Once upon a time in a beautiful city in a place where peace reigned, it was full of flowers, evergreen plants, little birds and butterflies. In this place Tibetan monks lived there who loved looking at nature and praying in the middle of the green. They had many birds and each of them had a name, but one day a golden finch appeared inside the convent walls.

It was beautiful, it had two large golden wings and two large paws from which 10 gold threads hung. When the monks saw the bird they could not understand what it wanted because it kept going around the convent walls. One day the youngest of all the monks clung to one of the ten strings and let himself be carried out of the high walls.
He saw a world different from his own, there were no more flowers but poverty, misery, darkness, the green he had always been used to seeing was gone.

So he called all the other monks and together they transformed that country into a huge green area full of golden birds and all the
colors, make holes, plants and flowers.

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