Depression, panic attacks, insomnia, headaches, hypertension, anxiety can be associated with a lack of serotonin. Obviously no doctor will tell you to do an analysis to see if you may be deficient in seroyonin if you have any of these symptoms. No and do you know why? Because they have to prescribe you some drugs otherwise they can't pay for their holidays in the Caribbean.
Meanwhile, you continue to feel bad without knowing why you are always looking for chocolates and sweets. And no one explains it to you. No doctor tells you that cocoa contains tryptophan which helps the mind to have a feeling of high mood. No doctor explains why you are addicted to sugar. They just want to earn their nice vacation and they don't care how you are.
You know, my grandparents often ate dried fruit and legumes, plums, dried figs and I've never seen them sad. There was no depression and anxiety. They were often out in the open, both in summer and in winter, and only followed the sunlight. They went to bed when the sun set and got up at dawn. They never got bored, they never got tired and they were always in a good mood. So what can we understand from this? We can understand that certain foods help our brain to feel good. What do we eat now? French fries, hamburgers, pizza, sandwiches and crap. Junk food. And how are we reduced? Unhappy and anxious, hypertensive, angry and stressed. But if we tell the doctor we feel this way he will give us more drugs and more drugs.
But he will never explain that we may not have enough serotonin in our diet. It is easier for them to gain on our skin than to help us heal.
Studies have shown that a diet lacking in tryptophan - and consequently with low levels of serotonin - can have negative effects not only on mood, but also on memory, cognitive abilities and sleep quality.
So what can we do? Change our diet and see if it works. At least give it a try.

Foods high in tryptophan are mainly:

dark chocolate
Pine nuts
Sesame seeds
cashew nuts

Milk and dairy products are rich in it, including cottage cheese and yogurt. 

Tryptophan is also found in legumes, especially chickpeas and beans, in meat, especially chicken and turkey, in fish, including anchovies, sea bream, sea bass, sole, cod, tuna and bottarga, and finally in eggs.
Among the vegetables, endive, cabbage, asparagus, green beans, lettuce, chard, spinach, zucchini are particularly rich in tryptophan.

( This is not a medical article but only a post of advice and does not consist of a specific cure. )



Gustavo Adolfo Rol seems to have been the only soul on earth capable of modifying matter with the sole will of thought. Rol realized he possessed this extraordinary "power" in 1927 and was very upset by it, so much so that he wrote this sentence in his personal diary:
"I discovered a tremendous law that binds the color green, the musical fifth and heat. I have lost the joy of living. Power scares me."
Heat is perhaps the point that perhaps least interests us, as it is only a consequence, a perception caused by the other two factors, namely the green color and the musical V. As for the musical V, Rol attributed a vibration to this factor, the same vibration perceived by visualizing the green color, with which he felt a great power within himself.

Rol visualizing the green color, perceived this vibration which in a certain sense made him feel omnipotent. Green is the color of healing, the color of peace and tranquility… just like the nature of our planet.
What we intend to emphasize is not only that Rol was extraneous to spiritualism both from a theoretical and practical point of view, but also that he abhorred it and had always abhorred it decisively, because it was completely extraneous to his way of being and his way of feeling. and live the spirituality.
Gustavo Rol understood that man can become the "door" that connects the world of matter and spirit.
Through his studies, his talents and practice he had learned how to become the door and expression of the spirit in the material world.
To do this he used to stimulate the three most commonly used perceptual channels: visual, auditory and kinesthetic to "tune" his body with the psyche in a precise vibration.
I believe, in fact, that these three elements (Color, Heat and Sound) must be, as much as possible, taken into account in a single element.
First of all, it seems trivial to say that heat is almost certainly understood in an esoteric / corporeal sense, if not alchemical; we do not think of candles or stoves, so to speak, but rather of the ability to develop heat in a given point of your body.
This is relatively simple to achieve, it is enough to learn to concentrate one's attention in one point, to have, at least, the perception of an increase in heat, an inner warmth.
But all this necessarily refers to meditation on the Chakras, for which the system is precisely to concentrate on one of these ancestral energy vortices (having the perception of the increase in heat, in fact) and to think of inhaling the air directly from the point in which we have gathered our concentration.
Continuing, it seems obvious to me that the question of color naturally comes to meet this last discourse: the Chakras have notoriously colors (and sounds interconnected to them) and what is described as green is the fourth chakra:
The heart is the central point of creation and therefore all chakras depend on it. It could be compared to a central station from which an energy flows towards the parts of the body. The heart is the seat of the Spirit, the source of almighty force, manifested in Shiva. Therefore a strong heart chakra is the basis of a healthy and dynamic personality, full of love and compassion. This subtle center controls breathing and the functioning of the heart and lungs. With the awakening of the kundalini that opens this center, one becomes a self-confident person in God, responsible and courageous. Such a person is capable of loving all of humanity without any personal interest and is loved by everyone.

What we intend to emphasize is not only that Rol was extraneous to spiritualism both from a theoretical and practical point of view, but also that he abhorred it and had always abhorred it decisively, because it was completely extraneous to his way of being and his way of feeling. and live the spirituality.
Massimo Inardi in 1975 speaks of "his constant contempt for everything that smacks of spiritism, mediumship or parapsychology"
Pitigrilli reports that Rol once, in the 1940s, said to him: "Do you deal with spiritism? You are unworthy to teach you these things. I don't want to see you anymore "(also present in his book)
"I hate spiritism, as it is understood, as it is practiced." With this sentence alone he rejects both theory ("as it is understood") and practice ("as it is practiced"), namely mediums, trance, sessions, etc ..
Rol then adds:
"I have defined the highest attribute conferred on the human person as an" intelligent spirit ". Unimaginable possibilities are transmitted to it by which, through a process of free choice, man is able to recognize himself in his own divine nature. Acting in this atmosphere, where harmony and moral sense cannot have alternatives, man, an authentic "procurator of God", is able to perform any miracle. This is the principle of eternity ".
This means that every event in the universe is recorded and stored in an eternal present, dimension, or rather a state accessible to those who have realized this "eternal present" within themselves. The events of the universe (or universes) are traces that remain in the mind of God just as memories are traces that remain in our memory. The "spirits", in their various gradations of complexity up to the "intelligent" ones, are precisely the traces, the memories, the cards of the cosmic archive, the "books of life" in the library of God. It will therefore be understood how in this perspective we are far from spiritualism, which by comparison is no more than a (bad) fairy tale.


Have you ever tried to take care of a woman’s hair? Slip them between your fingers, welcome them in your hands if they are too curly as if it were wadding. Touching a woman’s hair is very important, taking care of it even more. Because if you do it, it is with her consent, it amounts to permission to touch her heart. Dissipating any tangles or brushing them frees his mind, a massage to his soul. We should all take care of a woman’s hair, with dedication and delicacy. Make them a braid or brush them with extreme delicacy, you too will benefit, because relaxing being a source of serenity. A woman’s hair has its own scent, which differs from woman to woman. By arranging her hair you put her soul in order, she will allow you to listen to her secrets, because taking care of her hair is a very intimate act. In Portuguese it is called “cafuné” the act of tenderly running your fingers through the hair of your loved one. Kiss a woman’s hair, because they deserve respect. Take care of a woman’s hair, because they give positive energy.


I believe that divine energy has mysterious ways to reach us. I believe that there are events that have a very important meaning, which happen to make us reflect and understand that there is something that goes beyond our human nature. All my life I thought I had to be like a rock, hard, impossible to move, constantly struggling with life. Only recently I realized that instead I have to be like water, flow in life and let it flow in me, adapt to the path and enjoy every curve of the journey that will take me to my ocean.
I think I have had some signals from my spirit guides. It happened about twice: The first time happened last week while I was drawing: I heard a loud whistle, similar to that of a bell in the whole room that came from a specific point, and when I moved away from the room the sound decreased in intensity, and then increased in intensity. time returned. I asked my mom if she heard that sound too, but she said no. The second time happened last night, just before going to sleep: I was looking at the phone, and I heard that whistle again, but this time it was weaker. I ignored both of them not knowing what to do, because I don’t know how to interact, how to get in touch with the spiritual guides, but the point is that now I’m afraid they won’t contact me anymore, since I silently screwed them up. What a shit figure in front of myself, I think if the spiritual guides stepped on me I would apologize.
Pride is a detestable vice. It makes you blind: you no longer see your own faults. It makes you presumptuous, unjust, bad. Ridiculous vice. Superb because we have money: but wealth is a good outside of us. A dwarf always remains a dwarf even if he is on top of a mountain. Superb because they are young, beautiful, full of strength: but youth is lost day by day: ruit hora… soon we find ourselves old, without boldness, without strength. We observe certain athletes, superb for health: a very fragile good. Just a small vein that breaks, a fall, an insect bite, an infection … we have one foot in the grave, we are more fragile than glass. For a glass to break it needs a stone, a bump … we break for much less. Intelligence: so fragile … a thyroid dysfunction, a sudden emotion, a premature senility and we are poor beings to be admitted to nursing homes.
How foolish our pride is. We should rethink ourselves like little leaves on a tree. Be humble and small like sparrows. I am a little robin. It doesn’t matter if I’m as small as a leaf. I pray for this humanity that is killing itself. I sing for her, I am giving all my energy to this humanity. Please if you are religious or spiritual, join me, let’s join all energies together, no matter the name of the deity, no matter our differences, now, let’s join the divine energy of our heart to save this humanity.


There are people who hurt and do not realize they are hurting. People who do not have the perception of the emotional state of the other. These people have a very developed ego and do not know how to redefine it by reducing their destructive selfishness towards themselves and towards others. The first way to understand that you are dealing with an immense ego is to ask yourself: “How many things do I know about the other? Do I really know him? Do I always listen to it or am I always focused on my thoughts and desires? We live in a world full of selfishness and this is because most people only think about their own desires. When one looks at oriental disciplines one wonders why there are so many humiliating rituals such as serving food to others, staying on the sidelines and in silence for many hours, forgetting one’s private life to focus on mantras etc … But who has experienced these disciplines know well that all this is aimed at shrinking the ego and making people take care of others. We live in a society where people go to great lengths to scam and use others. In Western culture, a way of living behind others is being consolidated that is truly unworthy of human beings who consider themselves evolved. The law of the strongest? No, the law of the most idiot. Because at this rate society is destined for total destruction and not for a positive evolution. But many people are unaware of this. Just as they are not aware of the fact that if they do something bad to others, sooner or later something bad will happen to them too. Many people believe they are untouchable, infallible and very, very intelligent. They have not dealt with the energies that follow a different law and different rules. The Orientals know this well and for this reason they try to serve others and not to do good deeds. It is not a question of karma. It is not a question of magic. It is a question of survival. Always remember that whoever you hit one day could be your only salvation. So behave fairly with everyone. Do not do it for an ethical or religious question, but for a human and cunning reason too. If you are smart you will know that one day you may be in a not-so-good position and you never know who you might be in front of. Meditate. Meditate.
Have you ever had the feeling that life has paid you back with the same coin that, one day, was in your hands? As if in the past it was you who threw it in the air, looking for the side that suited you most and fleeing, in a selfish way, from the consequences of that fate. A similar thing happens with karma: it always comes back. Sometimes it seems that only negative actions that have hurt someone come back and that, instead, when we do something good, all that comes back is emptiness. What actually happens is that negative events affect us more and that is why we remember them all our lives, whether we like it or not: whether you were the blade or whether you suffered the injury. It is precisely for this reason that, when we harm someone, we are not aware of the power of that pain until we find ourselves in the same situation as it: we think we can do and undo, but without fully understanding that the way in which we live the actions of the others varies from person to person. We often say: this is karma. He gave me back what I did and he does it with interest. It is not about “interests”, it is just that now we are aware of what we have done and we will remember the lessons learned forever.
The concept of karma helps us build our tomorrow and build within it, because, as we have already explained, todays can be part of the circumstances we face in the future. This means that, most of the time, we reap what we sow, more or less right. For this reason, we give a specific meaning to what happens to us and connect the facts with each other, because everything seems to be united by threads that manifest themselves in the form of emotions. Positive energies bring with them other good energies and vice versa: a destiny that is not always fulfilled, but which always remains there to remind us that in our emotions there are also those of the people who love us.


There are few times we dedicate a thought to ourselves.

And I want to specify that it is a wrong thing; we should always give ourselves time and concern!

Precisely for this reason, it is important to have a relationship with our inner self and to get in touch with our compass.

They will always know how to help you and will have the answer ready for any eventuality!

What is the inner compass? And what is it for?
The inner compass allows you to perceive the difference between good and evil, through sensations. There are those who feel them in their stomachs, still others in their hearts.

It helps us make decisions, distinguishing the negative and positive sides of something or someone.

At best, it guides us in all our actions.

How do we get in touch with our inner compass?
☞︎︎︎ To allow our inner compass to contact us, it is important to start accepting our every thought and every feeling we experience!

Why should we care about ourselves?

If we don't worry about ourselves, we will never feel compelled to ask ourselves how we are doing.

Remember that we are not our enemies, we must be a figure present in our life. We need ourselves more than anyone else!

Why is it important to know our state of mind?

Our state of mind is a fundamental clue to understand our emotions while carrying out a certain action.

Our emotionality constantly responds to external stimuli and therefore varies continuously.

So, if we don't listen to our emotions, we will never begin to accept ourselves and understand why we sometimes feel bad.
Listening to our feelings and understanding the message they are trying to send us is difficult.

But fortunately it is possible to simplify the work by introducing some questions in our daily life!

What is the first question to ask us?
Since we need to monitor our state of mind, first, let's start asking ourselves, "How am I feeling right now?"

It will help you understand which emotion you need to focus on and work harder on.

How do we "work" on an emotion?
You can start "working" on an emotion, starting to understand what you like and dislike, to do.

To make things even easier for you, start making a mental or written list!
Example :
I like reading.
But I don't like reading non-Romance books.
I like painting.
But I don't like to paint on canvas, I prefer to paint on a watercolor sketchbook.

How do we feel good and accept ourselves?
By starting to talk to yourself and creating real conversations with your inner compass.

Trying to understand what we really like to do through the emotions we feel while carrying out a certain action.
If you feel uncomfortable, or can't talk to yourself mentally. Write it all down on a piece of paper!
What am I doing?
- "I'm reading a yellow book"
How do I feel right now?
- "Uncomfortable."
Why do I feel uncomfortable?
- "This is the first time I've read a detective story and I don't like the genre very much. But I feel compelled to continue reading."
Why do I keep reading the book if I don't like it? Why do I feel compelled to "keep reading"?
- "Because I'm used to finishing a book. I don't like to hang things up."
What can I do to feel better and help me?
- "Maybe I could start reading another book of a kind that I frequent more and at the same time continue reading the book I am currently reading. In order to make the reading a little lighter and more interesting."
What if it doesn't work?
- "I could read a book review on the internet and just give up reading."

Understanding what we really like to do is important!

Start comparing yourself to help yourself.


Art is his need. An instinctive need to create. An instinctive need to be and communicate one’s being to others. Affirming its existence with the creative act is the only way for Amleta to live. Feeling such a force within oneself, an energy, an immense explosion, a storm that never settles down. A sea that is always stormy to its depths. Being a river in flood, dangerous for others, not accustomed to strong liquid currents, but a natural and splendid element for her. Art is its power. The power to create from nothing. To give life to what has never existed, which has never been seen, which has never been read. A sublime, divine, most envied power. Art feeds on souls. Art is insatiable, it is its fierce demon, and it has walked this path all its life looking for an escape. But you never get rid of art because only art makes it free and alive. It is like a second skin and if you take it off you become skinned and you cannot live anymore. Amleta has art in every cell, like a deadly virus, which never becomes a disease but which accompanies it throughout its life as a faithful travel companion. Art grinds the flesh, the spirit, the whole life. He raises it in the highest sky, being able to see without eyes, hear without ears, draw without using his fingers; and then makes it descend into the most terrible depths of the human abyss. Art is a miracle of life and death. Whoever possesses the gift is condemned to a parallel life. Amleta goes in and out as if from a window. She enters and exits herself, feeds herself to the pigs, gives her vital breath, remains in pieces and then begins again. Who would ever want such a life? Yet many envy it and do not know what it means to have the fire of inspiration that consumes! Art is its condemnation. She didn’t choose to start drawing, then painting, writing and playing at the same time. A dark force took his hands, and guided his dark energy. He was thus able to empty the pain he felt while living and to enclose it within his creations. Nothing remains of that period: everything burned. Unfortunately, something was saved from his subsequent dark periods, still not gone and up in smoke. Hamlet was born on a cursed island, in a sick country, and soon she got rid of her life and the pain took her far away, where she continued to suffer and create, create and destroy, herself, paintings, installations, plays, notebooks, sculptures, … Amleta creates and destroys what he creates. Hamlet is and is not at the same time. He yearns for this perennial creation and has tried several times to free himself from his prison without success. This gift, this power, this torment of colors and words, is the nectar of his days. Everything else is just a bitter side dish.


My Tai Chi master taught me the peace, calm, slowness and beauty of being filled with joy and purity. I was full of energy when I started the course and he told me it was a good thing and that I was channeling it the right way. After 4 months an incredible thing happened to me: while I was making a figure suddenly everything around me disappeared suddenly and I do not know how but I saw within me a sphere of very strong and warm light and I felt a wonderful well-being. It only lasted a few seconds but for me how to discover a hidden universe within me. I believe that each of us can only find that sphere by remaining calm and centered. I am a tiger inside a lotus flower. I fight injustices and help others, especially “difficult children” and I try to spread love and serenity.


I think my house is full of bad things and I have a schizophrenic neighbor and I think her negative energy after years is building up passing into my house and I don’t know how to do it. I tested the jar with vinegar and salt, dissolved in water, in the attic and it solidified. So there is certainly something. My house is built on a battleground. Besides, the owners are dead there. The first few years things were going well but bad things have been happening since last year. The thing is, I also dated a negative person who I found out was an energy vampire and maybe he put something in here when he came to my house. Or he left us something. I’m cleaning the whole house with vinegar and salt. I also put stones and crystals around. Burned incense. I took a bath with whole salt. But will all this help? Or do I really have to move house? It seems to me that there are now stagnant energies here. I cannot unlock many situations. Do I have to do other things?. I am not religious. I only believe in good and bad energies


There was a time when I used tarot cards but strange things happened in the house where I lived. I saw people who had died. A woman dressed in black crying in the armchair in front of my bed. I could hear the laughter of a child. Then even bad things happened to me. Then one day I saw something silver and they were angels and they entered me and caressed my internal organs. And I felt a lot of well-being. Now I don’t have much positive energy anymore but I still have my tarot cards. In this house where I live now there are many presences and therefore I never wanted to awaken them. A friend of mine told me that I would be a good medium but I don’t know how to become one.

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