Provocation. It is the mantra of a star who has always lived on the verge of excess, ready to amaze even at 56 years old. Madonna chooses the bondage style for her new image in a photo shoot for Interview magazine, in view of the release of the new album expected for 2015. In the shots, by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot, she shows off a breathtaking topless in a boudoir version. And in the interview, by David Blaine, he talks about his crosses: from drugs to loneliness, passing through the relationship with his mother as a child. "Drugs - explains Madonna - are a short circuit, because they deceive you by making you feel closer to God but at the same time they are killing you. They destroy you. I have tried everything at least once, but every time I was" high " then I spent my time drinking tons of water to get those substances out of my body. " The times of the album 'Ray of Light' and the new age period of the star seem distant, we are back to hell. A spiritually enlightened sinner. The two ingredients for the eternal youth of a character who ages with oxymorons.
Black leather, pvc, bondage-effect laces for the joy (and pleasure) of fetish fanatics. Today more than ever trendy. A mood to be measured with caution, but also with a certain dose of courage, for a risque and irreverent look. Without taking yourself too seriously.
Over the years, fetish has become one of the most recurring objects of inspiration in fashion, to be told on the catwalk through codes and experiments in leather, PVC and bondage details.
The fetish, as a phenomenon of costume and aesthetic category, has always returned to the fashion radar, starting with the collections of Thierry Mugler and Alexander McQueen and, above all, the controversial Fall / Winter 1992 collection by Gianni Versace entitled Miss S&M, where the her cast of supermodels paraded in dog collars, leather harnesses, bustiers and BDSM-inspired accessories.
A series of creative stimuli linked to the strangest and most extreme human fantasies that, through fashion, have been made protagonists in recent decades also in famous films and more: from the provocative outfit of Mimì in the film Luna di gall by Roman Polanski, with self-regulating and waterproof latex socks, to the onesie of the vengeful Aeon Flux, played by Charlize Theron in the homonymous film with a futuristic touch. Passing through the iconic video clip of Madonna's song Human Nature, from 1994, which expresses the hidden and often repressed side of human sexuality through words, choreography and looks.
Since its presence was legitimized on the catwalk, fetish, in fact, has never abandoned the fashion collections, becoming in fact one of the cyclical inspirations of the stylists who, through a simple rubber or PVC accessory or a total look, represent the paradox of the mask as a real representation: a possibility of expressing what every day, in the hypocrisy of a "normal" society, cannot be made explicit in all spontaneity.
It already has its ranks of extremist worshipers, the Fall-Winter 2020/21 collection designed by Anthony Vaccarello for Saint Laurent, and sent to the catwalk just a handful of days ago at Paris Fashion Week. And, in fact, the acclaimed collection has everything it takes to conquer the widest female audience (and, yes, also the male one): rigor and femininity, order and sensuality, respectability and perversion. In perfect harmony with the brand's most deeply rooted DNA.
It is almost incredible to see how latex, which in the 1920s was used above all as a prodigious material for drop-proof raincoats, soon became almost the very emblem of the fetish world, including its even more sinful sadomasochistic branches, and then, with a double pike jump that reverses the course again, re-enters the more or less reassuring ranks of the bourgeoisie and lives a new life, as an itchy but tolerated touch, to be added with skill even to the most "respectable" outfits.


When I realize how things have worked out, how immensely happy I am now ... only in those moments do I thank my cowardice for keeping me from killing myself, because if I hadn't been so cowardly that I didn't have the courage to do so and to escape from everything, including the only way out, I would never be as good as now ... The thing that scares me most is that, if I had really killed myself, I would have made suffer the only person in the universe who he doesn't deserve it ... and no, if you're thinking so, he's none of my family. At that time I thought I was no longer worth anything: the only person who pulled me out of my severe depression, no longer cared about me ... so why live if there is not even a pretext? That person, on the other hand, proved the opposite to me: she understood her mistakes and proved me to be the only one my soul is connected with ... the two of us have been united in something unique for two years. If I had killed myself, I would have exterminated him ... I don't know what happened to him ... he would probably have been consumed with pain. Looking back, I never would have allowed such a thing: to be the cause of someone's slow emotional death. But I swear, I wanted to do it ... I never thought I was worth anything, ever, and whoever proved the opposite, in turn, in that moment, showed me that he had said a lot of bullshit ... I was replaceable, I was the nothing, a broken object in an ocean of useful objects ... Who was I? Nobody.


This tale is the second novel I translated in English language. It has a very intricate storyline and I hope you enjoy this new version of a princess who has some weird surprises from her stepmother.

DESCRIPTION OF THE NOVEL: What perversion can exist in a love story? What incredible implications can a foregone love have? Don’t expect a fairy tale like the ones that exist around. Everything was upset. Each character has a different role than the traditional one. For some perverse scenes I had to restrict it to adults only.




I don't know how many years have passed since EL James made his appearance with the fifty shades of red but since that time many women have felt free to write certain BDSM and fetish stories in which they talk about personal perversions and love stories. little details. So, you know that I write something on Wattpad from time to time, but so far I had written works in Italian but today I have decided to translate all my works into English so that more readers can read my stories. Obviously they are not all adult stories but also fictional stories and I hope to finish translating everything in a few days so that you can take a look and tell me what you think.

This is the link to the novel, which is not finished yet:

Description of the novel:
Have you ever met a strange person and do not understand what exactly is happening with this person? Situations that are lived in an absolute way, doubts, secrets. You will never know everything until the end.



Whenever you don’t have an answer to everything that happens, look at the sea. You will not have solutions but you will give meaning and flavor to everything. The salty of the salt, the texture of the sand that covers your feet and the wind that hisses in your ears while your heart is filled with love. And you turn to observe the steps you have left behind you and you realize that they are not two but four. Here it is. It is precisely in that moment that everything makes sense.
Walking, footsteps on footsteps, on the asphalt, on the sidewalks, between the paths, and then again its grounds with shrubs and stones, in exploration. Looking for places and landscapes to see and savor! Head and body in the sun, 21 degrees, jacket at the waist! Glasses, t-shirt and sneakers. It was supposed to be just a leisurely stroll but then we follow a little bit of our instincts, or maybe more of the feelings. I will lose to find myself. To discover. The air and the scent of the sea, you pass through the vegetation, still a few meters. Here we are! His bare feet on the fresh and morbid sand, I gave him that they sink between these infinite grains and the eyes that look at that intense blue sky. The sound of the waves and the (strong) wind in your hair. I smile and continue to smile for most of the way We walk anchor and our feet travel miles on that expanse of sand, free and of no one. We wander, every now and then we get lost in every detail, sometimes they are further back, others further ahead. My catch to keep me gentlemen in the distance fishing. My still to keep will be treated in some with the essay is replaced by stones and my bare feet perceive different sensations, especially when I decide to play the water! It is frozen but it is so beautiful; We need the myriad of shells and that vegetation that I cannot define. Someone else is walking. Time is ours We arrived in the background and waiting for us are the rocks together with other people fishing, we sit down, to rest for a moment. Walking on the sand is therapeutic, in every sense! And then we stay there with the sun that continues to warm and shine on our skin and I goth these moments of blissful serenity
You know when the sand is hot but you don’t care why you are running towards the sea? “Here is life we ​​should live it like this” That I do not know who wrote it and why he wrote it, is he imprisoned drugs or was crazy and then I think, will he have two or three centimeters of callus under his feet? When I ford towards the sea and the hot sand I splash I don’t run, and I suffocate so much I suffocate my chair that I can’t do it, it’s terrible to walk on hot sand to torture. Well a life like this, always like this, don’t I even wish a boh? Not so a who. But for heaven’s sake!
We walk, we leave all those footprints in the sand, and they stay there, precise, orderly. But tomorrow, you will get up, look at this great beach and there will be nothing left, a footprint, any sign, nothing. The sea clears, at night. The tide hides. It is as if no one has ever passed. It is as if we never existed. If there is a place in the world where you can think you are nothing, that place is here. It is no longer land, it is not yet the sea. it’s not false life, it’s not true life. It is time. Time passing. Stop.
today I took my grandmother to the sea. I went to see her, it was sunny and when I saw her close her eyes to enjoy the moments outside I thought “why not?”. the window rolled down halfway and her pepper-and-salt hair swinging sweetly in the wind. it always smells good, nobody else wears it. I helped her walk on the sand with crutches and despite being afraid of getting dirty or falling, we put our feet in the water. her with stockings folded neatly aside, me with my wet jeans. there was silence, a distant dog barking and the whole horizon ahead, a boat near the rocks. “I’ll miss you, but I won’t tell you anymore.” a lump rose in my throat, two faster blinks of an eye. a question that I did not hold back came out because who better than her can understand? “Have you ever regretted coming here, Grandma? of having left home behind? ” I saw her sigh and close her eyes again with a light smile in the sun, then one for me “nothing is easy, but why repent? I did it with love and it was right. it was the way to my happiness. your mom, your brother, you .. you are my happiness. don’t be afraid to look ahead, baby. even the sea that returns to the shore every time never really stops. “
I want to eat pizza under the covers with you. I want to hug you, but hug really good to lose my breath, so much do I know how I will breathe my service? I want the thrills as you touch my hair, I want to go crazy in front of your lips and then kiss them, I want you to tell me that I am beautiful even if I will never believe it, I want to envy the world, indeed no! I want to forget the world! I want you to take me away from here, maybe to the sea or even to the meadow, I know so much about you who cares where we are from! I want to sing Wonderwall with tea at the top of my lungs with people passing by and think we are crazy, but they don’t know parrot that we really are crazy! I want to be in your arms and smell you, I’ll tell you the stars from the sky and I’ll try to touch it holding your hand, I wanna feel that feeling if you only taste when you smoke, I want you to sigh on my lips as my friend. I want you to sigh on my lips that you stay.
We accept the love we think we deserve.’ Now tell me, what do you find in this sentence? I think it is a beautiful sentence, full of meaning, a sentence from a book, from a film. But guys this is the reality. We must not accept the love we think we deserve. We have to lift our backs and run to get that love. We must fight, scream, insult if necessary. To me those words convey resignation, they seem to be said by a person who does not know what willpower or dreams are. And we must win that love. With our strength. And if by chance we don’t succeed, in the end we can always say ‘I tried, I put my soul into it and it wasn’t enough, but I was strong.


Travel by car. The headphones in the ears. The sunsets, and the painted sky. Lonely hands and tired eyes. The thought of him, her lips pursed. I “I love you” whispered to the wind in the hope that something of me will come to him. When I come back after I’ve been to you, I put that song in the car and imagine you singing it to me. And I am happy. It occurred to me because they just drove it. I am here, you are not.
we are in the car and you are driving, you take me home after spending a day with you, we are stopped at the red light like my cheeks, you look at me and you ask me: “would you ever have imagined you and me like this? I who drive now and when you met me I was just a kid, and you next to me? “. I smile because it often happens that you say things while I was thinking of them exactly the same way, and I answer you that there are many things that I would not have imagined, things that life with you draws and teaches me every day, things that do to me believe more and more that many times it is worth waiting for beautiful things and that if there is one thing that is beautiful but truly beautiful it is you and me.
Do you remember the two of us in the car with the rain piercing the asphalt and the dead battery? But where did we want to go? That getting lost is beautiful. Throw away the phone and let’s go straight until morning. If it comes. And if peace does not come, then we are the only ones. We make love in the car, in the suburbs, where no one comes to see us. Or we go to the park, we roll in the grass, we laugh out loud, we talk nonsense, and you tell me I’m beautiful and I’ll tell you you’re a liar.
The emotions of that evening took us to that hill where we stopped for a moment: with a beer in hand we got out of the car and, you, you approached me, taking me by the hand, and you took me in front of the car. We lean on it and we both observed the city from afar, illuminated, and savored that moment. We felt good about ourselves and suddenly you stood in front of me and kissed me. It was a long, slow but intense kiss. We stayed there until dawn forgetting everything and everyone: it was just the two of us, all that mattered.


You are always squeezed in a corset, made up, on a diet, and all this always to make a man love you, men desire you, conquer your soul mate. You are always spreading creams on your face, hands, feet, hair. But what do men do? No corset, no girdle, no heels, just a shower and a little gel on your hair. And you squeeze into a tight dress and don’t breathe and choke. And you would like to get away from it all because you always have to please everyone, be perfect, well dressed and pretty. They don’t ask themselves if anyone will like them. They just take. They take everything.
Poor woman, made up, retouched, photoshopped, to look her best, to capture likes, to conquer looks. And the men? They show the pizza, the console, their star wars collections. How many hours of the gym for what? To then discard them all and remain alone. Poor men, obsessed with their own chest, with raised eyebrows, with redone lips. No hair and no love.
You are beautiful. You don’t need a man there to remind you. You are beautiful, alone perhaps even more. You look beautiful even if you don’t have a man who takes the lipstick off your lips, even if you are disheveled or without make-up. Even if you’re in a hurry and forgot something at home. You look beautiful when you leave the house to go get yourself an ice cream. You look beautiful in pajamas and with messy hair, you look beautiful with sleepy eyes. You are beautiful when you have rivers of words to hunt and when you want to be silent. You are beautiful when you get excited by a sentence, read on a book or on a wall. you wear make-up, wear the most beautiful dress you have, sprinkle your favorite perfume and then go out even if you have no one waiting for you outside the door, even if there is no one to tell you that you are beautiful. You do it to feel good about yourself. And this is the only thing that matters. You go out and then you will make the world fall in love. You look beautiful when you walk alone with headphones in your ears. And you think. Images. Dreams. You project yourself elsewhere. And it all reflects in your eyes. You are beautiful and you don’t know it. You are beautiful and someone is falling in love with you at that moment. You are beautiful because you are a great person, because you love so much that you almost self-destruct, because you bend over backwards for everyone even if nothing comes back .. because, for you, the important thing is to give. You are beautiful because you always believe in it, even when you shouldn’t, and you can see it in your eyes.
She’s good, wear makeup as well. A little mascara, a bit of pencil, put a brush of powder on it and be careful not to forget your dear friend blush. Put whatever you want in it, and then get out. Have fun, drink, laugh, joke, scream, don’t care, live! But then you will have to go home and take off that mask that you created yourself adapting it to your face. You didn’t think about that, huh? You can’t wear it forever, it’s a mask destined to be taken off, sooner or later. It is one of those masks that make you look beautiful at first, but then its beauty gradually vanishes and all that remains is your true beauty, the one you have never noticed, because it lies in simplicity, in small gestures, in the most hidden details. That true beauty that you have never shown to anyone, that that nobody knows, that that nobody knows exists. Maybe because you don’t want anyone to see it, or maybe you believe that, once it is revealed, nobody would appreciate it. And the funniest thing of all is that others do the same thing to you, without your knowledge. Because this is now a world of masks in which the actors who wear them are none other than the protagonists of this film called “Life”, where appearing is more important than being, where the story of being beautiful inside , no one cares. Where nobody ever thinks that perhaps it would be better to be hated for who they really are, than loved for that stupid mask that we insist on wearing to please others.

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