Casatiello is a Easter cake, ride and savoury enriched with tasty ingredients; the slow leavening make it soft, the oven cooking make it fragrant and the filling made of cold cut, lard and cheese make it nourish with a strong flavour. Casatiello has a strong traditional value, given that it is typically eaten, during the Easter period with the family and the relatives, in fact it plays an important role in the Neapolitan tradition to be handed down from a generation to another.

The casatiello is also excellent for a picnic on the grass, on a trip out of town. It can be easily carried in a container. It has no flying parts and can be placed in a picnic basket wrapped only with paper or cloth.
Some put provolone, salami, grated pecorino, hard-boiled eggs inside. Others hard-boiled eggs put them on the outside. But in both versions it is really tasty. You can drink red wine and be together outdoors and enjoy a nice day.


I met a special person, but very special, with whom I fell in love. I fell in love in a very special way, I would say unique. She was always quick to ask me if I had eaten, if I had been fed. An attention that refers to the very loving ones of grandmothers. Taking care of a person, that is, worrying if he has eaten, is a profound demonstration of love. And she loved me. Much. In a special and profound way as she was. She is still a special person today, even if she no longer feels that love for me. He left me a great life teaching, it’s nice to learn and take the good bits from the people you cross in your life. So thanks to your care I eat. Much. My dietician says I have to forget it soon, because that’s not good. The love for her that has taken root in me has also reached my stomach, and today it affects my life … sorry, my waistline. If you read my special someone dear know that I ate, with love. As you wanted.
How hard is it to love each other? There is always something that does not satisfy us, the mirror is our worst enemy. And no matter how much a person says he is fine or loves his body, there will always be that moment of weakness that makes us say “oh but if it were so .. if it were different”. We are not satisfied, we know that perfection does not exist and that it is a matter of points of view but we chase it like a dog chases a cat. It is difficult to love each other, not to judge oneself. But you always have to try, do that beauty routine that makes you feel pampered but that never becomes a routine … buy that dress you like even if it doesn’t fit you like the model you saw it from, because that’s how you are and man you are beautiful in all the flaws you see, do that two day diet that makes you feel super fit those workouts to have the peach and then abandon them and go back to being the best version of you. Because we women are so bipolar one day I love myself and one day not.
I love spaghetti, tagliatelle, cannelloni, lasagna, bucatini, and the red sauce. Red is good humor, red is beautiful flavor, tasty and I love red in dishes, tomato, tomato “SUGO” is my true eternal passion. SUGO is not the american tomato sauce or ketchup, ok?


Making fresh pasta at home is an ancient art: gold threads such as tagliolini or tagliatelle, stuffed caskets such as ravioli or tortellini and timeless lasagna are obtained from the dough rolled with a rolling pin.
Even today we have returned to try our hand at fresh homemade pasta, a genuine product made with our own hands that is priceless, whether you choose the recipe with egg, or without, like the recipe for handmade strozzapreti. If you do the math, then, it doesn't take long to prepare a good fresh pasta: 15-20 minutes for a nice smooth and elastic dough, 30 minutes to rest, 15 minutes to roll out and obtain the dough ... about an hour, that's it! We started with the classic proportion of 100 g of flour for one egg, but a lot also depends on the format you want to prepare. Hence, one of the most valuable general tips is to lag a little behind with the dose and add as needed. If you too want to feel "sfoglina" for a day, start preparing fresh pasta with us, perfect with any tasty combination, from the classic ragu to fish dressings! When you feel a little more expert you can try coloring it with cuttlefish ink, for example, to create an impressive first course for Halloween like the bewitched tagliolini in pepper!
You have decided to prepare a pasta dish, but this time you want to make it with your hands from start to finish. It is absolutely not complicated! But one doubt remains: which flour is most suitable for fresh pasta? Each pasta has its own flour
In making pasta at home, the first rule is to respect personal taste. In fact, there are those who prefer a finer dough, so they will have to use white flour and instead those who love a rustic taste, which can be obtained by adding some percentages of semolina flour.
In making pasta at home, the first rule is to respect personal taste. In fact, there are those who prefer a finer dough, so they will have to use white flour and instead those who love a rustic taste, which can be obtained by adding some percentages of semolina flour. If durum wheat semolina is used instead of 00 flour, which is richer in proteins, it is possible to obtain a pasta with a superior cooking resistance. The basic recipe for homemade pasta involves type 00 flour and the use of eggs: four eggs for 400 grams of flour. The pasta prepared with flour and water, without eggs, requires the use of a pinch of salt and warm water, to facilitate the hydration of the starch. Forms such as cavatelli, orecchiette, bucatini, fusilli, strozzapreti are usually obtained with the eggless dough. For tagliatelle, lasagna and stuffed formats, on the other hand, it is advisable to use the traditional dough with eggs. 


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