Mysterious hackers who go by the name of "DarkSide" have become modern-day Robin Hoods, donating the proceeds of their thefts to two non-profit organizations.

This was revealed by the BBC which reports how a group of cybercriminals calling themselves DarkSide has donated 0.88 BTC (equal to about 10,000 dollars) to two distinct associations, Children International and Water Project.
DarkSide boasts that it has extorted millions of dollars from companies with possibly ransomware viruses. It seems that after committing a crime such as extortion, they decided to give part of their theft to charity to make the world "a better place".

These new Robin Hoods, however, do not seem to have met the favor of the associations they wanted to help.
Darkside hackers say: "" We only attack companies that can pay the required amount. We don't want to kill your business. Before each attack, we carefully analyze your accounting and determine how much you can pay based on your income. "

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