The truth is that, despite insurmountable difficulties, we all always expect something extraordinary to happen to us. (Hosseini) This sentence struck me a lot. The concept of “extraordinary” is so relative. Sometimes we look for a turning point, to change, start over, leave. It’s just an excuse that serves to give us a boost, an injection of extraordinary courage. Other times, instead, a smile is enough to change a bad day and make it special, other times a hug, one of those long and silent ones, when the door of the house opens and here comes the peace and hear the uncomfortable thoughts go out. What about a sunset with a thousand warm shades to calm tired eyes. We seek so much the extraordinary in unimaginable places, when in the end it is everywhere around us. Inside us. You just need to know how to look.


At 19 she was drugged and raped. At 20 he gets up and invents a handkerchief that can detect the presence of rape drugs inside the cocktails.

Danya Sherman was born in 1997.

In 2015 he enrolled at George Washington University to study international relations.

In the summer of 2016 he flew to Spain for a study experience.

Here, one evening, she is drugged and raped by an acquaintance of hers.

This difficult experience deeply traumatizes Danya.

Once back in the United States, she tells her friends about what happened and discovers that she is not alone.

At this point she realizes she has to do something to prevent the same thing from happening to other women as well.

In 2017 he thus created KnoNap, a handkerchief capable of detecting the presence of rape drugs in cocktails.

A few drops of the cocktail are enough and, in case of drug presence, the handkerchief changes color.

Danya's idea is to create a product that is discreet and that restaurants and bars can use instead of normal napkins.

Today Danya is the founder of a startup that aims to help women defend themselves from rape drugs.

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