Young people with an ancient soul are an asset that must be held in high regard because they have received as a gift the extraordinary bridges that unite ages and generations. The price they will have to pay will be that of never feeling totally part of the past, part of the peers around them. But if they exploit their gift in an intelligent way, they will have the opportunity to have a broader vision than many others and not to live in one time, but to experience, with full awareness of the most minute dynamics, the transition from one era to another. another one. They will not be inhabitants of the past, they will be inhabitants of history. Children of the past with an eye to the future. I looked up and saw the plants whose foliage swayed slowly in the wind. I allowed myself to feel that warm breeze on the skin of my face. It wasn’t true that the world was going very fast: it was I who was running wildly. The world was still, no, it danced happily with an age-old calm. My rest lay in the wind. The most beautiful time in the world the magic hour is to be in the countryside. you don’t meet anyone. The air is cheerful bright and fresh the larks challenge the sun sewing in the blue while finches get wet in the rare puddles that the north wind does not have still drunk. It is then that I I feel myself I feel my body dismembered in infinite lightness. This tacit acknowledgment it is a precious solitude which cannot be purchased. Men look like hallucinations to me bad fairy tales delusional utopias now that in their lairs they eat for a long time long wishing to live. Poor deluded! they do not know that I’m thinking of them here.

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