Provocation. It is the mantra of a star who has always lived on the verge of excess, ready to amaze even at 56 years old. Madonna chooses the bondage style for her new image in a photo shoot for Interview magazine, in view of the release of the new album expected for 2015. In the shots, by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot, she shows off a breathtaking topless in a boudoir version. And in the interview, by David Blaine, he talks about his crosses: from drugs to loneliness, passing through the relationship with his mother as a child. "Drugs - explains Madonna - are a short circuit, because they deceive you by making you feel closer to God but at the same time they are killing you. They destroy you. I have tried everything at least once, but every time I was" high " then I spent my time drinking tons of water to get those substances out of my body. " The times of the album 'Ray of Light' and the new age period of the star seem distant, we are back to hell. A spiritually enlightened sinner. The two ingredients for the eternal youth of a character who ages with oxymorons.
Black leather, pvc, bondage-effect laces for the joy (and pleasure) of fetish fanatics. Today more than ever trendy. A mood to be measured with caution, but also with a certain dose of courage, for a risque and irreverent look. Without taking yourself too seriously.
Over the years, fetish has become one of the most recurring objects of inspiration in fashion, to be told on the catwalk through codes and experiments in leather, PVC and bondage details.
The fetish, as a phenomenon of costume and aesthetic category, has always returned to the fashion radar, starting with the collections of Thierry Mugler and Alexander McQueen and, above all, the controversial Fall / Winter 1992 collection by Gianni Versace entitled Miss S&M, where the her cast of supermodels paraded in dog collars, leather harnesses, bustiers and BDSM-inspired accessories.
A series of creative stimuli linked to the strangest and most extreme human fantasies that, through fashion, have been made protagonists in recent decades also in famous films and more: from the provocative outfit of Mimì in the film Luna di gall by Roman Polanski, with self-regulating and waterproof latex socks, to the onesie of the vengeful Aeon Flux, played by Charlize Theron in the homonymous film with a futuristic touch. Passing through the iconic video clip of Madonna's song Human Nature, from 1994, which expresses the hidden and often repressed side of human sexuality through words, choreography and looks.
Since its presence was legitimized on the catwalk, fetish, in fact, has never abandoned the fashion collections, becoming in fact one of the cyclical inspirations of the stylists who, through a simple rubber or PVC accessory or a total look, represent the paradox of the mask as a real representation: a possibility of expressing what every day, in the hypocrisy of a "normal" society, cannot be made explicit in all spontaneity.
It already has its ranks of extremist worshipers, the Fall-Winter 2020/21 collection designed by Anthony Vaccarello for Saint Laurent, and sent to the catwalk just a handful of days ago at Paris Fashion Week. And, in fact, the acclaimed collection has everything it takes to conquer the widest female audience (and, yes, also the male one): rigor and femininity, order and sensuality, respectability and perversion. In perfect harmony with the brand's most deeply rooted DNA.
It is almost incredible to see how latex, which in the 1920s was used above all as a prodigious material for drop-proof raincoats, soon became almost the very emblem of the fetish world, including its even more sinful sadomasochistic branches, and then, with a double pike jump that reverses the course again, re-enters the more or less reassuring ranks of the bourgeoisie and lives a new life, as an itchy but tolerated touch, to be added with skill even to the most "respectable" outfits.


There are moments in which I would like to go back to when I was little, moments that I miss and that unfortunately will never come back. I miss that innocence and that light-heartedness that I had, I looked at the world with different eyes, a beautiful world. I imagined already after the age of 20 with a job, a guy who cared about me and that only I existed as a woman for him. I imagined many beautiful things, but everything remains the fruit of my imagination alone. I miss it when I played dolls, when I watched cartoons on TV, the beautiful ones that passed Italy one. I miss living in my beautiful imaginary world.
As a child my favorite singer was Domenico Modugno. My mom played the CD on the stereo in my room, while I sat on the floor and let myself be carried away by her splendid voice, from the melancholy of “Hello baby” to the roaring laughter of “Io, mammeta e tu”, in my opinion. best interpretation of the great classic. My favorite song was “Vecchio frack”, because I loved the idea of ​​that mysterious and elegant man walking through the streets of the sleeping city. As a child, however, I did not understand that in the end the protagonist committed suicide by throwing himself into the river. I thought “that top hat and that hat floats away” was a magic trick. The mysterious man was a magician, who at dawn decided to disappear, leaving his elegant clothing as a trace.
Only tonight did I realize the greatest indirect teaching I received as a child and which has always determined my subsequent life choices. My grandfather has always been curious and has always had an irrepressible desire for knowledge, which I then inherited. I remember that when we played “names, things and cities” he invented words when he could, to make me laugh. I was already a compulsive reader as a child, every week I was in the library to borrow four / five books, I devoured them with my eyes, brain and heart. He was making up words, then, and I was laughing like crazy. But then I wanted justice: “Grandfather, this animal does not exist, look, I’ll show you on the book I have in the library: there are all the species in the world and if you check the index it doesn’t fit what you wrote”. And he smiled pleased.
Tonight I had three of the most recurring dreams of my childhood. I clearly remember the feeling of fear and oppression I felt: it wasn’t there today. Today I was not afraid. In the first, when I got lost, dragged away into the sea by rushing currents, I didn’t start to cry, but I started looking, where I had landed, for an escape route. In the second, in the car with my grandparents, I managed to prevent them from the accident that would have dragged us down a cliff. But it was the last dream that struck me most of all: it is the one I best remembered having already lived. This time I wasn’t at the bottom of that hole in the ground asking for help, no. This time I was outside and by chance I saw the movements of a group of children who had fallen by mistake. This time I didn’t ask for help, I gave it. This time I went down the tunnel and led them out through the road I still knew from the dream of many years ago. I am no longer a defenseless child. Now I’m on the other side. Maybe it scares me a little.
Since I was a child I was fascinated by magic and the stories that spoke of it. But I had a big gripe. In nearly all, if not all, fairy tales, female characters fell into two categories: those who could use magic and those who found love. As if it were not possible for the protagonist (or co-star / love interest) to have both magic, or power, and love. In Snow White you could choose whether to be the sweet and inert princess or the cruel and doomed to a sad sorceress end. Same thing in Sleeping Beauty. In Peter Pan you could choose between the well-liked because helpful Wendy or the magical, but envious, Tinker bell.
When I was little and it was time to go to bed, my grandmother would lie down next to me and tell me a story. She almost always invented them … and then when I asked her to tell me an old one she didn’t remember them anymore. So, every time a story was “wrong” I interrupted it, and I began to tell it myself. Grandmother fell asleep. At that point I would get up leaving my grandmother in my bed and go back to play.
Taking advantage of the windy afternoon, it seems almost March and not October, I hung out the laundry … I like it, the memories of my grandmother and my mother resurface, I like it because then the sheets acquire a special scent, a freshness and a whiteness that not even as new they had. From the window I watched them beaten by the wind imagining that with all those jolts every little residue of negativity flew away, dispersing in the air. Maybe you could do all this with your soul.
I would start from the beginning … what do we remember about us? the first image that comes to your mind of yourself as a child? the moment when you become aware of yourself? The fact is that the first thing we do is establish a social contact of affection, without fear, with unconsciousness with those around us … So let’s go …I know that nobody cares, I’ve always known, I just can’t understand why I’ve pretended up until now that it wasn’t. Maybe I just lulled into the idea of ​​something different, because we humans are like that we like every now and then to live in the arms of our illusions that gently rock us and lead us to dream of receiving a few more caresses.
Under the excuse of freedom of expression hides a lack of empathy, tact and sensitivity. The sense of beautiful things has been lost a little. The habit of advising rather than insulting and the opportunity to remain silent rather than filling one’s mouth with unsolicited opinions on strictly personal life choices has been lost. They exchange smiles for falsehood, understanding for inconsistency, education for weakness and humility for hypocrisy. One is no longer accustomed to kindness.


Passion and foot worship have a history and dignity; for Chinese medicine, feet are the origin and basis of human health. For the Arabs, however, women’s feet carry a story with them, usually drawn with tattoos made with henna. In our culture, the foot and the shoe that surrounds it, provide many indications about our personality and history: women with heels love to seduce, please and like each other, those with amphibians are tough and tough, while they are serious and incorruptible if they wear. moccasins or lace-up shoes.
Foot worship includes numerous practices, such as licking, kissing or sniffing your partner's feet.
Here are the main ones:

feet kissing: the practice of kissing the feet. 

feet licking: when you lick your feet. 

feet sniffing: practice in which you sniff your feet, preferably sweaty and unwashed. 

feeling from feet: an act in which food is eaten using the feet as a plate. 

toesucking: act in which the toes are sucked. 

feet massage: get your feet massaged. 

foctjob: practice where you masturbate using your partner's feet. 

trampling: act in which the submissive is trampled by his partner wearing high heels
Subjects who are afraid of being emasculated focus their attention, becoming morbid, on only one part of the body. In this way you avoid seeing the naked woman and having to do the same, showing the penis and exposing it to danger. Psychoanalysis has indicated early sexual intimidation as an accidental condition that rejects the normal sexual goal and encourages the search for a substitute. Freud originally explained fetishism as a manifestation of castration anxiety. The object chosen as a fetish represents the female penis, a displacement that helps the fetishist to overcome the anguish of castration.
The foot, as well as the footwear, is one of the first things a baby encounters in the mother, especially if we think about the moment in which she crawls. So it remains imprinted in the child's memory and can turn into the object of desire. The passion for this part of the body can also be linked to the desire for submission, which can be easily associated with the foot. There are various practices that involve both the bare foot, clean or not, or just the toes, both footwear, tights and stockings: new, used, whole, with holes.

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