Dear Alice,
it's not that unattainable
as you thought
and maybe
the mad Hatter
it's always been
behind the corner
waiting for you
and maybe
you just have to throw yourself
you have to let yourself fall
in what is the future
and you can't know
how big
will be that door
what you are waiting for
but you can rest assured
because fate
will give you a way
to get to the wonderland in your core.


There seems to be no alternative. Life here has become tight for me. But no hand reaches out to save me from this fate. No ear that hears my cry. Several people who tell me get out of there, you are wasted, but no one who tells me how to do it, what to do, how to find the strength to get out of this situation. It is not so easy when you are no longer a girl, when everything scares you, when you have no more hope in life, when you feel you have already arrived and you have thrown in the towel. Is it possible that there is no way? Could it be that all breath was wasted?

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