They are closing our mouths to prevent us from expressing our thoughts, we are convinced to express it, but it is not so. We are destroying the schools to make us ignorant, to be able to command us while we remain silent. They are giving us the “social” to make us focus on things less important than the reality of the facts. We are filling the television with “shows” (or whatever we want to call them) to convince us that that is talent, to convince us that true talent does not come from intelligence, but from beauty! They are making us read BITCH passed off as “great books”, while the great books remain closed in the house. They are making us listen to songs that no longer have a story inside them, because “history is the teacher of life” and the less stories we know, the less we can rebel against the system. They are making us believe that money makes a person perfect, when I know people without a euro in their pocket who would be able to give everything to others, without thinking twice. They are filling us with advertisements everywhere to make us all equal, to homologate, in fact we find the same advertisements everywhere, even on the radio, we almost know how to recite them by heart. They are telling us that being different is wrong, because if you are gay or a foreigner, they will be able to approve a thousand measures, but you will always and in any case be laughed at, starting with television “ICONS” that really, at times, make Nazism rise even to me. They are making us give up, they are making us homologate. They are making us alienate. But fuck, there are so many of us that we should check the system. But nobody is pissed off like me ?!
I missed breathing too much. You tried to shut my mouth, but if there is one thing you will never take away from me it is the word! I opened my mouth and started talking, breathing and feeling strong. I started talking shouting and cutting, because if you don’t use sharp words and if you don’t scream you are ignored. While I was out of breath I used words, I used the most beautiful form of a word, I wrote, in fact, I spoke in another form. The word lives in me and I will always use it, even with those who are unable to listen to it, even with those who do not want to listen to it, even with those who do not deserve to listen to it: the word is the only WEAPON I have!
The angels have fallen. They have lost their wings and can no longer fly, perhaps they just don’t know how to fly. We were those angels. Something has gone out and I can’t save you, get you, no matter how damn it is! I try with every strength I have left in my body. I try with the hope of a dead angel, smashed to earth, shattered into a thousand pieces. I try with the strength of something that shouldn’t have even set foot on earth, not because it is better than others, but because it doesn’t know how to be like others. I try with the sadness of a suffocated, time-worn, non-existent and taciturn soul. I try with these eyes that seem to be the only thing that still lives in me. I try with all the energy I have left in my body. Because I mean wars cause too many deaths and I haven’t heard any famous musicians protest wars anymore. No calviator, no influencer says anything against wars. All mute, buried under their money as people die. Why doesn’t Angelina Jolie go now to give her help? Why does Leonardo di Caprio stay comfortable in his home? There are no more loud voices, courageous voices, there is nothing but pain. And we should all be angry but instead we are talking about fashion, books, actors and actresses.

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