my bed has a hole in it
my sock has holes in it
my heart is pierced
my sweater has holes in it
my glass has a hole in it
my shoe has holes in it
my mind is whole,
my empty cup,
my plate of green vegetables.
Tonight a nightmare of drinks and chic clothes. Black, red, gold and blue, sparkling, fabulous.
I didn't open my eyes because there was something else in my past.
I didn't want to wear clothes for anyone.
I want to stay in leggings and a T-shirt.
I want to stay out of the world of elegant zombies.


When you lose your heart to whom do you attribute this loss? A fall, a slide into reality? A failed mission or a love not received? When you lose your heart it’s like a hole. Or is it just a hole and nothing else. A hole inside the body that cannot be filled. You hold your heart in your hand, you touch it, but you don’t see it beating anymore. No one has ever touched this heart disease since. Nobody can get me back to life. What is causing so much loss? Perhaps a part of the parents remains in us. Maybe something is lost in childhood. Then we no longer find what we had. But I feel very dull. Very empty.

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