Why continue to live a monotonous life in which everything is marked by always the same rhythms when one can interrupt the known and go towards the unknown of oneself? Why do you choose to get moldy in a job or in a life that becomes a cage when you can get on a train and go towards a different future?


This film was released in 2012 when Greta Thumberg wasn't there yet and when many laughed when it came to the environment and pollution. Jeremy Irons toured the five continents to show what was happening but apparently the film didn't stir any conscience as we worsened the environmental situation instead of improving it. I hope that we can all understand that we have little time and that soon we will no longer have air, water or even food. And it won't happen in the distant future but tomorrow.


Have you ever thought that you had enough of your life? Have you ever thought about changing your life but couldn't do it? Did you feel stuck and didn't know how to do it? Sometimes fate gives us opportunities to take on the fly and this is what happened to this professor of ancient languages. He was very attached to his routine but one day ....

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