The first thing you do when you awake, everybody come, you’ll turn on the phone in your hand. You’re addicted ok, but we’re not here to judge. The problem isn’t addiction, the problem is what you ingest. In fact: the first thing that my, and yours, brain registers are the news. The first input I give him in the morning, the first food, are: deaths, rape, tragedies, environmental disasters, mafia, corruption etc. Not that it is forbidden, but it takes the bestial physico to withstand this impact with the world. Cravings, panic, oppression, ignition clicking sound on the door and fears of cockroach sound. They sneak into the darkness of the unconscious and settle there, then they come out unexpectedly when I decided not to travel because I can jump in the air, say don’t let your child play in the park they kidnap him or not to eat at food because there is it is some deadly disease that can infect you.
It’s just that divergent minds appeal to me. Only those who have a totally independent thought. Not necessarily the revolutionaries, the anarchists (many of them I find as trivial as all the others), I speak of those who think things that no one else would ever think, not even me. But when I hear their thoughts, whether I share them or not, I am fascinated, terribly. Because those are minds that really think. The fact is that, beyond these minds, everything else disappears for me, I can’t convey anything. Yet I try, to try something, and I delude myself to succeed. Then, when I listen to those minds, I return to reality, and I understand what I really need. I would like my social life, practically non-existent at the moment, to be this: the search for divergent minds.
Inside his body, he thought, there must be a little saboteur homunculus who did not speak with the voice of conscience, but pulled the strings of old fears, making him say the most inappropriate things and do the most reckless things. He felt like a child in a frantic search for approval: so eager to please and to be told “good” that in the heat he stopped thinking, acted according to the impulse of others and prepared the ground for self-destruction. He was so used to doing the wrong things that even when he did the right things he swerved abruptly, changing floors at the last second, not knowing that he had chosen the path to the ravine instead of the field of flowers.


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