You have defined yourself as a coward, a liar, a waste not of society but of your own will; consenting prisoner of a transcendent, liquid, euphoric sleep that you have sarcastically called Ophelia.

Me: Why Ofelia?

You: For the innocence! because it originally comes from a flower! The flowers are innocent, then the man with the processes of manipulation makes them hallucinatory, crazy death! .. (laughs) ... and I with him calling him insane!

In the silence I look at him, his fragile body a withered petal so dry that I can see the pulse of his blood in his veins.

He looks at me, asks me to hug him and always smiling he says: You know, my lame Alice I'm still here because inside me there is a sadistic tyrant, schizophrenic omnipotent over him I have no fucking control, tenacious as an ivy in his cling to life! And that's what I feel in you now! for how many bites I have given him, often desired in each of his beats, I feel a unique creed that only now, lucidly, I understand.

I hold him tight to me! because I want to feel that heart that brought him back to life.

Returning to a lame Alice her Mad Hatter.

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