Halfway between horror and thriller, Anthony Cipriano scripts and produces a TV series now in its fifth season, which purports to serve as a prequel to the well-known Hitchcockian masterpiece Psycho, the story centers on Norman Bates’ childhood and adolescence. He will delve deeply into his relationship with his mother and with his violent lover until he understands how these bad relationships have influenced his being an adult, so much so that he becomes the best-known serial killer owner of motels in history.


You must enter me with the utmost calm,
turn off your voice if it scratches and rumbles.
Like relatives around a body they hardly pray to a body already grave.
You must enter me with light hands, leave your weight outside the door.
Strip your ego of arms and barriers:
what you wear does not matter to me.
You have to tiptoe into me.
This tower of mine is mere illusion. If you really care, stop and sit down ..
we follow the flowing river in silence.
collapse, not soft
you ignore, you do not speak
you touch, you crash
lose, leave again
distracted looks
heavy hands
the important things
they don't make us great

the buried memories
the many dangers
loose hair
far you take me

your head bursts
yell alone
no one stays here
burn the flowerbed
you the sun hates
continue lady
ruin the party
your courage honors you

returns assassin
becomes queen
he pointed a thorn at you
in the blood morphine

who loves you stays
for what you still are
whoever loves you becomes realm
who loves you becomes a home
This film is about Oskar, a little boy from the outskirts of Stockholm, abused by all his classmates and a little marginalized, and about his new neighbor, a twelve-year-old vampire. Strange pale girl with big dark eyes, ready to kill for him.


Scream. I scream and I don’t feel. My cries are muffled in my pain. My stomach screams, my liver screams, my heart screams. Every single part of me screams, and the brain doesn’t hear. My head doesn’t let screams in. He keeps worrying about everything that happens around me, as if I cared about it later. But she prefers to listen to what the world has to say, maybe someone needs to be comforted. What does it matter if there is a mess inside me when I can solve someone else’s mess? And who solves mine? Nobody. Opening up has never been my strong point, at least not in words. Whoever looks me in the eye and observes me, knows what I feel. The pain, the joy, the sadness. But these people are few. And of these, half abandon you because you are too messed up and / or find better. But how can you leave after having known every strength and weakness of the other? The screams are not heard at all. And not everyone is able to understand them. But who can do it, where does he find the courage to abandon that person and feed his inner screams? And how can that person make their brain listen to screams? It is impossible to save yourself.
Or maybe one simply finds himself sitting undressed in the living room armchair in the middle of the night and, surprisingly, is captured by a horrible, corrosive perception of everything that has brought him to that point in his life, the hopes of childhood, lost friends, missed appointments, broken hearts, and yells at anyone who can listen to him, begs for everything to end, calls for a solution, for the program to be interrupted and not to proceed for even one more minute.
I know how you are. You try to look strong in all situations, but no one knows that when you are alone for a minute, your world collapses like a house of cards moved by the wind. You don’t know whether to scream, cry or break something. You have a mixture of emotions so damn strong that you feel bursting inside, but on the outside you seem happy like everyone else. I know you try to take refuge in music, but sometimes even that doesn’t lift your spirits. I would like you to remember, that no matter how difficult life may seem, you will always have the strength to overcome any moment, any adversity, anything!

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