The labyrinth of the faun is a parable full of esoteric meanings. An example is represented by the transformation path that the young Ofelia will have to face by overcoming her fears and making choices. The three tests to which the guardian Faun of the labyrinth subjects her are the initiation rite necessary to return to her kingdom. But it will be precisely by not completing them that the child will prove that she is the chosen one.


There are days when I wonder how everyone could have disappeared from within me. How can they have passed into me and canceled in this way. There are days I don’t remember what the Faun looked like, and other days when I remember it very well. And it could be the change. Entering his labyrinth but it did not happen. And I find myself here and ask for a change. I ask myself but I can’t. I feel inside an increasingly narrow labyrinth that suffocates me. No monster, not even one, no ogre, no elf, not even a nimbly strange being that can spread its wings and take me away.

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