Delicate. This adjective comes to mind for this splendid love born between stones and shells. This afternoon I heard the sound of the sea again and it was gorgeous. This bond heals a saddened soul and the sea crowns the union of these two women, one of whom seeks her space in a male-dominated scientific society. A paleontologist who …. You will find out by watching this interesting film. The only romantic films I love are the period ones and set in England, a place whose historic houses I love.


The time I gathered your clothes

while you were swimming in the lake and I was trying

to dissuade you, the waters muddy

and the wind blowing on the surface

and it brought me a faint scent

of your breath, I have not found

the simple courage to undress

and to follow you, I have always been

by all the lakes to wait.

Because the lake brings life down, it attracts me

as if the liquid stream was there just for me.

And my love stops me from dying in that part of the lake

where I'm not basically like you.

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