The photo shows the port of Trieste who today were attacked by the police using fire hydrants and tear gas. 
They are kneeling, defenseless, unarmed people, they are fathers of families, they are men who work every day, they are part of a people that does not deserve this war from the government. 
The government is waging war on the Italian people. 
These people were attacked with strong water jets, they were AGGRESSED, but they did not move, they remained there like Tibetan monks, like those who try to prove that there is a life beyond the government orders that destroy a freedom after centuries. of freedom fights.
These men have children and families, and they have been treated like criminals and I am ashamed of the Italian government that treats defenseless men in this way. Where was Amnesty International? Where were all the human rights associations?
These people, you can see them well, are kneeling !!! They are kneeling !!!
They have suffered a violence that not even criminals suffer because the Italian government attacks the workers and sets the criminals free.
I accuse the Italian government of treason towards its people.





I am an Italian artist and also an art therapist. In my country, Italy, so full of art, we artists are seen as useless people. However, we have some nice things. But our economic value is zero. We are a nullity to this company. I had an art blog and I deleted it. I had a poetry blog and I deleted it. Poetry and art are considered useless things in my country. If you produce you exist but if you don’t produce you don’t exist. It is really sad but now this is the situation.


The trouble is this. See how life goes. You see that working does not bring happiness. Not even love gives happiness. Neither are friendships. And neither does the money. So what’s the use of all this play? Adaptation to society. From an early age they tell us that we are here and we must do as they tell us to do. And we all to obey. Whoever escapes is lost. Lost or free? Boh. Freedom always has a price. But in the meantime we are in a cage like lions and have to be content with this stupid survival? I am tired. I have been protesting for many years, since high school, and giving advice through my blog, but I see that very few people are interested. They also don’t even know what zero waste is. Especially young people who use the web are not interested in things related to the climate. Or they say they do but then buy items that produce non-recyclable waste. I grew up in a family where my parents tried to reuse anything.
I’m italian. I used to dress like a boy until I was 22. I had been abused at 4 years old. So I didn’t accept my female body. I wanted to be a boy because I was afraid of being raped again. This fear caused a lot of shame in me. I always covered my breasts. I crushed it. I didn’t want to have a female body because I knew that men only love it as an object to own. Many years have passed and I am very different. I have long hair, I wear makeup and I always dress like a woman. But men have not changed at all.

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