But there are those ten minutes in my days, those half hours in which I no longer understand anything, and it doesn’t matter how many people around the world love me: I’m alone. I can’t call anyone. I go down and I can only pull myself up with my strength. It’s nothing, it’s just that I’m afraid. And fear is one of the most alienating sensations I’ve ever experienced. Now I am more afraid because I fear that the whole world will collapse, I see people attacked, treated as if they were nothing, I see bad actions, cruel situations. And no one intervenes, no one really wants the good of humanity. Was God himself scattered by these forces adverse to our well-being? We were told that the Voladores we create them ourselves but then who are all these cruel beings who beat and subdue people? Did we create them? Maybe they had to defend us and not attack us. We are souls, beating hearts, and they beat us as if we were stones. We feel the strong pain of this lack of freedom but as soon as we do something to get up they hit us harder. They are men trained in violence and yet they have a mother, brothers, children, human beings like us. I am afraid that this world is collapsing and it is not a TV series and it is not a game. You may not look, you do not see, you do not know but a very dangerous journey has begun for all humanity, the journey towards death.


Will they ever apologize to the conspiracy theorists?

No, of course not.

If you understand something about the cycles of history, you will also know that you shouldn't care. You don't do what you do to get thanks or be reevaluated by a herd of sheep. Nobody who has seen anything beyond their nose cares much more than who believes or does not believe his words. And anyway, even when they realize that they have been maneuvered like balls hanging on the hook, they will shout that it was the fault of the rebels.

After all, it is normal that if you don't let yourself be checked, they MUST check you, for everyone's safety.
I heard this too.

However, while they enjoy watching humanity slaughter between vax and no vax, the agenda goes on.

Always remember the magician's trick: with one hand he attracts your attention and with the other he has already deceived you. What you have in front of your eyes is the smoke that serves to cover the real maneuver.

All time.


Slowly bring out this love that hurts you to breathe. Shake it a little so that it wakes up. Wash it carefully, so that not the slightest impurity remains. Clean and fragrant, fold it as many times as necessary for it to have the size of the nail of the big toe of the right foot. Wait for an ant to pass, be noble and generous, and pass the heavy load to her. It will take him to safety in some deep cave. Once this is done, go and fill your tobacco pipe in front of the eastern sea for the umpteenth time. Oblivion will come parallel to the end of the tobacco and the approach of the sea to you.
If you want to recover this love that you now forget, just write a long letter talking about unknown journeys, hydras, windmills, offices and other equally terrible monsters. When the mail returns you will find your love just as you sent it, perhaps with a bit of dust and a dream on the cover ...
Upon his death we rose up. At first there were five names that fell, one by one and together, in our memory. Then other names came to add their blood. Already we were crashing into the base of the mountain and the just-added blood of others brought us back up. In different times they zealously united all this blood with their own so that it would not get lost in the river. We kept walking without looking very far and some opened the lacquer casket to reopen our memory, and forced us to raise our sight with their blood. We always rose up on their death. And so everyone goes putting their share of blood for others to rise up, until we all stand up and put a new sun on a new earth.
Today there is a no that weakens the powerful and strengthens the weak: the no to war.
Someone will wonder if the word that summons so many around the world will be able to avoid war or, if it has already begun, to stop it.
However, the question is not whether we can change the murderous path of the powerful.
The question we must ask ourselves is: will we be able to live with the shame of not having done everything possible to avoid and stop this war? No honest man and woman can remain silent and indifferent at this time.
Everyone and everyone, each with his own tone, with his own way, with his own language, with his own action, we must say no! And if the powerful wants to universalize fear with death and destruction, we must universalize the no! Because the no to this war is also a no to fear, a no to resignation, a no to oblivion, a no to renouncing human beings.
We want this no to cross borders, to scoff at customs, to overcome differences in language and culture, and to unite the honest and noble part of humanity, which, we must not forget, will always be the majority. Because there are denials that unite and bring dignity. Because there are denials that affirm men and women in the best part of themselves, that is, in their dignity. Long live the rebellion that says no! Die death! Against death we demand life, against silence we demand speech and respect, against forgetting memory, against humiliation and contempt, dignity, against oppression, rebellion, against slavery, freedom, against imposition democracy, justice against crime. The war we started has given us the privilege of reaching attentive and generous ears and hearts and geographies near and far, what was missing and what is missing was missing but we achieved the gaze of the other and of the other, his listening and his heart. So we saw ourselves in the need to answer a decisive question; What follows? Kill or die, as the only destiny. We had to rebuild the path of life which is what they had broken and continue to break from above. The journey not only of the original peoples but also of workers, students, teachers, young people, peasants and also of all the differences that are celebrated above and below are persecuted and punished. We have had to inscribe our blood in the path that others direct towards power or we have had to turn our hearts and gaze to who we are and to those who are who we are, that is, the original peoples guardians of the earth and of memory.
Many people seem to experience “taking sides” as the need to stab someone. Others choose the easier way or the one suggested, many would like to pacify the globe and choose according to levels of consciousness. What I have put my attention on are those who do not participate, let’s call them that, because in reality even a non-choice is a choice, so on this level they make no sense. Not taking sides is not always synonymous with wisdom or liberation. In addition to the fact that the story of “Live and go your own way” has now turned towards deformations of indifference and paroxysms of the alienated. Over time it has become the paradigm of the ego first of all, which today plays the role of the ego against all. That is, separation. Thinking “it’s not my business” in front of certain community moments means getting out of it, because there is a distortion of the concept of free will and personal freedom (I believe that the former does not even exist under a certain conscience, but they are completely personal considerations ). Both thoughts are not applicable today because neutrality realizes the plans of the underhanded as much as the war against the neighbor. I quote this quote that sheds light on the destructive side of paraculism.
Injustice has many names and there are many cries it provokes. And don’t forget that while some whisper others scream. Listening must find the way to make it fertile. Just look down and raise your heart. The justice we want: the persistent and stubborn search for truth.


Ponds, marshes, springs, temporary pools and other micro-habitats with stagnant water represent an important resource for biodiversity as they are often inhabited by lively vegetation and aquatic fauna. The so-called "Wetlands" of the planet, however, have significantly reduced in the last century due to urbanization and climate change, so much so that already in 1971 the international community drew up the Ramsar Convention - now signed by 169 States - for the safeguarding these delicate ecosystems.

On the occasion of the World Wetlands Day, WWF launched the "One million ponds" campaign to make people understand the important role they play and to conserve these precious resources. WWF invites anyone to “contribute concretely to the protection of amphibians and aquatic fauna by creating a pond or restoring old structures, such as drinking troughs, fountains and pools”. To contribute to this project I will show you building a pond near your home or in your school to see water lilies and dragonflies grow, host frogs and quench the thirst of birds.
I no longer have big claims. As a child I wanted to conquer the world, as a teenager I wanted to save the world, today I would just like to be able to forgive the proud child and shake the naive teenager. Today I don't want to conquer or save, because I know the world better and I understand that it doesn't belong to me. But since I love this planet and I would like to see it clean, respected, cared for as a child, but more hopeful because when you are a child you want to do many things and we all work together to show our love for Nature.
My writing does not want to conquer anyone, because it does not want to seduce; it must not oblige, because it fails, but at least it must remind me of who I was and who I am, how much I have committed myself and how much I have improved, and how much more I can do and you can do and how much we can do everything together to save our lives on this planet.

I could write a love poem

tell you about my desire to escape,

to explore the world in all its glory

and finally disappear in our dreams

like when at night, talking for hours,

we imagined a future worthy of us.

I could take you out for a trip to Venice,

the city that during our adolescence

has been able to give us endless moments,

indescribable sunsets and unique emotions.

I could get you a pizza, yeah well,

a crudaiola obviously, your favorite

and then eat it in secret, with a thousand smiles,

in the garage of your house with the usual blanket.

I could show you our videos,

when we were barely 5 years old,

without falling into a cry full of pain

because in those days there was hope.

And finally,

I wish I could say to that rebellious soul of yours,

than the world you dreamed of so much

it has become reality, that humanity, in the end,

made the right choice: save the planet.

You know, more than 70 years have passed since we began to take to the streets for an eco-sustainable world, and many things have changed in fact the earth is no longer the same. Many cities, including our Venice, are only a distant memory, such as natural foods, those that we took to the supermarket every day and that made up our beloved pizzas. Now we all live in underground homes and feed on lab-grown food stuffed into horrible gray capsules.

It will probably seem like an apocalyptic scenario, almost impossible, but unfortunately it is not, the reality right now is really this and there is no going back.

But you are still in time to change things, to give us a better future and please do it, do not make our past mistakes, do not believe in false promises, fight, fight and fight again!

I believe in you, but you already know this.

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