Casatiello is a Easter cake, ride and savoury enriched with tasty ingredients; the slow leavening make it soft, the oven cooking make it fragrant and the filling made of cold cut, lard and cheese make it nourish with a strong flavour. Casatiello has a strong traditional value, given that it is typically eaten, during the Easter period with the family and the relatives, in fact it plays an important role in the Neapolitan tradition to be handed down from a generation to another.

The casatiello is also excellent for a picnic on the grass, on a trip out of town. It can be easily carried in a container. It has no flying parts and can be placed in a picnic basket wrapped only with paper or cloth.
Some put provolone, salami, grated pecorino, hard-boiled eggs inside. Others hard-boiled eggs put them on the outside. But in both versions it is really tasty. You can drink red wine and be together outdoors and enjoy a nice day.


An excess of carbohydrates can turn into palmitic acid in the liver, one of the most aggressive against the arterial walls ”, continues Rossi. Therefore, not only the saturated fats contained in the foods mentioned above, we must also pay attention to the consumption of simple sugars and refined carbohydrates. For example, we are invaded by fructose, contained in the corn syrup present in many industrial foods. That corn also used in intensive farming as animal feed and which we indirectly take in through the consumption of meat. We experience pollution from excess palmitic acid, we pollute ourselves with this substance. The influence of palimitic acid is therefore to be extended to various pathologies, since it contributes to a state of insulin resistance, contributing to the onset of diabetes, hinders the activity of the hypothalamus that controls the pituitary, with negative consequences also on the thyroid, continues the expert
The good news is that there are numerous foods that can counteract the action of this substance. Like the aforementioned extra virgin olive oil. It is not for nothing that the US FDA has allowed extra virgin olive oil - thanks to oleic acid - to be advertised as a preventive against cardiovascular diseases; or it is essential to consume foods rich in "carotenoids which are antagonistic molecules of palmitic acid, contained for example in carrots, squash, tomatoes; yes to the consumption of vegetables, all to be eaten preferably cooked to benefit from this action.
A recent study entitled "Dietary palmitic acid promotes a prometastatic memory via Schwann cells" has further questioned the healthiness of palmitic acid, positively correlating it to the growth of some tumors.
Published in the well-known journal "Nature", the experiment was conducted by scientists from the "Barcelona Biomedical Research Institute" and "Worldwide Cancer Research", and led by Salvador Aznar-Benitah.
Regarding the possible impact promoting growth and metastasis, the experiment mentioned above confirms that, in mice, tumor cells fed with palmitic acid increase faster in number and gain a certain metastatic potential, they become overall more difficult to treat.



70 gr of wholemeal flour

20 grams of rice flour

10 grams of coconut flour

220 ml of egg white

1 teaspoon of dissolved coconut oil

1 banana

5 drops of vanilla flavdrops

lemon + bicarbonate for leavening

200 gr of yogurt 0%

8 drops of vanilla flavdrops

2 gr of matcha tea

2 gr of isinglass

- preheat the oven to 180 ° static

- combine the flours with the egg whites and the melted coconut oil, mixing with a hand whisk

- then add the pureed banana and lemon + bicarbonate for leavening

- give a final stir and pour the mixture into the silicone cups

- bake the cupcakes in the preheated oven for about 25 minutes - the surface must be colored

- now take the yogurt, add the drops of flavdrops and the matcha tea previously melted in a saucepan with the previously squeezed isinglass and a spoonful of water

- take your muffins out of the oven, let them cool and in the meantime put the frosting in a piping bag and distribute it on the cupcakes

- I decorated with raspberries and blackberries, cocoa nibs and a sprinkling of rapè coconut


INGREDIENTS FOR THE BASE (I used a 16 cm diameter mold)
50 gr of Weetabix

40 gr of wholemeal rusks

1 tablespoon of coconut oil

15 grams of macadamia nuts

vegetable milk of your choice to make it moist

100 gr of Greek yogurt 0%

175 gr of Philadelphia balance

15 drops of vanilla flavdrop

4 gr of matcha tea powder

100 gr of egg whites

60 gr of vegetable / skimmed milk of your choice

1 small teaspoon of agar agar

- blend all the ingredients for the base in a mixer and add milk to taste to make the mixture moist

- place in the pasta bowl and leave to cool in the fridge for about 15 minutes

- pour the egg white, milk, matcha tea and agar agar into a saucepan, bringing it to a boil

- leave to cool for about 5 minutes and pour everything into a mixer adding the yogurt, Philadelphia and the vanilla flavor

- pour our cream on the base and cover the surface with matcha powder and a few blackberries to decorate

- let it rest in the fridge for at least 4 hours before serving


Doraemon is a Japanese cartoon, released in the 80s, but also revived with several films in recent years starring a robot cat from the future, Doraemon, and a 10-year-old boy, Nobita Nobi, a bit unlucky and in love with Shizuka , a classmate of hers. Doraemon must help him change the future, so as not to fail and bring his family into poverty and be able to fulfill his dream of love and marry Shizuka.
Doraemon is a particular cat and has an immoderate passion for dorayaki, typical Japanese pancake-shaped sweets, similar to American pancakes but with a faster process and a different dough.
Japanese dorayaki are such soft and special sweets that you can't help but be intrigued. They are very soft on the outside and everyone likes them.
Dorayaki are Japanese sweets prepared with a dough similar to that of sponge cake cooked in a pan in the round shape like pancakes and stuffed with anko, a sweet bean sauce which, however, in the Italianized version is replaced by Nutella. 
The Japanese name Dora means Gong a musical instrument similar to a sweet; which initially consisted of a single layer with the filling placed on top! Only 1914 the Usagiya pastry shop in Tokyo gave the classic form to Dorayaki made of two stuffed layers; then became popular as the favorite snack of Doraemon, the famous blue robot cat starring in the Japanese cartoon of the same name in vogue in the 1980s; even today, the beloved by many children!
Like any traditional recipe, there are different versions and many variations especially as regards the filling! What I give you today is the original Dorayaki recipe. A quick and easy preparation that will take up very little time: the basic dough is made in exactly 5 minutes by mixing eggs, sugar, honey, flour and yeast in a bowl. You can make them large (as in my case) or mini dorayaki from 4 - 5 cm. Time to cook them and to stuff them just warm and they are ready to serve on the table! The classic recipe wants the filling of azuki bean cream, a sort of dark red jam, with a dense consistency, a little floury, with a sweet and particular taste (which you find in the ingredients!) Which you can replace with hazelnut spreadable cream for create delicious Dorayaki with Nutella; or with jam of your choice that you have at home or with a delicious chestnut cream! Perfect for a rich and energetic breakfast or a delicious snack! Also excellent the day after to be taken to school, to the office, for picnics out of town! prepare them early they are amazing!


Making fresh pasta at home is an ancient art: gold threads such as tagliolini or tagliatelle, stuffed caskets such as ravioli or tortellini and timeless lasagna are obtained from the dough rolled with a rolling pin.
Even today we have returned to try our hand at fresh homemade pasta, a genuine product made with our own hands that is priceless, whether you choose the recipe with egg, or without, like the recipe for handmade strozzapreti. If you do the math, then, it doesn't take long to prepare a good fresh pasta: 15-20 minutes for a nice smooth and elastic dough, 30 minutes to rest, 15 minutes to roll out and obtain the dough ... about an hour, that's it! We started with the classic proportion of 100 g of flour for one egg, but a lot also depends on the format you want to prepare. Hence, one of the most valuable general tips is to lag a little behind with the dose and add as needed. If you too want to feel "sfoglina" for a day, start preparing fresh pasta with us, perfect with any tasty combination, from the classic ragu to fish dressings! When you feel a little more expert you can try coloring it with cuttlefish ink, for example, to create an impressive first course for Halloween like the bewitched tagliolini in pepper!
You have decided to prepare a pasta dish, but this time you want to make it with your hands from start to finish. It is absolutely not complicated! But one doubt remains: which flour is most suitable for fresh pasta? Each pasta has its own flour
In making pasta at home, the first rule is to respect personal taste. In fact, there are those who prefer a finer dough, so they will have to use white flour and instead those who love a rustic taste, which can be obtained by adding some percentages of semolina flour.
In making pasta at home, the first rule is to respect personal taste. In fact, there are those who prefer a finer dough, so they will have to use white flour and instead those who love a rustic taste, which can be obtained by adding some percentages of semolina flour. If durum wheat semolina is used instead of 00 flour, which is richer in proteins, it is possible to obtain a pasta with a superior cooking resistance. The basic recipe for homemade pasta involves type 00 flour and the use of eggs: four eggs for 400 grams of flour. The pasta prepared with flour and water, without eggs, requires the use of a pinch of salt and warm water, to facilitate the hydration of the starch. Forms such as cavatelli, orecchiette, bucatini, fusilli, strozzapreti are usually obtained with the eggless dough. For tagliatelle, lasagna and stuffed formats, on the other hand, it is advisable to use the traditional dough with eggs. 



I was wondering “I, for example, why did I want to become a writer?
Indeed, for what reason the writer himself? "
I looked for the deep memory that was to be connected to this choice, one of those that embodies the moment of the "crossroads". I remembered my high school literature teacher who said he had to leave a mark or, perhaps, I made up this memory; probably, I was just someone who, like all the deluded kids of my TV generation, had found a job with which to become famous.
At the time, for TV, they were the footballer, the showgirl, the singer, the actor, the actress, the presenter, which was a bit of a sociological thing, indeed, precisely, it was often a real "sociological consequence", such as for those of the generation before ours, that of our parents who, after Apollo 11, all wanted to be an astronaut and the girls, on the other hand, all wanted to become dancers, probably because they saw the first true female freedom on one black and white screen.
Plastic dreams that smell like food until you start biting into them.
Generations and generations of astronauts and dancers, of footballers, of actresses and actors, of volleyball players thanks to Mila and Shiro, of dreams that have often been broken and that have not been realized.
Now there is another screen, full of colors, to always carry with you: now there is the internet, the phenomena of the web, the InstaStars, the TwitterStars, the fashion bloggers, the influencers and us who often do not we don't even have an influence on our life.
I wondered what this dream pursued over time of wanting to be a writer was, I wondered what it had brought in my pocket to follow it until then.
That day I had practically reached the breaking point of my life where it is as if I woke up to look underneath my dream in the drawer and saw that it said IKEA. 
The stimuli to write my first real book, in fact, had been lost, faded over time and, frankly speaking, after this dismissal at the hotel I was no longer even convinced if I had really been cut out to be a writer.
I had written the book “17 years, in the summer” which had sold a good number of copies, it sells some now and then even now. I had published it at 19 only because a publisher had smelled the scent of easy money for the "kids" target, but I am still ashamed of most of the text, since then I have only published articles in music magazines and my very first book , the one heard, the one on which you spit blood and sweat I had not yet written.
That book published as a teenager, on the other hand, was about revenge, drugs, alcohol, identity research at the end of school, but it was only a summer love story with the usual late-adolescent problems; reading it now would perhaps even be a bit ridiculous, perhaps even 12-year-olds wouldn't read it now. Many of those teenage problems, socially speaking, are over now, or at least they want to believe they are, because perhaps it is most of adolescence now that seems over. Now, adolescence seems more like a very early adulthood, there is a too strong gap between childhood and adulthood, or at least much faster, some things, some actions, even some mistakes must be made in the "wrong age" "Right; this was the basis of the book with which I raised some money to round up: "If you smoke a joint at 10 instead of 15, if you already fuck at 12 instead of a few years later, if you don't enjoy some things before you know how to enjoy others, then you skip the steps too much, my friend. "
There was such bullshit about this book published at just nineteen.
It is true that I still think so briefly, but with the maturity and non-pride of thirty, at this moment, I know that I am nobody to tell you how you should live your adolescence or your life, therefore of that book, the I repeat, I am ashamed, even if they are right things they do not reflect respect for others and this is worth much more. However, if a story is written in a certain way, even at seventeen and published at nineteen, it can be enjoyable for those who are going through those problems and emotions and also for those who want to remember them.
However, without the purity of time in recounting the events of the protagonists, that book would certainly not have sold more than copies equal to the number of my aunts who, even if buying it, would still have complained about the fact that I had not given it to them at Christmas.
Maybe it's that I was no longer hungry to write, maybe I worked too many years in that hotel among the rich, maybe I bought too many useless things, maybe I should find a good girl by my side and stop being infatuated with those a little more crazy, but I don't even want one that, as they say, “Where do you leave it”.
Leaving the hotel behind me, I said to myself: “Maybe I should send everything to that country and take a trip. Yes, a trip.


Thanks to my father, I have learned to screw those who think that the world should rotate as their head says, or worse it should rotate around itself. Three sentences and a few attitudes are enough to identify self-reported assholes, a few more behaviors for sneaky or victimized ones. It is not presumption, they are years of parasitization and direct experience with those who do not observe themselves, and in this life they will never do it. Get it out of your head that you can support their path by absorbing their garbage. The sooner you recognize them the sooner you take back your freedom. Nobody can help them, because 95% of the time it's not a solution they are looking for. They just want to pour the non-sense of their existence onto the neighbor (and in that non-sense there can be anything).
Precisely because they turn the root of their problems to everything but themselves, they are unable to be responsible for the harm they do to them and to those around them.
Even if you tell them. It applies to all relationships, know that.

Manzoni  ( ALESSANDRO MANZONI, a famous italian writer of XIX  century) had not seen the plague, but he had studied documents after documents. And then he describes the madness, the psychosis, the absurd theories about its origin, about the remedies. It describes the scene of a foreigner (a "tourist") in Milan who touches a wall of the cathedral and is lynched by the crowd because he is accused of spreading the disease. But there is one thing that Manzoni describes well, above all, and that he takes up from Boccaccio: the moment of trial, of discrimination, between humanity and inhumanity. Boccaccio had indeed seen the plague. He had seen friends, loved ones, relatives, even his father, die. And Boccaccio explains to us that the most terrible effect of the plague was the destruction of civilized life. Because the neighbor began to hate the neighbor, the brother began to hate the brother, and even the children abandoned their parents. The plague pitted men against each other. He replied with the Decameron, the greatest hymn to life and good civilization. Manzoni responded with faith and culture, which do not avoid trouble but, he said, taught how to deal with them. In general, they both responded in a similar way: inviting us to be human, to remain human, when the world goes mad.
Health without Freedom is what is guaranteed to Farm Animals. . This is why they define you as “Herd”. FREEDOM is not a luxury, it is not an extra, an ornament that embellishes if there is, but in short, precisely if one can afford it or else something more comes first concrete.. NO! FREEDOM is your right to live, to work, to be happy, to express yourself, to be there .. what’s more concrete than your right to be there ..? Sometimes I would like to find an arrow indicating “free life”. I don’t know, maybe in the process of some woods, where the light filters through and the heat doesn’t kill you. A kind of guarantee that you are going to meet like-minded people there. People to talk to about everything but vaccines, governments and passes. Just talk to. A place you reach to express absolutely nothing, no opinion, no point of view on hundreds of points of view by now worn and tired. The only thing that sometimes matters is the need for sharing among similar people. Vibrate in the same tribe. Simply because it feels good to be together on the road. Stay in touch with those who look like you and aren’t afraid to hug. Talking without a muzzle, talking about good things, without someone having to convince the other and the other having to defend who knows what. Talk about what seeds you planted, what bullshit you did, the music you wrote or the love at first sight that got you. Thus, without having to find that prosaic sense to the questions of living, the more you think about it the more they have nothing to do with Life.
Yes it’s true, it seems to never end. It seems that humanity is condemned to an eternal struggle just to buy bread. It seems. Lately I often answer with a phrase that I said to myself when I was working, giving exams and in the meantime I had my father in hospital for cancer. Be grateful that you can fight, because you mean you are Alive. No matter how long the fight seems, it is the purpose and the mood with which you face it that make it appear to be war or peace. Choose your path and you will no longer have any doubts that that bread tastes sublime. The whole system is made in such a way that man, without even realizing it, begins as a child to enter a mentality that prevents him from thinking anything else. It turns out that there is no longer a need for dictatorship now, because the dictatorship is that of school, of television, of what they teach you. Turn off the television and gain freedom. Even the way you dress and the haircut you wear makes you realize that you really don’t choose anything. Already becoming aware of this would show the world in other terms.
Keep walking, when you realize it you will already be with your buttocks on the ground, in that uncomfortable position that the puppets hold. Immediately after, a long and obstinate reflection begins on the convenience of staying there on the ground. But the companions are already moving away and the path is far from appearing a clear path, obvious. It is not even in question the idea of ​​staying there all life, with the mud filling the soul and the backpack, so that the time comes to get up, a difficult situation and unpredictable in its results. Perhaps it is better to continue to stay on the ground and drag yourself little by little but, in addition to being not very aesthetic, this is impractical (believe me, I have tried it): there will always be a hidden root or a thorn to hold you back, and then a new reflection on the comfort of sitting in the mud, despite the mosquitoes, flies and blue flies. Already determined to get up, which is always the most difficult thing, comes the complicated operation that consists of resting with your hands and knees where it happens and trying to place the heavy hood on your back (so simple, and heavy, is to carry the house on the shoulders: just a plastic sheet and a hammock). But the backpack insists on carrying other absurd things: some poetry books, some clothes, a mismatched sock, medicine for the world, food, a damp blanket … The load as a whole weighs tons (especially after the first hours of walking) and tends to get muddy whenever he feels like it, that is, almost always. By now tortoise face on the ground, it follows the act of putting one foot and getting up on the other, with the consequent protest of the knees; the horizon then widens and will always be foreign. With the eyes on the ground, the march is undertaken again until the next fall, which will occur just a few steps ahead. And history repeats itself …


I know that you have many gastronomic and existential habits that you are fond of.
But when we talk about doing something to save our planet we are talking about healthy choices of healthy food, of choices to protect animals and nature.
So please if you can follow these simple tips then you can help save this planet.















Do you want your children's sleep to remain safe?
Do you want them to be able to breathe clean air?
You begin to change your toxic habits, for your own good and for their future good.
Please try to know the truth about the food you eat:

If your children need to have a snack, prepare sandwiches with tomato and vegetables for them. You can put mozzarella or just tomato and spinach, a drizzle of olive oil, fresh bread or bread with cereals.






Does your little one not like vegetables? Maybe it depends on the way they are served. Vegetables can be brought to the table in many different ways: sometimes in spirals, in flower-shaped compositions or on an outdoor picnic.

Children experience flavors more intensely, because they have many more taste buds than adults. So pungent, sour or bitter aromas usually don't go down. One solution could be to preferably put on the table vegetables with a delicate or slightly sweet taste. Such as potatoes, carrots or parsnips. Do not overdo it with spices: a pinch of salt is enough to flavor the dishes.

To arouse more enthusiasm when going to the table, some original ideas for decorating can help us. On the plate flutters a butterfly of cucumbers, berries and courgette spirals, and in the bread basket there are colored tomatoes or grape skewers. You can also prepare fun animal-shaped loaves, just have molds. So healthy food is fun too!
Children may not necessarily want to eat fruit and vegetables during meals. You can tempt them with a nice colorful plate full of snacks left in plain sight. So your little ones can nibble on julienned peppers, grapes, apple slices or gherkins while they go wild in their games.
Broccoli, spinach and the like are sometimes not so terrible, if instead of being in plain sight on the plate they hide in sauces or flans. Even the most difficult palates will be more likely to accept healthy ingredients, if finely grated or pureed and then blended. Even if cooked vegetables lose some vitamins, it's still a good way to start introducing vegetables into your diet.


Growing up with an always sad mother. With a woman who sacrificed her job to raise two daughters. How many women sacrifice their careers because husbands don’t want them to neglect their children? Growing up with a mother who little by little no longer laughs, no longer sings, does not want to go out, becomes antisocial, changes character. A father who commands with money, with greed, with control over everything from clothes to food. And he has the power to say yes or no. A mother who is stripped of her worth, humiliated because she stays at home and was forced to choose to be close to her daughters. A woman finished, emptied, become unhappy. This was my mother. Destroyed by a man who wanted her only for himself and always at home. Instead she was a very good stylist, she had a lot of creativity and imagination, she taught me so many things. But then it got bad because of my dad. A woman should never be hindered by a husband or life partner or boyfriend.

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