A handful of people are defending most of Earth’s biodiversity. Our survival depends on their strength and resilience.

Instead of helping these people, our governments collaborate with regimes who are more than willing to infringe upon their rights and destroy their forests.

Of course, let’s not forget this isn’t happening just in Brazil, Congo, Indonesia etc. it’s also happening in the US and Canada…

If we manage to destroy them, we are certainly going to destroy ourselves. 


You have a virgin forest in your head, it seems easy, it seems candid, but no.

Intricate, colorful, warm, but above all humid. That humid monsoon, fragrant, soaked and green.

Cursed deciduous trees that stumble the way, and soft brambles darkly intertwined.

I want to look inside. Go in there. Make room for me, get my hut to enjoy in peace. Jerk off as I please, under a rain that comes like a dense nebula.

Bathe me with the thoughts that you enclose in that casket. Precious and fearful. 
Get me dirty with peat. 

Give me what you are while I dig. Give yourself as a gift to anyone. Shower me with your embarrassed and excited obscenities.

Don't spare me the evil, give me that too. I am the blank canvas, for once and a thousand more if I like it.

Be a serving cavalier for thoughts, works and provocations. No flowers, there is no space in the jungle. Not below. Not here at the bottom. Not in here.

I am the epiphet, which lets its filthy resin run down the trunk, which it leads straight into the heart of your belly.


The Heart of the Forest is a mystical hub of primeval activity with a life of its own. It spontaneously emanates, in periodic waves similar to those of a tide, the vital energy that allows the vegetation to miraculously grow thick and luxuriant, as in the Faranvil forest; but the beneficial magic that are attributed to the Heart, such as the repair of many wounds and mutilations or even the resurrection, are many properties, and which individuals of exceptional power can channel. Many of the circles of the earth manifest themselves to guard and defend these material manifestations of natural forces from whoever takes possession of them or corrupts them. The druids themselves interact with the heart, but without affecting it: they consult it to obtain the least divinatory responses regarding the events in the territory that it can feed, and they try to present the messages in the changes of energy that it does of its will to satisfy those needs to which the forest gives. alone fails to make a request.
The plants believed to be most important were mistletoe and oak. For the druids the mistletoe was considered sacred mainly because it had no roots, this connected it to the divine. It was believed to grow only on oaks and was thought to gather energy from them. It was collected with a golden sickle (moon-sun symbolism: the sickle is the moon, gold the sun), and placed in a white cloth by the druid also dressed in white. The Celts attributed many healing properties to mistletoe, which is why they immersed it in water and distributed it to those who needed it or to protect themselves from future diseases or spells. Pliny the Elder goes so far as to compare mistletoe to the philosopher’s stone of the alchemists claiming that the Celts used it as a universal panacea. The Celts believed that the world was supported and fed by an oak and would only end when its trunk broke.
Trees used by druids to carve spells are yew, hazel and rowan. The druids seemed convinced that each plant possessed its own vital energy that could be tapped for magical purposes. Mistletoe did a similar operation by drawing its energy from the plants on which it grew. The engraving connects us to the Ogham, a script used by the druids. The Ogham was invented by the God Ogma, protector of bards, god of writing, the one who “tied” magic to the object through it. He devised this alphabet to prove his generosity and ingenuity and because it belonged only to the wise Druids. Technically, the Ogham alphabetic signs were traced starting from the bottom up, as R. Graves states, to recall the growth of the tree and the elevation to the sky, the place populated by the Divinities. The Druids, in fact, believed that in this way the gods would hear and receive the message. The sticks on which the letters had been imprinted were then delivered to the flames, as a term and guarantee of the occurrence.


Right from the start, the strong, decisive fact of Fossey comes to light, right from the first meeting with Professor Leakey, wanted and conquered by fighting, almost, with the photographers and admirers - real or presumed - who surround him at the end of a conference. His request to carry out research in Africa is more than a question or a plea. It is a passionate request, an assumption of responsibility. It expresses a question of vital importance and it is already, basically, a gesture of challenge through which she comes to ask herself, even before being a capable researcher, as a highly motivated person, of one who, beyond the comparison of a scientific curriculum or his value, he snatches the consent to his stay in Africa with determination. This will soon become the peculiar aspect of the character through which the events drawn from his life in the Virunga mountains will be filtered and take consistency.





Canada: first in the world for deforestation - to pull out bitumen

When it comes to deforestation, we always tend to think of the Amazon. Instead, the king of deforestation is not Brazil but the very civilized Canada.

The international group Forest Watch estimates that in just 13 years - from 2000 to 2013 - about eight percent of the world's virgin forests have disappeared from the planet. This is 100 million hectares, three times the area of ​​Germany that disappears due to deforestation. This means that we have destroyed 20,000 hectares of forest every day.

Who was primarily responsible for the wild saw?

The Brazilians? The Indonesians? No. The Canadians who are responsible for the destruction of about a fifth of the trees felled in the world. That is, in Canada, 4,000 hectares of trees are pulled down every day.

That is the beauty of 40,000 square kilometers in a single day!

Second in the standings, the Russians and third the Brazilians.

The study was carried out by the University of Maryland, together with Greenpeace and the World Resources Institute. Satellite images were analyzed to study forest dynamics
from 2000 to 2013.

The main rate of deforestation occurred around the Tar Sands of Canada, lupus in fabula, around Fort Mc Murray. They pull down trees to take out bitumen and without replanting anything. In other places, forests have also been lost - in British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, but Alberta and its Tar Sands which transform the boreal forest into oiled land is the queen of deforestation.

Peter Lee of Forest Watch Canada made this comment on why: There is no political will at federal or provincial levels for conserving primary forests.

And I mean, nobody cares about it.


Every tree is born inside our heart,
branches inside our head,
takes root in our stomach.
Its sap is our blood.
We are living trees.
Our heart will branch out giving flowers and fruits.
Our body will expand giving life.
Each gem will be the future.
Each root will be love.
Our heart is a strong tree.
Touching a tree has always been a powerful,
symbiotic, ancestral, alive gesture for me and through it I live,
I am reborn,
I flourish again:
I become a cathedral in a cathedral.
The rain wets you, the winter transforms you,
I dress in your green,
I dress in leaves of the past and the future.
You tree taught me to remain serene,
to shed my sap,
to become air and flowers.
If you want to know something infinitely intimate about a person, you have to see how he moves, what he surrounds himself with, what music he listens to, what he reads or writes to himself, his photos, his drawings, his silences … the light blind that crosses it. I went from one piece of news to another while observing human history, it always fills with amazement, and I found a drawing by Mandela. Yes. Just him. Scrolling through many of his thoughts, African villages, dazzling suns and flying doves, I understood that all the people who fight for something big have the gaze of a child. Only with eyes so amazed by everything that surrounds them, from simple things and with an open mind to filter beauty, can you pursue such impossible paths and sometimes manage to confuse reality with a splendid dream. I was struck by the drawing of a Tree because I prefer them too, with strong roots, long and imperfect branches, filled with small leaves, knots and hollows for animals … The tree, you can draw it, photograph it, you can sit under it, climb it, observe it while it lets itself be embraced by the wind, offer shelter, shade, devour the bad air and send it back clean … in short, the tree is a example of inner light, of freedom that respects others. Mandela knew it, a heart cannot get out of its space but aims high and finds the light, just like a Tree.


For all Amazonian tribes, the forest is the most precious asset. For all Amazonian tribes, the forest is their home and their life. But whites don’t see a forest, they only see gold. They seek it, they want it at all costs, they demand it and they will cause the death of all. Because if the forest dies, all of us white will die too. We who believe ourselves powerful will no longer have peace. The spirits of the forest have cursed us and our children will live on a dead planet. Is it really worth it to buy necklaces, rings and other gold jewelry, made with the gold found by destroying an entire forest and an entire population? Look at all the jewels you own. How much value will they have when our children die from polluted air and water?
If we do nothing, if we do not try to stop this tragedy then let’s get ready to die soon because of the heat, the violent rains, because of the end of our planet. I know you are thinking about summer holidays, I know you don’t want to read certain speeches, but you need to know that your children and grandchildren will have no future if you too contribute to this gold rush.
Look at these photos. Your jewels contribute to the destruction of a thousand-year-old forest that supplies our planet with oxygen. When this forest is destroyed, what air do you think you and your children can breathe? I know, you like the shimmer of gold. But do you love gold more or do you love your children? Have you answered? Imagine that each of these trees is your son or daughter. Imagine they are killing him. I know it’s a strong image but you have to think about it because that’s what they’re doing. They are taking the air out of your children. Think about it! It is your children who will no longer have water and air. I am telling you and it is already too late.
PLEASE DO NOT BUY OR USE GOLD! And please give gifts that do not destroy the nature and lives of indigenous peoples!


Walking in the woods is a fantastic thing, it recharges you, it makes you feel your true nature, it gives you life again. We belong to nature and not to concrete. But we forgot about our green heart, which is why we are all sick now. The forest is our home. An environment made up of meadows, shrubs, trees, wetlands or not, welcomed primitive man. Being in nature, crossing the woods, was useful for our ancestors to get food. A primary need fixed in our genome. Despite a sedentary lifestyle and a safe home, our body, our immune system, invites us to be in nature, to take a walk in the woods. Our body knows that all of this makes us feel good.
Terpenes, this is the secret of the forest. Terpenes are chemical molecules that plants produce to communicate with other plants. There are about 40,000 of them. They use them to defend themselves from parasite attacks, to send odorous messages. Through the terpenes the forest speaks the language of smells. And our body buys it up to strengthen the immune system. And not only. Our mood improves, we move away from any states of depression and we know, if our mood is high, our immune system also works better. The terpenes in the air come from the leaves and needles of the trees and again from the bark and trunk. They are released from shrubs, grasses and undergrowth bushes. And again from mushrooms, mosses and ferns. Everything in a forest emanates terpenes, precious and incredible biomolecules that we assimilate through the skin and through breathing, therefore from the lungs.

Now you know. So you stay in the woods for a few more minutes. Are you OK. Fill your lungs with air. Breathe and this time really, breathe and choose to feed yourself with a dose of air full of what makes you feel good. Your immune system reads, decodes and copes with any external attack just like a tree would because it is in the woods that you have your roots. Home.
All fables take place in the woods, the best known and the individual ones, of each of us. Those who choose to walk in the woods want to live their own fairy tale, looking for that inner freedom that makes them the master of their own life and dreaming of acting like trees, birds and deer, which in their simplicity live above everything. When you go deep into the woods you leave behind the noises of civilization. Venturing completely alone is a unique experience that we can offer ourselves, with that mixture of fear and a state of alert that are mixed with the pleasure of daring to challenge the atavistic fears that we carry within us since we were children. Going deeper and deeper into the trees, and closing your eyes, you can hear the heartbeat of the forest play in unison with your own.
Human beings become inhumane when they turn away from nature. They become numb. They become sad and bored. Living in concrete houses has killed the energy of human beings. They have shelter but no longer feel any joy. They are trapped in sterile cages and become sterile. Nature is destroyed and man does not understand that destroying it means destroying himself.

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