I fought white ghosts to come and find you, Jesus, 
I crossed my inner deserts and all fears, 
to come and discover you, and I'm tired, 
I walked too much, 
I broke many shoes and lost a lot of water on the long journey. 
And I didn't know where to go, I'm a homeless girl, 
with a star on my forehead, 
and they call me Comet, 
and I don't know where to go anymore 
and I follow your star because Christmas will come 
but I will die in a dumpster or maybe at the sea, 
maybe not you will see me among the sheep and the shepherds, 
perhaps I will be elsewhere and I will finally have found the end of my pain.
Dear Jesus, here I am, I'm a girl destroyed by life, 
and I'm not a beautiful presence in your crib and I won't be able 
to stay there or will you welcome me anyway?
They say you were a friend of the poor 
nd I have nothing to give you, and my heart is tired, 
and I'm tired, 
and the journey is over and still deserted inside me, 
no plants, no flowers, I woke up this morning moody.
The sky is gray inside me and I have only one thought 
and will that star shine for me too that night? 
It will probably be the last thing I will see in this life.


I often hear people say that you cannot think about everyone's problems and that you cannot love indiscriminately, and that, nowadays, personalities like Gandhi or Jesus are just a utopia. I often hear it said: “One cannot love the whole world indiscriminately. You cannot love a stranger ”. Yet there is nothing more foolish: any friend, boyfriend / girlfriend, distant relative that we have never seen, before knowing him was none other than a stranger. So? The interaction between our soul and that of other people leads us to unite with each other and share the same emotions, sensations, pleasures, moments. 
This is how a complete stranger becomes someone. Why, therefore, we should not do the same. with the rest of the world and send love unconditionally to everyone, preparing us for a possible meeting, even if it never happens? Why should I give my love only to the people I know, when I know that there are so many in the world who would need a thought of affection that I can send them? Love is the only feeling in the world that never runs out of a soul's "batteries". Indeed, if anything, it recharges them. 
Love makes the world a better, brighter, stronger place. Love overcomes all barriers and boundaries, all obstacles of war, hatred, pain, anger. Love surpasses even death. It is the most powerful and liberating feeling, the greatest. And yet, although it is the feeling we give most to the people we know, it is also the one we give the least to everyone else. 
Almost ashamed of us, almost as if we had to hide. But hide from whom? From what? We were born to be in the world and be happy, and love. Above all to love. Yet we get scared when we love so much: we think we are weak and that it is wrong. What a terrible mistake: love is the richest feeling in the world and we deprive ourselves of it with our hands, trapped in fruitless thoughts in our own mind. Love is not an animal that can be kept in a cage (like no animal, on the other hand). It should be given as a gift, not begged for. 
It should be shouted and not fearfully whispered. It should be sighed with a smile and not a grimace of pain. We have the greatest gift that has been given to us in the world and every time we see it delivered in our hands we don't know what to do with it, we don't even know how to behave with those who give it to us. We should learn to thank every day for knowing how to love, because when a man does not know how to love "It is only a man who cannot see, it is a child who cannot play, it is a sunset that has no color".


Mary Magdalene looked out the window and saw Jesus sitting under a tree in his garden. He was a wonderful man. She had known many men, she was a famous prostitute, even kings knocked on her door, she was one of the most desirable flowers of the era. But she had never seen such a man, why a person like Jesus carries around him an invisible aura which he confers on him a transcendent beauty; he was not of this world. Around him was a light, a grace … the way he walked, sat down … he looked like an emperor dressed as a beggar. At such a point he seemed to belong to another world that Magdalene asked the servants to come out to invite him into the house, but he refused. He said, “I’m fine here. The tree is wonderful and gives a great shadow ». Magdalene had to go out in person to invite Jesus, she couldn’t believe that someone refuses his invitation. He said, “Come into my house and be mine guest”. Jesus replied: «I have already come to your house, I have already become a guest. Now I don’t need anything else ». She couldn’t understand. He said, “No, come in and don’t tell me no. Nobody ever told me. Can’t you do something as small as become my guest, eat with me and stay in my company tonight? ‘ Jesus said, “I accepted. But remember: those who claim to accept you have never accepted you, and none of those who claim to love you have ever loved you. But I tell you: I love you, and only I can love you ». However, he did not enter the house; after resting, he left.

Walk inside

What had he said?
«Only I can love you. Those who keep repeating you they cannot love you, because love is not something you can do: it is a quality of being. ”
Love happens when you have reached a crystallized soul, a self. In the presence of the ego it never happens; the ego wants to be loved, because it is food it needs. You love to become a necessary person. You produce children not because you love them, but to become necessary and go around saying:
«Look at how many responsibilities I have, how many obligations I am fulfilling! I am a father, a mother … ».
This only serves to glorify your ego. Unless this need to feel needed goes away, you can’t be a loner. Go to the Himalayas: you will create a society there. But if this need to be necessary disappears, wherever you are – on the market square, in the very center of the city – you will be alone. Now try to understand the words of Jesus.
Jesus said: “Blessed is the solitary and the elect, for he will find the Kingdom. AND since it comes from it, it will return there ». It penetrates every single word.
Blessed is the lonely … who is “the lonely”? A person whose need to be needed has fallen, which is totally satisfied with herself for what she is. A person who does not need to to be told: «You are important».
Its importance lies within her, not it comes from others. He does not beg for it, he does not ask for it; its meaning comes from its being. She is not a beggar and knows how to live with herself.


It often happens to complain because it seems that God does not intervene in moments of greatest need or suffering. It seems, in cases like these, that God is distant and uninterested in the problems of the world. But the reality is very different. The apparent absence of God in everyday life is motivated by the fact that we do not pray to Him with sincerity and humility. Thus we read the story of Nineveh, a city so immersed in sin that God intends to destroy it. But the inhabitants of the city decide to listen to the prophet Jonah and what do they do? Are they helpless waiting for their fate? Do they get angry with God, accusing him of being bad and unfair? Are they angry (as almost always happens) with the prophet who tries to warn them? No. None of this. The inhabitants of Nineveh begin to do penance and fasting, to pray to God out of remorse and repentance. God saw their works. Concrete works of sacrifice. He did not see their words in the wind or their trivial promises. He saw the concrete desire to change, to convert. And then God changed His mind and didn’t send the punishment He had in store upon them. One wonders, what if the inhabitants of Nineveh had not repented? Sodom and Gomorrah are the answer. When we demand something from God, do we ever wonder if our conduct is fueled by these good intentions, by contrition for sins, by a willingness to improve, or if we are hoping for a cheap miracle, promising things we will not do?


December is the month of Advent, but what is Advent? Although in the Latin language the word "advent" means "coming", the most common meaning indicates waiting, that is, the liturgical season that is placed before Christmas. In addition to the fir with silver threads, the crib, the illuminated cave, the songs, the echo of the bagpipes and the gifts that are exchanged, Advent is also characterized by the presence of the calendar, where no girls are shown at the door next to it, but many boxes that begin to be opened by children from 1 December.
The first Advent calendar appeared in Germany in the nineteenth century, when the mother of little Gerhard Lang made one consisting of 24 sweets, some in the shape of stars, fixed on a sheet of cardboard. When Lang became an adult, he opened a printing office and produced what became the Advent calendar, with a colorful image for each day of Advent. In addition to knowing what Advent is, you need to know that curiosities are linked to it.
Not everyone is aware, for example, that during the Second World War, Advent calendars were not marketed because paper had to be saved. On the Sundays of Advent it is forbidden to celebrate funeral masses. As regards the beginning of the liturgical period, there are controversies. It is assumed that the Advent season starts from December 1st, in reality it should coincide with the Sunday closest to November 30th. The priests during the various celebrations change the color of the tunic from time to time. During the first two weeks it is purple and blue, on the third Sunday of Advent it is pink, up to white, in preparation for the birth of Christ.
Advent is therefore the period that precedes Christmas in the Christian liturgy and marks the beginning of a new liturgical year of the Western ecclesiastical year. But often for children it is only the period between them and the day when Santa Claus will arrive.

Two types of traditions are widespread: the Roman Advent and the Ambrosian Advent. Roman Advent, the most popular one, lasts 4 Sundays, the four Sundays preceding Christmas. Every Sunday the Gospel readings have precise characteristics and refer to the coming of the Lord at the end of time (I Sunday), to John the Baptist (II and III Sunday), to the immediate background of the birth of the Lord (IV Sunday).
First of all, therefore, if we want to make children understand the true meaning of Advent and wait for the arrival of Christmas with them, we must explain the religious meaning of this period. In order to teach children that waiting for Christmas is not just about waiting for Santa Claus to arrive. Also, if you are religious, you know that this period should be dedicated to prayer and not to shopping. In fact, in the past this period was very important in fact every Sunday of Advent has its own precise meaning:

First Sunday theme: Be careful, stay awake
symbol: an alarm clock
It is the moment of attention, of being awake. Of waking up from sleep: one cannot be found asleep when the lord arrives. The guiding symbol will be the "alarm clock", a sound, a reminder. During the week we need to have our eyes open, be able to notice the needs of the people around us in order to be ready to respond to them.

Second Sunday theme: Prepare the way, straighten the paths.
symbol: a stone
Our gaze, more attentive and aware, discovers that every day is a journey, studded with many opportunities to say "yes", to be sent, sent. But we can also answer with the stones of "no". The guiding symbol will be a stone.

Third Sunday theme: The earth produces vegetation
symbol: a bulb of narcissus
The journey is long and often tiring. In order not to lose courage, one must look at the goal, hope for it to be reached, and foretaste the joy of arrival.

Fourth Sunday theme: Mom awaits the baby
symbol: the heart
On the fourth Sunday of Advent, our attention is turned to the one who first waited for Jesus: his mother, Mary. In fact, Mary is the central figure of the season of Advent, because no one has ever waited and never will wait for Jesus with greater faith and love. A heart-shaped cookie can be eaten as a sign of fraternal communion or it can be hung on the Christmas tree!
The Advent season is a time of hope and humility. If we meditate on Sacred Scripture, we will see how humility is the indispensable requisite for disposing to welcome and listen to God.
Humility means seeing ourselves as we are, without filters, according to truth. Noting our littleness, we will open ourselves to the greatness of God. Mary is a simple and humble girl and she remains so even after becoming the mother of Jesus. Mary never puts herself in front of Jesus but lets her son spread the word of God to everyone. She falls behind because she understands the importance of her son's mission on earth. She does not cry out, she does not adorn herself with jewels, she does not allow herself to be served by anyone, she stays there like everyone else and listens to those precious words understanding the importance of those divine teachings.


Sometimes we think we are alone on our journey but I believe that each of us could support, support, lead others, to whom to give love, to whom to give help, and to collaborate with for a better world. If you believe in this God I think it would be nice for each of us to do good to others. The journey is important and what we do along the way is very important.
I started hating God when I started having nightmares about my abuser. Why had this God allowed that violence towards me, towards a little girl? What kind of sick entity was this dear God to be? Did he enjoy tormenting his creatures with pain, disease and grief and watching them suffer? At one point I wondered if it was possible that he did not exist, and therefore he was not responsible and could not help me. Between us, that’s what I still think today. In any case, even if there is no God, there is still something. If you look long enough in the dark, you feel it. There is a whole world beyond our reason. It must be so. Otherwise what would become of our thoughts, of what we call soul? I am convinced that there is always something left of us, even when physically we are long gone.
God is not a religion. I don’t follow a religion. I don’t follow a church. I don’t follow pastors. I try every day, and sometimes I can, sometimes not, to follow Jesus Christ. With the grace that the Holy Spirit truly has to learn me, to explain things to me, to calm me down, to make me think, to love me. I also learned to apologize thanks to Him, because I want to be a witness of His Love. Because if I don’t have his Love, I go back to the starting point where I was missing something that I didn’t know what it was and that I was trying to fill with anything or person. And I’m not saying this to say or because someone convinced me. In fact, I always thought that it was love that made our life complete, I just didn’t know what it was and how to find it. Love for myself – if had, not perceived. Parental love – not perceived as I would have liked; the love of my friends – not perceived as I would have liked; my boyfriend’s love – not perceived as I would have liked. And this is a particular fact, the fact that those who love us may not make us feel loved as we would like. And this happens because as much as we can tell him what we have been through, only God has lived it with you. Only God has experienced that pain, that suffering, that disappointment, or that joy, that satisfaction with you. Because it is one thing to tell about violence, it is another thing to experience the psychological effect it has on your mind. God not only listened to my every single thought but above all he felt what I was feeling. So He knows how to take me, how to talk to me or why I’m acting that way. But a religion does not know you, a religion does not free you, a religion does not speak to you, but God does. God helps you cope with past traumas, teaches you to free yourself from harmful thoughts, God supports you in your trials. Just ask him. Just allow him to live in your heart, in the most intimate place there is, that is the secret place where the encounter with God takes place. If you continue to go to church but have not opened your heart to Jesus, you have a religion. . But if you open your heart to Jesus wherever you go you will have a relationship with Him.
The beauty of God’s Love, which sometimes we do not understand, is that it tells us “Give me your burdens, your thoughts, your anxieties, your fears, your burdens. And I will give you rest. That peace that the the world can’t give you because it doesn’t know. “That’s why I don’t regret a day since I chose to trust God. Because he never made me feel guilty for who I am, he never judged me, he doesn’t poke me when I want to do my own thing. He doesn’t remember things in the past. He’s waiting for me. And that was what I wanted all my life. Someone who didn’t run away but showed that he loved me for who I am, not for who he wanted me to be. And God loves you the same way, and you will tell me “I don’t feel this love, on the contrary, my life seems to be anything but the fruit of His Love.” Then ask him. He is just waiting for this. And this message is no coincidence because I was exactly like you, I would not have asked for help from anyone, let alone God. I was tired, disappointed, without strength, unable to understand me and make myself understood . But the day I asked Jesus to heal my heart, to give me his peace, I found in him and still do find a safe refuge. The happiness I was looking for I found in the certainty that whatever the situation may be. where I am, and I write it because I live it, He is the answer, to my doubt, to my anger, to my pain, He is the answer.
Today the Lord tells you: “Come back to me! I know that there have been things that have distanced you from Me. I know that there have been circumstances that you have not understood and questions that you have asked yourself that have remained unanswered. I know that pain has distanced you from Me but do not be afraid because I have never moved away from you. I have never stopped loving you and sending you My bonds of love. I was there to hug you when you were in the room crying, when you wanted to hurt yourself, when others hurt you and I suffered with you because I wanted to help you more than you allowed me to. Return to me! I want to go back to being your refuge, I want to go back to dry your tears and surround you with My Love!
“Jesus did not come, and did not die, to create a religion or denomination. He came to make a revolution, to bring the Kingdom of God to earth, a kingdom of Love. He did not conform to this world, he did not rule out who the world had labeled as “wrong”. He chose drunkards, wrathfuls, murderers, prostitutes, fishermen, illiterates, women and men who were not educated, but whom God used to impact the world. He could have chosen who was already prepared in the Word, but the Law without love and revelation makes you dangerous. He chose who was available. Jesus came to break patterns and mental strengths. So don’t look for a religion, look for Him who died for you. He died and rose to allow us to return to have an intimate relationship with the Father. He was the one and last necessary sacrifice that he paid for our every sin, past, present and future. Every nail, every whip, every spit that He has received, He did it for you, so that you could be free today from all humiliation, suffering and pain. The blood of Christ has given us back our power and freedom. He broke that curtain that prevented us from having an intimate relationship with the Father, not looking for other means or shortcuts. Don’t settle for what they tell you or what they have told you. Seek Him, the Way, the Life and the Truth! “
Get away from everything that takes you away from yourself, away from everything that makes you sick, from what clouds your life, from what becomes dark, from everything that causes you stress and anxiety. Get away from everything that has no solution, from what hinders your well-being. Get away from the pain emotionally. Learn to manage your fears, learn to control your demons. Be aware that suffering is optional, that you decide who and what can hurt you. Keep close to everything that comforts you, that doesn’t kill you, that doesn’t force you to accept, and to give up in everyday life. Keep close to those who can listen to you, who can make you smile. Allow yourself to choose a new lifestyle and take care of yourself, do not lose yourself. If you don’t eliminate what hurts you, what is good for you will never come.
I don’t believe in the Vatican, in the official Church, in priests, in the Pope. I believe in universal love, love made up of good deeds and not words. The positive energy that is in us and that we use to do good together.

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