I love to smile and I love my life .. no existential drama, no depression, no suicide mania, no self-defeating thoughts! No, I’m cheerful and carefree, I like to listen and tell, I like to look around and discover the world, discover people. I love the eyes because they tell about us more than we will ever say. I love listening to music that speaks to me about something, that reminds me of emotions, that reminds me of long aperitifs, endless car journeys, monologues with myself and films that made me cry. I love good people because they look at the world with tenderness and warm my heart. I believe that everything happens for a reason, a reason that we may not be able to understand and therefore we just have to fall in love every day of our life as it is.
My grandmother once gave me some advice: In difficult times, go forward in small steps. Do what you need to do, but little by little. Don’t think about the future, not even about what might happen tomorrow. Wash the dishes. Remove the dust. Write a letter. Make a soup. You see? You are moving forward step by step. Take a step and stop. Relax. Give yourself the compliments. Take another step. Then another. You won’t notice it, but your steps will get bigger and bigger. And the time will come when you can think about the future without crying.

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