What has become rare and precious. What is sought but cannot be found even with money. Because love can be bought while friendship can't. Without malice, lasting, without other ends, just an affection that has nothing bodily about it. The purple color of life, also referring to the film, because sometimes someone can make the difference between the ranks of destiny. Friendship is now considered strange, old-fashioned, not convenient. Because now we need to exploit people, have no heart, have no affection. I remember another film, Friend found, which as a little girl struck me a lot. Those two boys so different yet so close to each other up to defy certain rules that were so strict at the time. My first friend was a little boy who taught me to shoot rubber darts and another showed me a card game never seen before.
My first friend lent me her doll's clothes and I gave her my plastic cups. We sang cartoon songs, exchanged trinkets and cell phone stickers. Every bosom friend and bosom friend has left me with beautiful memories. I've had a best friend for years, and even though we're apart, we always text and fondly reminisce about our college years. But now it seems that friends are an impossibility. If you tell people you're friends with a man, they look at you like you're in a secret relationship. Because as children you can be with anyone but as adults, suspicions, doubts and judgments arise. I've never understood this thing and I treat everyone the same way but evidently I've lost a part of reality and therefore perhaps I don't get to understand certain mechanisms. For example, I don't understand trumpet friendship. For me friendship has nothing to do with sex yet for many people it's normal. I don't understand being together like brother and sister, ie white couple relationships. But I've been out of touch for many years and so some things I find strange.


Declining our life in obedience to the game of opposites seems to give us a true destiny and therefore a broad freedom but it is precisely this obedience that makes us deluded souls wandering in the world in search of a goal that does not know how to exist because it cannot be a product of dance of opposites.
Friendship and enmity come from judgments we make on the real according to our advantage but is our advantage a truthful messenger from the front or does it have deeper layers where strange utilities flock to tell us their secret gaze on the things of the world?

I remember the Buddha's statement: affection is a vice.
causes attachment. attachment generates rights over the other rights over the other impose boundaries, they take their breath away and shortness of breath makes the quality of life poor.

Everyone wishes to have a friend, as in a pact of love, for better or for worse.
A friendship begins for a reason, for a context, for an emotion, and these will be the coordinates in which you will find it.
Is a friend a place in the world or a time to express yourself?
A friend becomes an enemy when his dreams are forgotten.
The enemy will still give you a place in the world and allow you to express yourself.
Enemy and friend will both give you the illusion of freedom.


I have had several blogs in my life.
For hobbies, for diaries, for vanity, for solitude, for wasted time.
Some have had a good following, others have been completely snubbed.
Everyone died anyway the moment parts of me completed their cycle.

From there I understood one thing.
Pass what you are.
Whether you put your voice on it or even just a keyboard.
There is a spirit in things that communicates beyond words; which cannot help but be perceived when the content is consistent with the container, and vice versa.

Otherwise you can become whoever you want. You can study the techniques and adopt emulations, but you remain a lot without emotion and without life.

It is no coincidence that the least lasting blogs have always been those in which I did not write instinctively. I was not following my nature.

And that goes for everything.
Career, relationships, friendship.
Sooner or later the body lets you know if you're doing everything wrong, and if you're careful you know how to tell when to get back into place.

It has been since the dawn of time that the Sages have repeated one and only teaching in different words or doctrines: know yourself, give birth to yourself.

You don't fight. Unprocessed. You don't pretend.
But, know who you are.

Because if you're looking for joy, if you want to deal with freedom, to do what you do authentically, that's where you have to be.

In total honesty with yourself.


So far away from us, in Antarctica, lived a colony of seals and one of penguins.
They lived close together, but they had no relations with each other: the young penguins all played together, and so did the seals, but never mingling with each other.
One day the seals decided to go for a swim, and shortly afterwards the penguins also dived into the water with a thousand splashes, from their iceberg.
At one point a shadow appeared from the deep sea, threatening and fast.
It got closer and closer, and the terrified animals fled in all directions.
Only a small seal could not escape, wedged somewhere in the thick seaweed.
The fochina asked for help, but no one heard it in that general stampede.
The sea monster was getting closer and closer, and everyone had already fled.
Only a little penguin, hearing the cry of the seal, stopped to help her.
He tried to pluck the algae with his beak, and one after the other he had torn off most of them.
But it wasn't over, and the sea monster was a stone's throw from them: a hungry whale, greedy for seals and penguins.
The whale had smelled the scent of those two cubs in the sea, and his mouth was already watering.
Finally even the last seaweed was uprooted, and the seal was free.
The whale had already opened its jaws when the seal yelled at the penguin to latch onto its tail.
He obeyed, and the seal launched into a mad and very fast race, escaping by a breath to the teeth of the hungry whale.
Seal and penguin darted away very quickly, chased by the increasingly angry monster, and slipped left and right, now high and now deep, while the orca closed its teeth in very dangerous jerks, always missing them.
Finally the two reached the iceberg from which they had started, and in an instant they climbed onto the ice floe.
The whale was left with a dry mouth!
The friends of the two animals were waiting for them very worried, and when they saw them they made a big round of applause: Onk! Onk! seals did, flapping their fins. My! My! My! the happy penguins shouted instead.
The little seal and the penguin embraced each other full of joy.
"Thanks for saving my life!" said the seal.
"Thanks to you: I would never have managed to escape from the orca at that speed" and from that moment they became inseparable.
Even today in that area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAntarctica penguins and seals live together, and their cubs all play together, because they have understood that by joining their forces there is no enemy that can win them.


I am sitting outside, the last glow of the sun on my face. It's cold, but I don't want to go back inside for a sweater. seeing goosebumps is comforting, it makes you feel that something can touch me and I am not indifferent to it. Today I tidied up, dusted off, wrote an important chapter in my life. I took care of myself calmly, here the time seems to be less and less. There are those who think of me, I don't know what to think. I smile at a friendship that blossoms despite the ashes left around and I tell myself that it is not true that the conclusions are the end. I can say with confidence now: I'm fine and I don't hold a grudge. I am so proud of myself that I would hug myself tightly. perhaps it can be a remedy for the cold.



The time I gathered your clothes

while you were swimming in the lake and I was trying

to dissuade you, the waters muddy

and the wind blowing on the surface

and it brought me a faint scent

of your breath, I have not found

the simple courage to undress

and to follow you, I have always been

by all the lakes to wait.

Because the lake brings life down, it attracts me

as if the liquid stream was there just for me.

And my love stops me from dying in that part of the lake

where I'm not basically like you.


I have seen so many ugly realities, so much blood, violence, children growing up without parents, appreciating the value of freedom, knowing how painful it is when they take it away from you. Here I have always seen a lot of love, loyalty, family, humility, education. I had to know what I can go up against on the one hand to understand that there are those who have fought so much to ensure that I can be free forever. I know where I’m from but I also know who I can be. You have seen certain things only in movies, yet you sin of presumption and rudeness continuously. I looked into your eyes and listened to you talk about your fears, your goals and your past, I watched your reactions as I talked to you about me and the period of shit I’m going through, but although I know things you haven’t said no one else thinks of her before sleeping, because she is sweet and unlike me in bed with you she came immediately. I’m 24 and I’ve always wondered what my biggest secret is, in short, everyone has one right? I also have mine, but finding something that only I knew, something that I had never really told anyone, not even the closest people, seemed difficult to me, and in short, nothing that could boast of the importance of this name! But tonight I understood it and it’s as if I saw myself inside, it was such a bad thing that I probably didn’t want to think about it, convincing myself that it wasn’t and almost forgetting.
Luna doesn’t just show your best side You look great alone you know what love is ” “Luna, you only speak to those in love Who knows how many songs they have already dedicated to you ” The best way to start this post is by quoting some lines from Gianni Togni’s song ‘Luna’ A song about love even if hidden behind the apparent description of the moon shining in the night sky This post is aimed to all those who at least once raised their eyes to the night sky and enchanted themselves in observing the stars, thought without even realizing it of a special person to all those who have imagined that at the same time that person was observing the sky and it does not matter if physically close or far away to all those who have confided their greatest secrets and desires to the moon to all those who, with a full moon, return a little child to the memory of stories or television series in which the moon was the main part of the plot To all of us romantic dreamers. I wanted to tell you that more than once I have listened to songs thinking of you and I wondered if you think of me too when you listen to that song Sometimes you enter my mind without asking permission messing everything up Sometimes they ask me why you who were the least suitable person I don’t know how to answer him I think about you, even if I don’t want to And I would like to throw away your memory I think of the thousand ways it could have ended But in the end I think it was better for both of us to get lost.
After all we are scorpions. We love death, we symbolize rebirth, we must die ourselves to get up again. We scorpions look so small and cute, but we know how to sting and sometimes we don’t even do it intentionally. We are the governors of the mystery, we live by this, we live by curiosity and magic. Of shadow and fog. This darkness pervades us. We are intuition, sixth sense, sensations. We are revenge and passion, because we have feelings that swim in deep waters, they are never superficial. This sometimes makes us suffer terribly and we prefer to take our pain out on ourselves. Everyone considers us the most insidious, grumpy and “ugly” zodiac sign. The truth? We like to hear it and laugh because we are the mystery you haven’t solved yet. I wish that at 23:59 you could shout what you want to people especially those to whom we do not have the courage to say the simplest and most beautiful phrases like i love you, i love you, i stay this year too … for the simple fear of ruining everything. Here if we could do it at that time it would be easier because they are all drunk, they are all high, maybe people do not even listen and therefore you would not be afraid of losing someone just because you reveal your feelings to them. you feel about him or her. Instead it is not feasible and you are left with the weight on your stomach or heart. Because people remember why unfortunately we don’t have a year cancel button even if we wanted to. In a year there is a lot of bullshit in love, in friendship, at school and in the family but if we had the possibility to reset everything it would be better but we do not pass from one year to another but from one simple day to another, we pass from 23:59 to 00:00 to 00:01 celebrating changes that we hope will come true like magic, changes that, however, if we don’t roll up our sleeves and keep fighting, they won’t come true.


In short, rich or poor, sooner or later you will be plagued by this uselessness of time. You will be bored by your work, by friends, by husbands, wives, or lovers, by the view from the window of your home, from the furniture or upholstery of your room, from your thoughts, from yourself. Consequently, you will be looking for escape routes. Aside from the tools of self-gratification mentioned above, perhaps you will begin to change jobs, residences, friendships, country, climate; perhaps you will indulge in sexual promiscuity, alcohol, travel, cooking lessons, drugs, psychoanalysis. In fact, you could put all these things together; and for a while the combination could work. Until, of course, you wake up in your room with a new family and a different wallpaper, in another state, in another climate, with a lot of bills to pay to your travel agent or psychoanalyst, yet with the same prohibits the sensation of the daylight that spreads to the window. And you will put on your slippers only to find that those are not the most suitable footwear to escape from what you recognize as familiar. And depending on your temperament or age, you will panic or resign yourself to familiarity with that feeling, or, once more, you will go through the process of change.


It is fascinating. Nature is wonderful, she has managed to create beautiful things by herself, of perfect symmetry, all so calculated and precise. The leaves, the flowers, us, even if not perfectly. But it’s all calculated right? We were created to be imperfect and however we try to achieve perfection we will never be, neither physically nor morally. What then, who decides that something is perfect or imperfect? Which is right or wrong? What is good or bad? Who is stupid or smart? What is weird or normal? What is it that really makes it so? It’s just our idea. So theoretically symmetry does not exist and exists. Perfection does not exist and exists. All in contrast with everything. The stars are fascinating. They are very large, much larger than our planet and yet they are there, bright dots that shine in the sky, a hint of color in the dark, forming constellations, forming dreams, galaxies, galaxies of dreams. They are there in the sky, so far away, so close, that if you put yourself on your toes, it seems that you can touch them with your hand, but you cannot. The water, what the hell, is beautiful. The surface tension, its clarity, its necessity. But I don’t understand why nature hasn’t made it available to everyone. Then the matter, that everything is made up of everything.
There is no end of matter, a thing created first of all. The universe, which cannot be infinite, come on, everything has an end. Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring, Life, The Earth, Stories, Kisses, Friendships, Loves, Roads, Travels, Holidays, Nights, Days, Weeks , Months, years, sheets, notebooks, the most beautiful books, everything. And the numbers? How can they be infinite? They are not. There are many combinations, Infinite, But we manage to pronounce them up to a certain point, then we start with the astronomical unit, with the light years. And then nature has given us everything, even the possibility of hurting ourselves, it is up to us to choose what to do, it has made us totally free. Have you ever thought about all this? To fate? Exists? In my opinion, yes. A story written somewhere. Two people destined to meet, two people who will fail together, but not alone, two people who together will overcome everything. A person destined to be born to change the world, a savior on this unjust and infamous planet. But who created all this? And remember that the case does not exist, it is not that one day two planets decided by CASE to collide and create the Earth, right? You see, it’s all so wonderful, fascinating, twisted. All so beautifully beautiful.

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