A few days spent well, and it took!
Clean air, tranquility and rest certainly helped to restore the nervous system.
Starting to savor the tub again, albeit of salt water, is served, as well as the
friendships intertwined and now dissolved.
But, after a day spent in a playful, albeit tired, wandering, this was what I craved:
reviewing the well-known shoe cabinet, finding the usual locker in which to place the few personal effects, throwing the bag over it so as not to wet it.
And then again the gestures now automatically acquired, but which in a month seemed light years away, the stretching of the legs and shoulders, putting on the cap under the warm shower, checking the glasses and cleaning them, diving in and off.
Follow your shadow that like a wedge stands out among the blue tiles, and see the strip of the lane slide with the 3-meter line, float lightly between whitish waves, veer looking at the ceiling lights blurred by the water above.

Review old and new companions, feel your shoulders turn at their best even without training, feel all the muscles and all the joints
enjoy this relaxation.

Rediscover sensations and moods, feel the body slip and notice how fast the lane passes by your side, the scent of chlorine and even flavor, when you catch the wave left by your partner while breathing.

Look at the seconds counter, its colored hands that had become a memory, flow inexorably, count mentally and engage in the exercise.

Be satisfied with such a profitable return.

Fall asleep happily in your own bed, again ...


I had been on the ground for so long that I had forgotten that I had wings once, several years ago, and that I had been able to fly.
But I had continued to keep my eyes turned to the sky, the desire and hope never really dormant in my soul.
And then less than a week ago, those same wings that had already betrayed me and made me fall, were offered to me again.
Without thinking even for a second on a possible new fall, I accepted them enthusiastically and with a jump, with my eyes closed, I went back to flying.
Come Icarus.
The sky was of a blue so intense as to hurt the eyes, the flimsy clouds, not at all threatening, the sun near and far at the same time.
The heart, as light as the body.
To spend a lifetime walking, after experiencing flight, is agony, torture. Icaro was right: dizziness, the fear of falling are little thing when you can soar in the air.
But then the heat became too intense, the light too strong, the oxygen too rare. And suddenly, I was no longer flying, but fumbling.
I widened my eyes, not knowing whether to bring my hands to my throat or to try to protect my skin, looking down in horror: I was falling.
Once again.
Slowly, because the wings still tried to support me, but inexorably.
And there wasn't a single branch to slow my fall; I saw no possibility of salvation.
I was a fool, just like Icarus: I wanted to fly at all costs, so much so that I forgot that if I fell I could even die.
I started to turn around, grab something - anything - but my fingers met only air and a vortex accompanied me downwards.
I looked with sadness and regret at my wings, beautiful and equally fragile, and it came naturally to me to wonder if it was worth it.
And as the ground got closer and more threatening, I couldn't help but admit to myself more than, in any case, I wouldn't be refusing those wings even if I had another thousand years at my disposal. Ten centuries. Or a hundred other lives.


When they tell you that you are bloody cold, distant, suspicious, bitch .. when they tell you that you never fall in love, that you don't give what you get, that you never trust anyone .. When they tell you that around you you have created a barrier and do not let anyone get near you .. Do not get angry, they can't know. They can't know that you created that barrier with the bricks they threw at you. They don't know how long you had to go through before being who you are. They don't know how much love you gave before you didn't have any more. They don't know how many times you've always fallen in love with the same person, and how many times you've said to yourself "this is the right time" and instead each time it was always the same story. They do not know that you loved that person so much that you compensated "his non-love" for your "too much love". They do not know that that "too much love" has often given others a way to trample you, put you in the background, take advantage of your good faith. They don't know that love was your destruction. They don't know you had the damn habit of putting heart and soul into everything you did. They don't know that you have given your loving heart into the wrong hands. They don't know that every person you let into your life for an excuse or another has found a way to leave, and every time they left they carried a piece of your heart. . They don't know how long it took you to collect each piece of that heart and try to put it together. Piece by piece, step by step .. And if I could show it, it would be exactly like that. Wounded, bruised, destroyed, broken, attached by a thread to keep him together .. Yet looking at him, despite everything he has not stopped beating. Do not apologize, do not be ashamed if you are no longer the person you were, if now you have more scars than ever, if now before trusting it takes a long time, if you no longer give that love, if you are suspicious and many times even a bitch .. scolding yourself for all this you have only learned to protect that heart that too many times you have allowed to hurt.


Nefele was sitting in her garden. Nephele watched the green walnuts fallen on the grass. She was bored and sad. By now he had had no contact with his parents for seven months. He did not know how to resist memory and nostalgia. He felt an enormous weight on his heart. Having to pretend nothing was terrible for her. When Thomas called to remind her of the party that evening, Nefele snorted. She was tired of all those parties. They all looked the same. She wanted something different. He got up from his chair and entered the house through the French door that opened onto the garden. Then he went up to his room to bathe and choose a pretty sexy dress for the evening. But he had no desire to show off. Then she chose a black dress and a rock crystal necklace. He looked in the mirror and gave himself a touch of purple lipstick. Thomas was ready and went into the room shivering. 《You are my divine sister tonight. ” Nefele turned and looked at him well. 《Save compliments on your pick tonight.》 At each party Thomas eyed a girl and seduced her. It wasn’t a difficult task since he was a beautiful boy.

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