The shadows of the night gather in a distant ravine near the highway to the sky, unfinished basement like many others, they light a fire to recognize themselves but humans do not see them, they are dark to most, it takes inner sensitivity, or you have it. or not, it is not bought with securities, money or a self-declared status.
You can be straight, gay, lesbian, trans, bisexual, it doesn't matter, the Soul has no gender, there is you and the dark, Hell, Purgatory, Heaven and they, who call you and try to lure you into the their kingdom.
The sound they emit is shrill, plaintive but, little by little, it changes, it becomes recognizable, tears, as they have passed away, but then slight smiles for the weight that humanity possesses and distributes day by day on those who live.
They dance around the fire, they have rags on or even naked but full of pride for what they have done and, above all, given in terms of Love, Perversion, constant search for their limits.
It is macabre because if you see them and approach them they are of a deadly pallor, bones in sight, worthy of the scariest horror not yet written.
If you have weak hearts, do not go .... just read, it is enough to imagine the havoc of hearts, limbs and minds that these dances represent but also life lived and sufferings faced ...
The night hides this and more, if you don't have the right eyes you will never see them ....


Triora is a beautiful medieval village, located in the Ligurian Riviera di Ponente, perched in the splendid Argentina Valley. It owes its name to "Tria-Ora" (three mouths) indicating the three main local products (wheat, vine and chestnut)
Some women of Triora in 1588 were victims of one of the bloodiest trials for witchcraft in Liguria. Everything has been documented in the documents that are on display in the small Ethnographic and Witchcraft Museum at the beginning of the town.
The Cabotina is also worth a visit, a small building where legend has it that witches met. Visiting this ancient village is also a real pleasure for the throat. Among the typical products, the Triora bread is to be tasted: dark and homemade, prepared with flour and bran, it is part of the association of the 37 Italian breads. It is delicious spread with an ancient mountain cheese: bruss or bruzzo, ricotta fermented with herbs and spices with a slightly spicy flavor.
The ethno-historical museum of witchcraft in Triora: in the first room, the tools of ‘magical thought’ are known, with the Pio Breddo esoteric collection. In the second, the images of “Goddesses, spirits and female creatures” present in the pantheon of the accused materialize in artistic forms. In the third herbal fragrances they illustrate the phytotherapeutic skills of the “dominae herbarum”. In the fourth there is the invention of the diabolical witch and the trial of Triora with a narrator who remembers the tortures to extort confessions.
The Halloween party will take place between a monstrous game and another, to the rhythm of the music that will spread among the markets, children will go wild showing off their dark costumes and celebrating the party with dances, nursery rhymes and stories: animation, music, fashion shows and workshops. La Cabotina, the Gioco del Fuoco, the Ridda are some of the events that will animate the darkest night of the year! And for all the ghosts and hungry witches, there will be numerous refreshment points to taste the typical products of a generous land: rostelle, frisciƶi, pancakes, let yourself be enchanted by these wonderful delicacies!
Magic stalls, where you can find magic potions, and skulls; sorcerer who read your future with tarot cards or by examining your hand; and again, zombies and monsters of all kinds that invade the trade of the country … In short, a large outdoor masquerade that attracts thousands of people from all over Italy every year.
This bridge crosses a tributary of the Argentina torrent and, in summer, when it thaws, it forms a splendid lake which is also very popular with swimmers. It is located in the Municipality of Molini di Triora, in the province of Imperia. A lovely place!
Unmissable stop on a trip to Triora is certainly also the Castle with the central tower and the ruins. Triora also offers some interesting churches: the church of San Dalmazzo (from whose churchyard you will enjoy a wonderful view), the rural church of San Bernardino (where you can admire the beautiful medieval frescoes) and the 17th century church of San Agostino, which houses the statuary group of the Madonna della Misericordia.

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