No monarchy should exist anymore.
No right to live on the shoulders of the Siddites.
Today I am very sad because billions of pounds are spent on a queen's funeral and nothing is spent on all the millions of homeless and poor people that exist in the UK.
Nowhere in the world should there be more queens and kings, princes and princesses. Monarchy and nobility should be abolished altogether.
It is inadmissible that noble titles still exist and that money should be spent on these monarchs, who are already rich, and not on poor people.
I condemn the monarchy, I condemn every privilege these nobles have over the people. They, the monarchs, have rich lives and castles and spend money on formal dinners and funerals while poor people have no food and no home.
I condemn this queen for not making arrangements for a cheaper and more basic funeral and I am truly sad to see how many people still have all this adoration for a lady today.
I don't recognize the noble authority.
I will never recognize who took the right to rule over their subjects by spending their money to have a noble life.
God does not want queens and kings.
God says we are all the same and all brothers.
These kings and queens were selfish and lived on the shoulders of the people.
I'm not going to say hello to a queen who never went to the poor and didn't do anything for all those young homeless kids left on the streets.
I do not recognize the authority of King of Charles and I think we should stop with this nonsense of noble titles.
We are in 2022 and they are still talking about Kings and Queens. I can't stand that people don't understand that they spend people's money. None of them have ever worked and they have a lot of money and privileges. I don't find this right at all.

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