We tend to forget. Even when we say confidently "I will never forget this day" and after a few weeks certain moments have already faded outlines. Get the people then. Think of everyone you've met, the faces you've tried to impress in your mind, the voices you've struggled not to lose, the scents you've tried to keep. 
What remains? What remains of all those films that immediately after seeing them you felt different, what remains of all those sunsets, of all that sea that surrounded you when you were most afraid or when you were happy? Take the kisses. If one could always and properly remember them there would be no need to kiss again and again, continuously.

Take loves. If one remembered the excruciating pain that one feels when they end up no one would fall in love anymore and instead then the pain becomes resentment, then melancholy and evil loses petals like a now withered rose and gives way to good, to tenderness, to a vague feeling of lightness.

Then people die and you think "she gave me this necklace, I will never take it off again" and instead the day comes when for one reason or another you have to take it off and who knows why you never put it back on. Then find yourself by chance a few years later and you feel vaguely guilty, but not too much, and maybe you want to cry but you can't. We tend to forget, that basically it's not even a bad thing if you think about the asshole of the third B, if you think about the one who would throw you on the ground in a while just to get on the train before you, if you think of all the times in which you felt wrong. We are designed to start over, in my opinion. 

To return to love, to return to amaze us, to return to hope. There is no point in holding on to something that no longer exists, because trust me, if something still exists it will find a way to come and find you. Meanwhile, we have to get busy, learn new songs, savor the taste of being a light breeze and not always a storm. To change and not feel sorry for what we were, for what we have been. Change, which is the only way of existing that I know of.


"Grandma, I can't stand a person."

"Bless her, my child. Because she is showing you parts of yourself that you cannot accept. You see them reflected in her. They hurt you, like blades entering your depth, because it is the only way to attract your attention. Thanks to you can see that person and integrate them into you. "

"Should I bless those who can't stand?"

"That's right! Everything that happens outside of you is a mirror of your inner self. It is showing you the way to enrich yourself more and more. Change your way of thinking about life. Fly high with your mind: look for the symbol, the meaning that your emotion has come to carry you, begin to see every person you meet in your path as a reflection of parts of you. Don't waste time on stupid complaints, superficial chatter and the usual prejudices. You have a treasure to find. Every time. your energies in this great task! "

"What an effort, grandmother ..."

"It is more tiring to stop complaining. And carry it like a burden, day after day. It immobilizes you, takes away precious energy, hinders you. Become a hunter of meaning. Go beyond people, facts, news."

"I do not know how to do it..."

"There is only one teacher who can guide you in this. You will never find it outside of you. It is your feeling. Your annoyance, your well-being, your anger ... are messengers of your Truth."

"And how do I integrate the parts of me that I don't welcome?"

"Respect what you feel, celebrate it, lift it up. Every emotion is sacred: if you can glimpse even a minimum of richness, the rest will come by itself. You will have new eyes, able to see beyond any wall. They are the eyes of your soul. ! "


You humans struggle to chase after idols and desires that do not satisfy you and do not sedate your true needs. Because your essence is of different substance and your heart is different element. In vain you rage around goods and food for your matter forgetting that you are not here to live forever on this planet but you are only passing through and you will only stay here for a fraction of time that you cannot decide. Your flesh is troubled and your heart is tormented by things that do not belong to your spirit. You are part of that light which does not divide worlds but unites them. Unfortunately, you have forgotten the wonder of your light and mistake day for night. Ù Your feet get tired in exhausting paths to follow ideologies and religions that do not give you any benefit and joy. Your eyes get tired of reading sacred works that do not make you better. What miracle are you still waiting for that hasn’t already happened? Your waiting is full of useless expectations as you are ready to go but you remain still and cannot think that you can be other than yourself and what others see of you. Open your hearts and realize that you are not alone and that the light is already with you, you only have to accept it in the love that the Father has given you as the only and supreme strength to reach his Kingdom. You are strong, you can expand your essence and join the infinite energy of which all of you are made. Forget the matter that limits you and become aware of yourself and your divine love.

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