"At the beginning there was a great ocean on which brave winds blew and storm waves rose. Then, as the years went by, gradually the water decreased and new lands stood to limit the ocean, transforming it into a closed sea. Still other years passed and the boundaries narrowed more and more and the pain absorbed more drops of salt water. The water was still, there were no more storms and the breath of the winds was far away and he could not cross the mountains to get to the sea.
More years passed and the pain dried up more drops, turning the closed sea into a salty lake. Few fish remained and the water was now thick and dark, impenetrable. Still other years carried away more water and in place of the lake remained a stinking and evil pool where no fish and no plants had survived.
More years followed and the unbridgeable pain narrowed the pool to a tiny, devious and agonizing puddle.
Eventually, after the last few years of suffering, only a drop remained on the hard and parched ground. It slipped into a crack and no one ever saw the clear eyes of the dead fairy shine on that desert.
After many years a strange spirit came out of that crack, an evil spirit, an inhuman demon who wore the fake smile of the fairy on his lips. He went around and brought death to those who had ruined the soul of his divine companion. He avenged her and no one noticed who that being actually was who at first glance seemed a girl like the others, but like the others she was not and obtained every revenge with her evil power. "
Where had that drop of water disappeared?
One day a tiny green tuft appeared and grew slowly. But after a short time it had already become a great, beautiful tree, a lush oak.
A girl passed by and saw that huge tree in the middle of the deserted field. He walked over and sat down at his feet. He took his guitar off his shoulder and started playing. When the sun went down she went home. After that, however, the girl often came back from her tree and sang a thousand songs for her friend oak, then she went more rarely.
A few leaves fell from the branches of the oak.
During a dark night strange black flowers sprouted on the now bare branches. One after the other they opened their petals. The little girl came and although the black flowers had all blossomed she did not even notice them. The next day the flowers withered and fell to the ground. The petals crumbled under the scorching sun but something remained on the ground: seeds. Each branch of the oak withered away. The oak died.
After a long time the little girl passed. This time she realized that her friend oak was all dry and started to cry because she realized that somehow it was her fault. Some tears fell on a seed. This, made smooth, slipped into a crack in the ground. The little girl started singing a sad song and then went away forever.
During the night a snow storm crossed the mountains and reached the arid ground and gelled it, covering it with thick layers. But under that hard and cold glass surface the dark seed opened and let out many tiny colored filaments, which spread in various directions creating an underground branching. Thus a wonderful new tree grew, underground, bigger than the oak from which it was born but no one ever saw it.
But people say that on certain dark nights, when the moon is not there, a sad melody is heard carried away by the wind. And from the surface of the lake come out of the light beams that rise towards the sky like arms of light


Ponds, marshes, springs, temporary pools and other micro-habitats with stagnant water represent an important resource for biodiversity as they are often inhabited by lively vegetation and aquatic fauna. The so-called "Wetlands" of the planet, however, have significantly reduced in the last century due to urbanization and climate change, so much so that already in 1971 the international community drew up the Ramsar Convention - now signed by 169 States - for the safeguarding these delicate ecosystems.

On the occasion of the World Wetlands Day, WWF launched the "One million ponds" campaign to make people understand the important role they play and to conserve these precious resources. WWF invites anyone to “contribute concretely to the protection of amphibians and aquatic fauna by creating a pond or restoring old structures, such as drinking troughs, fountains and pools”. To contribute to this project I will show you building a pond near your home or in your school to see water lilies and dragonflies grow, host frogs and quench the thirst of birds.
I no longer have big claims. As a child I wanted to conquer the world, as a teenager I wanted to save the world, today I would just like to be able to forgive the proud child and shake the naive teenager. Today I don't want to conquer or save, because I know the world better and I understand that it doesn't belong to me. But since I love this planet and I would like to see it clean, respected, cared for as a child, but more hopeful because when you are a child you want to do many things and we all work together to show our love for Nature.
My writing does not want to conquer anyone, because it does not want to seduce; it must not oblige, because it fails, but at least it must remind me of who I was and who I am, how much I have committed myself and how much I have improved, and how much more I can do and you can do and how much we can do everything together to save our lives on this planet.

I could write a love poem

tell you about my desire to escape,

to explore the world in all its glory

and finally disappear in our dreams

like when at night, talking for hours,

we imagined a future worthy of us.

I could take you out for a trip to Venice,

the city that during our adolescence

has been able to give us endless moments,

indescribable sunsets and unique emotions.

I could get you a pizza, yeah well,

a crudaiola obviously, your favorite

and then eat it in secret, with a thousand smiles,

in the garage of your house with the usual blanket.

I could show you our videos,

when we were barely 5 years old,

without falling into a cry full of pain

because in those days there was hope.

And finally,

I wish I could say to that rebellious soul of yours,

than the world you dreamed of so much

it has become reality, that humanity, in the end,

made the right choice: save the planet.

You know, more than 70 years have passed since we began to take to the streets for an eco-sustainable world, and many things have changed in fact the earth is no longer the same. Many cities, including our Venice, are only a distant memory, such as natural foods, those that we took to the supermarket every day and that made up our beloved pizzas. Now we all live in underground homes and feed on lab-grown food stuffed into horrible gray capsules.

It will probably seem like an apocalyptic scenario, almost impossible, but unfortunately it is not, the reality right now is really this and there is no going back.

But you are still in time to change things, to give us a better future and please do it, do not make our past mistakes, do not believe in false promises, fight, fight and fight again!

I believe in you, but you already know this.

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