It’s just a question of survival. Just this. There is nothing else. All with the same purpose. Nothing is really what it seems. Looking for someone. Find someone. And then endure, suffer and suffer for work, for food, for children, for something wrong, because there is always something wrong. Why don’t you eat with love. What life would this be? We might as well tear ourselves apart like wolves instead of gradually wounding ourselves in the same place. If there is no food, the aggression of human beings comes out. If no resources are found, we all become ferocious wolves. We are animals and not evolved beings. We are still guided by our biology. We have hormones that make us do things we later regret. But we can’t cancel these hormones. Animals adapt better than humans. They don’t have to match clothes or wear makeup. They just need to show mane or feathers. They don’t have to get hold of various trappings to show their role. Human beings waste a lot of energy to earn money and show themselves in a certain way. And the whole is built. I mean that animals show what they have naturally had. Human beings, on the other hand, show what they got with money. The adaptation is therefore more complicated because it requires the use of more resources. Human beings rely on beauty but women choose money. If we put Briatore and any handsome young man with him would you choose? Briatore. Many guys recently call themselves Incel and have focused on their ugliness as a yardstick for their failure with women. But they did not understand that women look at money and not at the face. If a man shows up in a fancy suit or expensive car and designer clothes and a lot of money rest assured that most of the girls will say okay. The girls of this generation obviously, because that of the previous generation were satisfied with a man with a steady job. Now, however, the girls want the absolute rich.



"We must rape all women"

"All pregnant women deserve to fall 
down the stairs and lose their baby"

"Women must be locked up 
in basements and raped"

These words are written by angry and 
disappointed men who are unable to have 
sex on sites where nobody checks their 

These words maybe someone thinks you
 knew yesterday or today.

Men who have organized themselves to 
hurt women because they want to give 
vent to being rejected.

I know that many of you do not know
 what is happening in Italiace abroad 
but do not accept to go out with 
unknown or known boys or men.

Your son or your own ex-husband 
may be part of the Incel group and is meditating revenge.

This wave of violence is absurd but 
exists and is spreading in certain 
sites run by unscrupulous men.

Women do not accept appointments
 with men known on the internet.
 They are looking for victims to 
let off steam.

They also torture and kill. 
Anger does not know how to handle it. 
They don't know how to handle the waste and they get it all.


They are very angry men who do not 
ask for psychological help but only want revenge. They killed it with women.

So please do not accept meetings for 
coffee or evenings or a dinner.
Know that they are very dangerous.


Please Link this post or video or news but let everyone know that all women are in danger.

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