A group of activists from the Ultima Generazione movement threw black liquid, vegetable charcoal, into the Trevi Fountain.
During the action, a small banner for the "we don't pay for fossils" campaign was unfurled and activists shouted: "Our country is dying".
Some are blatantly against these types of protests because they say monuments are being damaged. But if the activists do this then they are put on the front pages and talk about it on all TVs, when instead they make protests of another kind, nobody talks about it. Is it right to go to extreme protests of this kind to be heard? In Italy it seems that the government authorities do not have a clear understanding of the climate situation, so much so that in recent days there have been floods in the Bologna area, with 13 dead and thousands of people left homeless. 
All of these things are part of a climate situation that the government continues to ignore. In fact, in so many countries where there are rivers they don't clean the canals, they don't do maintenance, and not because there isn't any money but because those in the administration screw them over. Then when these disastrous storms happen then they start talking about the weather. But on other days nobody says anything and this situation has been going on for a very long time. Activists are not terrorists! They are just trying to draw attention to certain topics that are never talked about. The government judges them criminals but then does nothing to avoid disasters such as the floods of these days. In Italy there are many geologists who are never listened to and jobs that are never carried out and checked.
There are many countries with flood risk, there are many countries with landslide risk but the Italian government is more busy arresting activists rather than trying to manage these emergencies. The government has not even created a special commission for all these climatic emergencies. He cares about what activists are doing who are only trying to bring up real issues and are not being heard and the only way to be seen and heard is this. There is no different way because in Italy if you don't do certain uncomfortable things nobody follows you.
The glaciers are melting but in many countries they don't even know what separate waste collection is. The government has focused on certain objectives but the climate is the least of its thoughts. Meanwhile nature is rebelling and more storms will arrive and more floods and environmental disasters. So is it the fault of the boys who throw black water into a fountain, to make it clear that the seas are now polluted, or a government that is not interested in such an important issue?








I am really very sorry to receive comments in which some people tell me that I am a Nazi just because I want peace or because I am talking about Ukrainian victims.
I ask everyone to respect ideas other than yours. 

Also, I'm sick of being considered a Nazi just because I'm Italian. These prejudices do a lot of harm and it is not right that we are accused in this way in a space that is private to me, where I put my personal things and where I have to feel free to be able to post what I want and not what others expect of me. 

It is really absurd what some people do. They write offensive comments to me and this is only because I have expressed my ideas here about Ukraine. I think we must all have the freedom to be able to talk about our ideas about war. 

Instead a division is happening, again, as has already happened for the covid. So I will not post these offensive and disrespectful comments to my person because I believe there is a different way to accept other people's ideas without insulting. If any of you don't share my ideas then don't follow me.

I don't want to repeat the same things over every post, I'm sick of always having to repeat it for those who can't accept those who have different ideas. I am Italian and I am for peace. I do not accept this Italian government. I did not choose this Italian government and therefore what the Italian government decides does not reflect my will. But I don't always have to come here to write explanations about my position on the war. I'm really tired of repeating the same thing over and over about me and my ideas. I am for peace and not for war.


Certain words reminded me of what I wrote today on some protests videos in Italy. Unfortunately I no longer recognize this Italian state as my country because Italy has changed, the situation has worsened and there is no longer any freedom here and I would like to leave. I have fought since I was a young girl for many causes but until now it had never happened to find such a “Nazi” situation in the Italian government. And so I am very disappointed, angry and really sad and maybe soon I will have to look for another place where I can be without being forced to do something I don’t want and can’t do. I don’t feel at home in this country anymore. I no longer feel free and my rights are trampled on and canceled out every day. I honestly believe that only a revolution could change the world situation. But now people are all manipulated and enslaved by social media and do not understand what the truth is. So I have no hope that the world will get better. Italy has disappointed me and I don’t think I’ll be able to stay here again. And the fault lies with a Nazi government that is persecuting us. The news does not say what is really happening, no mass media tells the truth, and they are all sold by now and I am tired tired tired ..

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