Delicate. This adjective comes to mind for this splendid love born between stones and shells. This afternoon I heard the sound of the sea again and it was gorgeous. This bond heals a saddened soul and the sea crowns the union of these two women, one of whom seeks her space in a male-dominated scientific society. A paleontologist who …. You will find out by watching this interesting film. The only romantic films I love are the period ones and set in England, a place whose historic houses I love.


In January 1993 Brandon Teena arrives in Falla City (Nebraska), a cute young man who kills hearts among his peers and conquers that of Lana, who gives herself with passion and satisfaction. When Brandon is revealed to be a girl, two of the group’s goofy boys lose their minds and violence erupts. From a news story on which the debut director and Andy Bienen worked for 5 years creating a painful movie based on a true story.

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