I always saw myself as a safety net for all the people I knew. I have always tried to cushion everyone’s fall, even those who do not know how they ended up on the net. Then one day I realized that I can’t spend my whole life cushioning the falls of others, because the one who gets hurt in the end is always me, tense and waiting. Becoming aware of your limits is perhaps one of the most powerful and at the same time debilitating things that can exist. You understand that you are not Atlas, that you do not have the world on your shoulders, and with the relief comes the feeling of loss, bewilderment. You feel small, all the potential strength you had dissolved in an instant. It remains only you with your limits and the awareness that Atlas the world on his shoulders in the end had it as a punishment, otherwise with the cock that he chose to carry the globe on his back. Every now and then the lump in the throat returns, the breath stops in small moments of panic in which you just try to get a little air into the lungs. I feel suffocated by the weight of all the things I haven’t done.


I am fascinated by the mystery of lives
That unfold along the chessboard
Of days and streets, faded photos
Memory of twenty years or one evening. 
And I am involved in the eternal dripping
And time over the face of a passer-by
And asking me if he appears in his features. 
The insult of a death or a lover
The mysterious network of relationships
Which binds with its evanescent threads
The eternal carousel of reasons or wrongs
The scaly toll of moments
The world seen with asphalted eyes
Chasing the ballet of the hours
We who know where we were born
But we will never know where we die
I like to rummage through memories
Of other people, winters or springs. 
To lose or find connections
In the apparent chaos of a second-hand dealer. 
Paintings that someone has been posing for
A telescope that has looked at a point. 
A globe, two bijou, a rose. 
Junk once beautiful and now worn
Think who may have used them. 
Seeking an answer to the charade
Why they were abandoned. 
Like a dog left on the road. 
Objects that someone has perhaps loved. 
Now they lie there, without a master. 


Do you prefer warm or cold places? How do you defend yourself from the scorching heat? How do you defend yourself from the freezing cold? There are countries where many people live in the desert with very high temperatures. Other peoples living in countries where temperatures got far below freezing. Have you been prepared for this year’s scorching heat? The North now seems as hot as the South and the South looks like an African desert. Have we European peoples been prepared to defend ourselves from temperatures we were not used to? Staying with the air conditioner always on or the stove always on is not a solution. Desert peoples don’t use air conditioners. The peoples of the Arctic have no stoves. But we civilized have not been used to this way of life and therefore the heat and cold cause many deaths every year. We can read some data that nobody ever talks about: “Globally, for every death from heat there are 17 from cold. These numbers vary from country to country. In the United States, about 9,000 people died in 2015 from heat but 191,000 deaths can be attributed to cold. as for Italy, deaths from heat are about 10,000, compared to 57,600 from cold. ” Therefore human beings on this planet have an invisible enemy against which they often have no solution: the great heat or the great cold. Our cities are built to produce more heat in summer and colder in winter. Not everyone has insulated houses. Not everyone can afford air conditioners. So a lot of civilization and technology, what is the use if there continue to be deaths due to the climate.

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