The wind blew, stripping the leaves from the branches of the trees, leading them in a fatal dance. Everything in that forest seemed normal, but it wasn't. A spirit dwelt from a long forgotten time.
Like the blink of an eyelid, fairy wings lead to a light life, like the wind.
We pixies are a peaceful people who simply want to lead a peaceful life. Why do we have to meddle in the affairs of human beings?
Everything in our houses fell, trees swayed, animals fled. The earth shook. Ninth was the earthquake, it was two hundred feet of Giants.
In the heart of the north beyond a snow-capped mountain range is the realm of giants. They can be very tall, and strong. Often human beings, not knowing them, are convinced that they are a primitive people who live in caves, covered in skins. But they are very wrong. The Giants have amazing marble cities and forge weapons and armor. Writing paper and clothes.

Not everyone was born to fight, some need to be saved. Princesses, life is hard… It’s time to take off the crown and put on the armour. Elves will never understand humans, for for them there is life but no death.We had banded together to fight off the invading hordes, in a place we thought was defensible. We were hundreds of wood elves, divided into small armed contingents. More than I’ve ever seen all together.

Humans are often convinced that fauns and goblins are both regressive races. But is not so. Goblins can be said to be a step forward as a civilization, but not as knowledge. In fact, fauns practice ancient magical arts, which very few other than themselves know.
Among the many populations that live underground -orcs, Goblins, Black Elves- the Demons are those who live on the ground floor (if the earth underground were a palace we could say it like this) that is, those who live at the bottom of all. Unlike the others, they do not go as high as to dig entrances in such a way that those who dwell above the ground can get there, and for this many will never see them. But if by chance someone were to end up in some Orc place and then fall into a crevasse they could certainly meet them.
Dark Elves, or as I call them, Dark Elves, unlike their White Elf kin, are decidedly meaner. They don't live in elegant forests in graceful houses. They live underground, like orcs, but in more advanced and civilized cities. For them there is no night and day, and they light up their lives in other ways. 
I'm afraid there isn't an Italian term to define these creatures. Goblins are similar to orcs, but smaller, thinner-boned, and often have stooped backs, and misshapen legs. Orcs can get up to two meters tall if they want. Goblins do not exceed 1.40. That's why they love to collide with creatures within their reach, such as dwarves, or goblins. They live underground, preferably under the roots of trees, or in the depths of the Mountains, where they very easily risk finding themselves with the roof collapsing on their heads when the dwarves start digging.

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