How does the inner journey begin, the most important and long one?

It starts when you wake up in the middle of the night with tachycardia, when you look around and feel completely lost, when the world seems all sick and rotten but the reality is that you have just lost touch with yourself, or worse still not there. 'have you ever had.

Apathy becomes your answer to life, together with cynicism and pessimism, all seasoned with a generous sprinkling of victimhood.

In front of you there are 2 roads:

-continue to cry, feel inside the heart that bursts with unhappiness and accelerated pulsations, it is the body that is calling you, that warns you, is suggesting perhaps that you must stop,

-or to look deeply and stop with this routine stressful superficiality of a perfect Western.

You can look at what is happening to you and decide that it must be observed, faced, and that something must change, even everything, because in the end the only one purpose, what is it?

You look inside yourself even if it hurts very badly, even if you have to open closed boxes for decades, even if you have even more gastritis than before, and then you choose to give yourself another chance, you choose to choose yourself, to be different and not to feel less than others, because you are choosing your values ​​and it is only your well-being and self-love that you have to listen to.

You do not stop for just a few moments, but you reflect, you do not judge yourself and you take the time of your choices.
They will seem idiotic choices to most people, especially to those who never make choices and live life without Responsibility, (towards themselves first of all) but they will make you the protagonist of your life and you will feel heroic and alive.

Emotions are part of life, joy, vitality, enthusiasm and it is not normal and wise to cancel them to be who they told you to be, or for who you think you should be, it is not normal to feel only anger, frustration and resentment .

Don't tell it to yourself, don't lie to yourself, there are those who are happy and satisfied every day and in any case experience the full range of emotions, they are not polarized only on negative feelings because they just can't do otherwise.

Clear with a decisive blow all the negativity from your life, the anger, the complaints, the heated and excessive aggression in everything you do, give space to the new.
Read stories of courage and true life lived with joy, and contentment, read success stories.

Stop that inner litany that tells you that you will not make it, that you are mediocre, that you are unlucky.

Get inspired.

Breathe and let go of the old yourself.

It is necessary to get rid of everything that you have been. Your previous life is dead and now you resurrect when you thought you were completely dead.

Follow your dreams, even if at present they seem unattainable.

Don't waste your time, worry about your time, how to invest it and how to make it unforgettable.

Choose to live each day in an intense, different and uplifting way for yourself, only yourself, without pleasing anyone.

The one, the only person you have to account for is only you.

If you never stop to step back and try to figure out what you really want out of life, you will forever chase things you don't even really want. Or you will forever feel dissatisfied and unhappy, even if you manage to get them. You will feel like you are making progress, but in reality you are moving away from where you want to be.

There is no point in running faster if you are going in the wrong direction.
Many, too many unknowns to consider when making a choice of this type where revolutions not only in the way of facing life but also in living it. It certainly takes a certain amount of courage that not everyone has.


I feel everything as if it were empty. 
Nothing around. I fumble in the deep darkness. 
Just a light. 
Just a thrill in the air, 
your eyes looking at my soul.
I have nothing, but I have You,
therefore I have everything.
All around vibrates in the ether only one thing, you.
Like constant beating of wings that your heart remembers.
A vibration. 
A thrill. 
Contact with silky skin.
An emotion that revives.
A kiss resting on smooth skin. 
Eyes that like windows open onto an enchanted world.
A world that is your soul ....
Waking up, opening your eyes to each other. 
A hug of looks. 
A smile and the morning opens ...
Here is a new day. 
Here I look forward to seeing myself still in your eyes.
I need to hold you tight. Dip your face in your hair. 
Smell your perfume, suck you inside me.
A heart drowning in murky waters of sadness.
He gasps, desperately looking for the air of your smile ....
Narrow is the heart. 
I darken the soul. 
Then here it is your smile and it lights up in the morning.
A light breeze brings your perfume so that my nostrils can be filled with it. 
Breeze that is like your caress.
The face of the sky is now day, 
greets those who have a place already reserved in their hearts.
A place imprinted in the heart, 
carved into the soul.

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