Since the devastating slaughter of a 4 year old girl and wounding of her mother, international knowledge has been pervasive. We all can know of this atrocity. Since then, russia continued to bomb and kill people living ordinary lives. Let me be clear, all Ukrainians are innocent. ALL. There is russigust around the defenders of russia, appeasers of russia, collaborators with russia. But there is also training. Tens of thousands are being trained in European countries and the US for the next phase of this war, which is three months away. The devastation of infrastructure and accommodation is all to make areas unliveable in winter. The bombing of cities and civilian targets designed to be emphatic. The russians are coming! This creeping evil is easily identified.. the posture of superiority and supremacy, the carnal disinterest in any moral compass, the absence of humanity.

International moods have darkened and deepened. The realisation that russia is evil and is raising more evil from the dark, dank regions, unknown to civilisation, has begun to penetrate, even the most resistant and corrupt places. This is why so much misinformation and lies. This is why I want to publish my book and I need your help. I have a fundraiser to contribute to the costs

This book will tell you from a first hand perspective, what is happening. Simply, I KNOW, BECAUSE I WAS THERE! This photo is taken in the far western shore of Ireland. A place where in the dark ages, important documents and treasures were held. It was the spiritual ‘safe’ for western civilisation. A period of 1,000 years where barbarism trashed art, culture, civilisation and rights. Yes, 1,000 years. It is what Hitler wanted. It is what putin wants. I went there to pick something up. I went there feel the ancient landscape of my ancestors. To understand a solemn responsibility that we all have, yet many disavow and deny. We can’t. At the edge of Europe where the Atlantic moodily caresses the land we live in I needed to turn to face the enemy on the far Eastern edge. Words matter. Words shape and form the world.

They did so in the last dark age, they will do so now. Regardless of the passage of time, evil is the same. Destruction, death, oppression, unspeakable behaviour, triumphally proclaimed as a right. It reaches far distant shores. Well beyond your imagination. My readers have power, compassion, concern and capability. Help me with my campaign of information. I need it because I lost my home and work. Like many others I came away with the most important treasures, my family, our cat and dog. I have nothing else.

Help yourself by excluding all things russian. Leave nothing to doubt, for they are raising a bigger army, and not for Ukraine. They have bigger appetites, absent humanity and compassion. We have been here before.. last time civilisation won. The time before, it lost.

If you want to know all thestory of this man and his daughter read it at:


“What are visions of the future? Who are the aliens and why do they sometimes contact us? Human beings have become numb and can no longer understand the messages that the protagonist of this story brings to them through visions of the future. Could the Earth be saved?”

I translated this science fiction novel into English just to make you read something important. I had started writing it three years ago, after some strange things had happened, but I had left it incomplete for all these years. But now I have finished it by putting in it the visions concerning the future of this planet and which I believe are very important to know.


We love each other very much, it’s the only thing that comes to my mind because it doesn’t matter, it’s kept and played with them, it’s made in every way to ride! It doesn’t explain anything, I like you, you make me fucking good! I have never been so good with someone, I want to know you better, I want to see who you really are, I want to be able to hug you when I want without anyone talking about us, I want to be able to talk to you about everything, scratch you, kiss you a thousand Important to me, I want to be able to say hello as it should be with a nice kiss and not a simple hello when it happens, you are a fantastic person you have a world inside and I want to discover every corner of you, you and I are not friends, two who if we are guarded as guardians we will not be able just be friends, we will do everything possible, we will talk to them and we will not be with them .. I love my husband so much, and I love him so much, he alone with me. something that I don’t think I can manage, I’m afraid of suffering, of still being hurt and now of being sick another time I don’t want to, but I know one thing, you do me good yes you do me really good, please we let’s build something, beat these walls of fear and pride and become what we are not now.
Anxiety is your mood that changes in a matter of minutes. Anxiety means uncontrollable tremors and spasms. Anxiety is tears, it is real and painful tears. Anxiety is nausea. Anxiety is paralyzing. Anxiety is dark. Anxiety is having to find one excuse after another for your behavior. Anxiety is fear. Anxiety is worry. Anxiety drains your body and your emotions. Anxiety is raw. Anxiety is real. Anxiety means arguing with your partner even though you are not angry. Anxiety is a jolt at every slightest annoyance. Anxiety is made up of flashbacks. Anxiety is an “What if …”. Anxiety is full of “What’s wrong?” and I do not know”.
I had to understand that right away. When someone has a heart like mine, they end up dying before death itself. When someone has a heart like mine, the heart loses it, loses it in unspoken words, loses beats in sighs, loses itself as the tears flow and no one stops them. When someone has a heart like mine and gives it to someone, they never find themselves again.
I looked at it as you look at something you already know we will miss. Too good to last, to be true, too good to become a habit. I looked at it as you look at the sea at the end of summer, when the days become even clearer and the sun shines in the sky. I just looked at you, and you smiled at me. Do not forget certain smiles, certain looks and certain words.
Maybe one of us had to make a decision and maybe it was right that whoever was stronger among us made it. My psychologist once told me: “You can’t love the cause of your own destruction and your own suffering, it’s crazy!” I lost with you, but I won with myself.


Yesterday’s awakening was a bad awakening for Mattia’s young farm … Millions of dead bees and broken houses. An entire apiary destroyed by someone who took it out on defenseless animals, killing them, crushing them or freezing them from the pouring rain. It took months, perhaps years of care and work to prepare the bees in strength and health for the spring harvest, which was nullified overnight. This serious damage in the first days of flowering of the acacia will not be easily overcome, especially in this complex phase. Despite so much pain and discomfort, we need to find the strength not to give up and try to start again. Thanks to those who are expressing their solidarity with messages of support and those who want to concretely demonstrate it with a donation:


I have been abused since I was only 4 years old and I still don’t know if it was someone from my family (uncle, cousin, grandfather, or friend of the family) and therefore my happiness was taken away from me so quickly that all theories and ideas of world are not enough to bring my soul back to life. I also went through years of therapy, but you will understand that undergoing such bad things as a child destroyed my inner world. I saved myself, thanks to my imagination and creativity. I have never had help from anyone and even if I always do good in return I always receive evil. I don’t believe in happiness. It is a harmful and illusory world. 


At 19 she was drugged and raped. At 20 he gets up and invents a handkerchief that can detect the presence of rape drugs inside the cocktails.

Danya Sherman was born in 1997.

In 2015 he enrolled at George Washington University to study international relations.

In the summer of 2016 he flew to Spain for a study experience.

Here, one evening, she is drugged and raped by an acquaintance of hers.

This difficult experience deeply traumatizes Danya.

Once back in the United States, she tells her friends about what happened and discovers that she is not alone.

At this point she realizes she has to do something to prevent the same thing from happening to other women as well.

In 2017 he thus created KnoNap, a handkerchief capable of detecting the presence of rape drugs in cocktails.

A few drops of the cocktail are enough and, in case of drug presence, the handkerchief changes color.

Danya's idea is to create a product that is discreet and that restaurants and bars can use instead of normal napkins.

Today Danya is the founder of a startup that aims to help women defend themselves from rape drugs.




I’ve received the first mail from feminist editors.
If any of you know a best feminist editor in US or CANADA or somewhere else, please tell me. I need your help.
I’m searching for a new publisher 😊

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