She was killed by the electric current,
a home accident,
while he was cooking,
while doing the laundry,
while dusting,
and he sang no more.
She was killed by the blender,
while trying to maintain the diet,
while he was fighting against the tomatoes,
while cleaning the floors.
She was killed while no one noticed her,
while the others slept,
while the sun was shining and
the flowers bloomed.

( Dedicated to all invisible women who work at home without ever getting paid.) 


Why don’t many women raise their arms, scream and rebel? Because they were killed by girls by men who abused them. This is why they continue to suffer without having the strength to rebel. Because they have been killed inside and cannot see each other, feel, live wanting something. They are like ghosts of themselves. We are always overwhelmed by those atrocious memories that cause us panic, depression and inner death. This is why we are unable to have more strength in our voice. We have been killed. I died at 4. Nobody can give me back my childhood and I hope that mankind will all disappear from the face of the earth. I don’t forgive anyone.

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