I advised, in my old blog, to remove all electronic devices from the bedroom. To use only a futon or a wooden net and not a metal one. But they criticized me because they say that Feng Shui is not a science. Yet many people suffer from insomnia and don’t want an effective remedy like this. I don’t like technology in my bedroom. I prefer few knick-knacks.
In the Feng Shui style design of the bedroom, it will occupy the space farthest from the entrance to the house. Arrange the bed so that you have the windows on the opposite side of the wall or at the most on the side, so as not to have a hidden external view.
As for the bed position recommended by Feng Shui, the bed should be placed as far away from the door as possible. If your bed is too close to the door, there is a possibility that you will be caught in the surprises of life.
Be aware of the location of doors and windows. Try to avoid placing the bed between the two.
Choose inspirational art to decorate your bedroom, such as natural and relaxing scenes.
The bed should also be supported by a solid headboard with a wall behind it and should never be placed under a window. Both the headboard and the wall offer protection and support on a subconscious level. If you choose to sleep under a window, your personal energy will weaken over time, as it doesn't convey a sense of support and protection.
Even if there is only one person sleeping in the room, it is best to keep each side of the room symmetrical, in order to have a balanced energy on both sides, for example by placing a nightstand on each side of the bed, each with a lamp. . This is also important for maintaining balance in a relationship if you share a bedroom with your partner. Choose round bedside tables instead of square, as they reduce the energy that can be directed towards you while you sleep.
The bed should be of a good height, preferably without an inner container underneath. Energy must be able to circulate around the bed, so it is best to get rid of the mess and any deposits under the bed, if possible.
The color of your Feng Sui bedroom is also significant. You can choose the colors of the fire element (red, orange, purple, pink and intense yellow) for passion and energy, working to bring energy to support your career efforts and thus helping you to get the right recognition. The earth colors (beige and light yellow) are for a focus on stability, while pastel colors add feelings of peace and tranquility. The feet of the bed should not be facing either the door or a mirror. For a correct rest, plants and flowers should also be avoided.

Attention must also be paid to the orientation of the edges of the furniture. It is preferable that these do not point towards the bed, as it is believed that the edges generate negative energy waves, capable of disturbing sleep.

In this environment, the preferred colors are soft colors, such as blue, light blue, white.
Feng Shui is not only about what we put in a room, but also what we keep outside.

Technology in the first place is not suitable for a sanctuary, so it has no place in your bedroom. Technology is a distraction and can contribute to stress and anxiety, so it's best to remove TVs and laptops, as well as your cell phone. If space is an issue and you need to have a TV or laptop in the bedroom, cover it with a scarf when you're not using it, or store it in a closet.

Books should also be kept in other rooms in the house. While it is recommended to keep a few books near your bed, on the nightstand, having the walls lined with books can make you feel overwhelmed and feel closed.

Mirrors should be avoided in a Feng Shui bedroom, as they can disturb sleep by bouncing the reflected energy, keeping you awake and restless. If you share your bedroom with a romantic partner, it is also thought that a mirror invites a third person in the couple, opening the space for infidelity.

Equally important to keep Feng Shui out of your bedroom are fountains, water features or even just images of water, as they could cause financial losses or theft; as well as plants and flowers, as they can create too much activity and energy for you to rest properly.

Finally, get rid of the clutter to allow the energy to circulate properly and throw away the clothes you no longer wear: keeping them in your bedroom could prevent you from embracing new opportunities. It is better to avoid cluttering the bedroom with photos of friends and relatives or images of religious iconography, as you will feel like you are being observed and judged. 

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