I have never been a princess in danger, or rather, I would have loved to have been, but my character has never allowed me to. I never dreamed of the handsome prince charming, who would come to save me from the villains of history. The real question now is: Who are these bad guys? Well, there are evil witches hiding in the corner, who briefly run and pass in front of me, showing themselves kind and generous, and then give me the poisoned apple; there are evil monsters, very similar to those under the bed, but, in this case, they sleep by my side and hope in my despair, they crave my madness, because that is what they feed on; there are magicians who enchant my passions, who make me the victim of spells impossible to break, like love; finally, there are them, the worst creatures, those we commonly call "people", who tear away from you all that you hold most dear: your heart, feelings, passions, happiness, showing you that they are only lowly illusions and that everything you believe in doesn't really exist. They are the ones who destroy your dreams, the ones you believe so much in and one day you would really like to reach, but in the end, you realize that they are only illusions, which you will never be able to reach. No. I have never been a princess, but I would have liked to have been one for a second, that maybe, locked up inside that tall tower, my prince charming would have arrived. I don't expect him to be rich and happy, but either way, I know I'm important to someone. I would know someone would make a sacrifice for me. Someone would be willing to rescue a hidden princess from herself, at the mercy of the demons in her room and the people around her. Would anyone really want to save a princess who doesn't behave like one? A princess who apparently seems to have everything, but inside is torn, disturbed and devoured by the bad guys. Would you be willing to love someone like me?

I don't like fairy tales of love, or rather, I like them, but I don't want them, because the princesses who are saved are always at the mercy of demonstrable danger, in short, of an enemy who could really kill them physically, but never internally. No one could ever save a princess without realizing the real dangers. This princess, mine, is forced to freeze behind those walls, on that high tower, trying to save herself, because nobody notices, that even if the window is open, the tower is too high for her to be able to escape alone. . So she dies slowly, in her world of withered roses and full of thorns.

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