When this crisis passes, it cannot be excluded that there are those who will not want to return to their previous life.

Awareness of the fragility and transience of life will spur men and women to set new priorities.

To better distinguish between what is important and what is futile.

To understand that time - and not money - is the most precious resource.

Who, if able, will leave a job that for years has suffocated and oppressed him.

Who decides to leave the family, to say goodbye to the spouse, or to the partner.

To give birth to a child, or not to want children. To come out.

There will be those who will begin to believe in God and those who will stop believing in him.

There will be those who, for the first time, will question the choices made, the sacrifices, the compromises.

On the loves that he did not dare to love.

About the life he didn't dare to live.

Men and women will wonder why they waste their lives on relationships that cause them bitterness.

There will also be those who will revise their political views, based on anxieties or values ​​that will disintegrate during the epidemic.

There will be those who will doubt the reasons that lead a people to fight against an enemy for generations, to believe that war is inevitable.

It is possible that an experience as hard and profound as the one we are living leads someone to reject nationalistic positions, for example, everything that divides us, alienates us, leads us to hate, to barricade ourselves.


I didn’t think something like this could happen. To me, then. And how amazed I admitted it to you, asking you nothing more, not asking yourself if it was the same for you, if you had felt what I had felt. I wouldn’t share such a thing with anyone else. I wondered if I was afraid of never trying it again. And yes, I replied, I’m afraid, even if you gently stroked my hair, reassuringly. But the memory, oh no, nobody takes that away from me. Suddenly I was dragged into a forest, with a faint glow looming in the trees. When I arrived in an open space, a small pastel-colored clearing, I was surprised by a mountain of water that submerged me dramatically. But I soon understood, when the water enveloped me like a warm blanket, I understood that that tender numbness that I felt as mine, it was you, it was me in you, it was you in me, and all that you feel for me, and all that I feel for you. It was different from other times, I was safe, protected, cloaked in clear water, and the image described is the transfiguration of what I felt: I was not an I, I was not a we, but with you a single entity.
I have met many women in my life, some more women than someone else .. But the real women that I have met and that have remained in my heart, I can count on the fingers of one hand. One of these is my grandmother, who has always had extreme strength in moving forward, has always had the courage to never give up … And so it was until the last. Like my mother, who has always taught me the true values ​​of love and family. He always had the world against him, but he never gave a damn! He always had the strength to get up, is to be able to raise others when my father died prematurely, and of a disease that changed him into a skeleton in just one month. They are women, all those who have never given up. All those who know how to respect and above all know how to respect themselves. All those who know what it means to be polite. All those who instead of insulting come there and talk to you. All those who know how hard a mother’s life is. All those who, despite the thousand misadventures, are still standing. I will love my women forever. Because more than women, they are warriors.
I regularly am amazed at the psychological superficiality of those who conceive the ego of man as a simple, permanent, affable and unitary entity. For me, man is a being with a myriad of lives with a myriad of sensations, a multifaceted and complex creature that carries within itself strange inheritance of thoughts and passions, and whose very flesh is contaminated by the contagious diseases of the dead.

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