The photo shows the port of Trieste who today were attacked by the police using fire hydrants and tear gas. 
They are kneeling, defenseless, unarmed people, they are fathers of families, they are men who work every day, they are part of a people that does not deserve this war from the government. 
The government is waging war on the Italian people. 
These people were attacked with strong water jets, they were AGGRESSED, but they did not move, they remained there like Tibetan monks, like those who try to prove that there is a life beyond the government orders that destroy a freedom after centuries. of freedom fights.
These men have children and families, and they have been treated like criminals and I am ashamed of the Italian government that treats defenseless men in this way. Where was Amnesty International? Where were all the human rights associations?
These people, you can see them well, are kneeling !!! They are kneeling !!!
They have suffered a violence that not even criminals suffer because the Italian government attacks the workers and sets the criminals free.
I accuse the Italian government of treason towards its people.





Dust and a window on the sea.
Memory leaves no room for silence.

my role advancement exam takes place.
An important milestone.
A red helmet.

Around mid-January,
I am transferred to a new command.
I began to work hard, to give my best, as I have always done, and I receive a letter of praise from the Commander.

A window on the sea.
Memory leaves no room for silence.

Everything stops.

Internal bleeding.

Today my ordeal begins.

First surgery and after a few days
I'm finally going home.
Colon reconstruction surgery.
Rebbocco, last intervention.

Dust and silence.
There is no room for memory.
The red helmet has dust.
The means are at a standstill.
The blue lights, do not blink.
The sirens don't sound.
My heart, it lost its beats.
I'm scared.
I have courage.

I find that the evil has not finished with me and in April,
my left kidney is removed.

Dust and silence, without ever losing your smile.

The throbbing pains, block my breath.

I close my eyes with gritted teeth, thinking back to what I have done in life.
To the friends who are here, to those who have left me.
To the people I love and to those I have loved.
To the arms that I embraced.
To the words I've never forgotten.
And I keep hoping.
And I keep smiling and fighting.

An internal infection tried to lead me to death.
But in September, they save my life.

I am still fighting.
I am still suffering.
I am still smiling.
I am still living.

My name is Michele,
I'm a team leader of the fire brigade.
I blew the dust off.
I wiped the tears of smoke from my eyes.
I stroked the head of those asking for help.
I've learned not to give up.
I have learned to love.
Not to lose the smile, even in pain.
I'm a man.
And I'm still alive.
I won.

Never give up, because every day more, in this life ...
It's a new sky,
that can give love.

Be afraid and then ...
Have courage.


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