRA
5) a national congress
6) the second amendment (law for the possession of firearms)
7) human violence

Among the many things that are said in our newspapers, among the many articles that are published online, I have not seen even one, only one that narrates about this young woman. It is not even our fault that much, because on google I found only two in the cross of articles about her in Italian. The news is different in our country, especially in this moment of the electoral campaign. Of course, I suppose the news of the shooting will have been in the newspapers, because “How beautiful the blood, how beautiful the tragedies”, “They make an audience”, they say. But you should know how beautiful these words, these lucid and desperate cries at the same time.
This girl, Emma, ​​began by saying a sentence: "We will be the last mass shooting." She also said publicly "To all politicians who have received gifts from RNA, be ashamed."
The nineteen-year-old boy who killed 17 boys belonged to a white supremacist group.
Many now remember that one of Donald Trump's first moves after taking office in the White House was to cancel a legislation wanted by Barack Obama to prevent the mentally ill from getting into possession of a weapon. Thus, the requirement for the Social Security Administration to report to the FBI people who receive assistance for their disability and who have mental problems was removed. The standard affected about 75,000 people with mental disorders.

Maybe you think that this does not concern us, that it is another country and it is enough to always think of the Americans and instead it concerns us, it concerns us reacting to something that is not right. This girl is to be taken as an example for many things: she is speaking after a shock in which she saw 17 people die in front of her eyes just over 48 hours before and the only strength she has to speak is why it doesn't happen anymore .
Thanks Emma for staying human, even the children know that a man with a weapon does not stop giving another man another weapon, he simply stops producing weapons for everyone, not giving them to citizens.
Protesters hold up signs during the CU Boulder Student Walkout Against Gun Violence on March 14, 2018. (Bri Barnum/CU Independent)

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