Kurt, we all know the matter of his suffering from parental separation. Kurt perhaps feeling abandoned and unable to find a strong woman to feel safe. But did Coutney really love it or did he just use it? Was she a mother figure, as Yoko had been for John, or was she just a partner, also unhappy and addicted to drugs? Maybe Kurt decided to die because I can't find comfort in his (pierced?) Arms?

Can a woman replace a lost (not physically dead) mother or can the parenting function not be effective in this case? Courtney, if you look closely, in many photos she looks like a capricious child rather than a grown woman. So maybe Kurt was under the illusion that he could be “looked after” by her while in reality it was she who needed to be contained. Somehow this relationship was unbalanced but that didn’t stop the two musicians from having a baby girl. We’ve seen Cortney go from rock star to elegant lady, thanks to dead Kurt’s money. So did she act well or did she really love him?

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