In my ideal world, Alice said, but is there really an ideal place? Where is everything possible? Do you think that I do not know all this, emotionally trapped, antisocial and open with few people. Where is this “ideal world” that described that famous cartoon? Maybe there really is a white bunny running in a hurry, a furious queen of hearts and a crazy mad hatter, or maybe we all need to dream and feel reassured in another world. It made me anxious when I was little! I already knew that Alice’s head would stay in its place, but her arrogance was getting on my nerves, that his way of solving everything with the definitive solution “CUT HER HEAD!!! ” Today I see in her the adult genre that gets angry all the time, capable of futile anger that leads to nothing but great confusion. After all, she is the one who rules Wonderland, who manages it and holds the reins, as well as a parent towards their children Although it doesn’t reflect me even a little bit, I think he is one of my favorite characters today.

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