We tend to forget. Even when we say confidently "I will never forget this day" and after a few weeks certain moments have already faded outlines. Get the people then. Think of everyone you've met, the faces you've tried to impress in your mind, the voices you've struggled not to lose, the scents you've tried to keep. 
What remains? What remains of all those films that immediately after seeing them you felt different, what remains of all those sunsets, of all that sea that surrounded you when you were most afraid or when you were happy? Take the kisses. If one could always and properly remember them there would be no need to kiss again and again, continuously.

Take loves. If one remembered the excruciating pain that one feels when they end up no one would fall in love anymore and instead then the pain becomes resentment, then melancholy and evil loses petals like a now withered rose and gives way to good, to tenderness, to a vague feeling of lightness.

Then people die and you think "she gave me this necklace, I will never take it off again" and instead the day comes when for one reason or another you have to take it off and who knows why you never put it back on. Then find yourself by chance a few years later and you feel vaguely guilty, but not too much, and maybe you want to cry but you can't. We tend to forget, that basically it's not even a bad thing if you think about the asshole of the third B, if you think about the one who would throw you on the ground in a while just to get on the train before you, if you think of all the times in which you felt wrong. We are designed to start over, in my opinion. 

To return to love, to return to amaze us, to return to hope. There is no point in holding on to something that no longer exists, because trust me, if something still exists it will find a way to come and find you. Meanwhile, we have to get busy, learn new songs, savor the taste of being a light breeze and not always a storm. To change and not feel sorry for what we were, for what we have been. Change, which is the only way of existing that I know of.


All adults continue to carry their inner child inside. The body changes, needs change, experiences change thoughts and habits. But the wounds suffered remain and always remain open inside our little child. They come knocking again almost desperate, through the memory. They do not heal and scratch on the times when our baby inside did not feel appreciated enough, did not have the strength to be seduced by his individuality and subsequently never felt so safe as to abandon his initial innocence on the street. Within every family there are secrets, past anecdotes often steeped in shame. Within every family there is someone who feels guilty even for what he did not commit and at the same time dumps on others what he is solely responsible for. Although everyone feels so unique and different from everyone, every family interaction has a common denominator that repeats itself, like the script of the same film, translated into all languages ‚Äč‚Äčthroughout the history of the world. In every family there is a well-defined decalogue: This should not be said; this is not to be done; this is not good … Yet to grow it is necessary to accept one’s own subversive universe. To grow, it is necessary to give up innocence. Giving up innocence means accepting what we reject about ourselves, even when it goes against the grain of what we have been taught. Giving up innocence does not make us guilty. It teaches us to understand that it is what we hide that destroys us while what we accept makes us peaceful and changes us for the better. Conflicts are spider webs, either you break them or they weaken you more and more until you are imprisoned, to the point of stifling forever even the last breath of courage you have inside. The paradox of any improvement is that in order to improve you must first accept your limits and love yourself as you are. To be able to do this it is necessary to recognize yourself and then break, break everything that you have built in your life to defend yourself, the shield around your heart.

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