You're not cool if you don't wake up at 5 in the morning. There are entrepreneurs and workers (and others) who share content on social networks in which they emphasize an unhealthy lifestyle as an essential condition for success. Wake up at 5, work 24/24, sleepless nights, hyper productivity, lack of work-life balance. In today's society, this mentality has been internalized to the point of making sacrifice an element of social recognition: if you suffer, it necessarily means that you are doing something important. 
According to research published in Forbes, 66% of millennials are addicted to overwork, 32% said they also work in the bathroom and 70% remain active on weekends.
Yet, according to a study by "Environment International", working 55 hours or more a week increases the risk of stroke by 35% and of dying of a heart attack by 17%. This model, in addition to being toxic, has an important shortcoming: it does not evaluate the quality of the hours dedicated to work, but focuses only on the time and "suffering" factor. 
Obviously the work (of the entrepreneur or otherwise) occupies a large part of the life of those who carry it out and requires extreme dedication, but are we sure that in order to achieve results we must necessarily give up a balanced lifestyle?


Dreams in the drawer, underwear on the bed, doubts come out of the closet. Yet it always takes me twenty minutes to choose the shoes. 
I open the shutters, another rainy day. The neighbor yells at her little girl, she doesn't know how lucky she is to have her.
 Maybe we never realize the little miracles that happen in our life, for one reason or another, we are too worried about what doesn't happen. 
I think another day has passed, even at 8 in the morning. I don't have time to start that has already passed. 
Like sand from your hands, you would like it to gush out of your palms to the bitter end. I am hungry for life, I need air, I want to hug everyone before being a memory.
To slide.
The sensation of entering the skin of the train.
I walk away, the body following the thought.
I'm not here, I'm elsewhere.
They are not my feet anchored to the shiny, dirty floor.
It is not my eyes that see the reflection of these buildings that alter with uncultivated trees and abandoned cars.
This whole periphery is not mine, the strength that abandons me, the memory that presses to get out of my head.
It is forbidden to cross the tracks.
Forbidden to leave thoughts.
I wait for them to leave me.
How I abandoned you.


I am sitting outside, the last glow of the sun on my face. It's cold, but I don't want to go back inside for a sweater. seeing goosebumps is comforting, it makes you feel that something can touch me and I am not indifferent to it. Today I tidied up, dusted off, wrote an important chapter in my life. I took care of myself calmly, here the time seems to be less and less. There are those who think of me, I don't know what to think. I smile at a friendship that blossoms despite the ashes left around and I tell myself that it is not true that the conclusions are the end. I can say with confidence now: I'm fine and I don't hold a grudge. I am so proud of myself that I would hug myself tightly. perhaps it can be a remedy for the cold.


I love my madness

My ways

How I grew up

How I fought the bad times

How I got up despite the blows

The hard blows, divorce and bereavement

I am proud to be who I am

With people

With my family

Each of us should find his peace

Being satisfied and finding goals

Fighting life every day

With the shield on his chest and the sword of values

Dare to win




I was by the sea today and I started thinking.

I thought that the sea is a bit like life don't you think? Sometimes calm, sometimes stormy, there are those times when it is stormy and those times it gives peace. There are those times when it is illuminated by the sun and other times when the darkness surrounds it, leaving no room for light.

Life is just that. Never constant, never perfect, not always calm, not always stormy, we don't always find the light and we don't always live in the dark.

You realize that there are days that are different from others, experiences stronger than others, there are people who enter our life and others who walk on the shore because they are afraid of getting wet.

We are afraid of the depth of the sea as we are afraid of facing certain immense experiences that life puts before us.

I looked at the sea and I understood. I simply understood that there are waves that are stronger than others.


Why continue to live a monotonous life in which everything is marked by always the same rhythms when one can interrupt the known and go towards the unknown of oneself? Why do you choose to get moldy in a job or in a life that becomes a cage when you can get on a train and go towards a different future?


I think that life is not played with. That things change in a second and sometimes they don’t change for years. That the person you think can only stop for a few days in your existence sometimes becomes the person of life and the one you want forever in an instant can suddenly become the last one you want next to. That we waste time, we waste a lot of time, behind things that we laugh at in the end or that do not have the importance we believe. I think it takes a little to change your mind and sometimes a lot to mentally detach ourselves from situations. That we often live on illusions, to fill insecurities and voids, which sometimes better one a good lie that a painful truth and instead others do not we prefer the truth and pain than to persist surrounded by a mountain of falsehood. I think that we hardly ever get attached when we should, and very often, we give a lot to a myriad of wrong people and little to the right few who at least deserve it. That everyone wants to do what they love but then in the end what matters and no one will ever say is that at the end of the month the important thing is to earn. To travel, to go out, to live as we like. That true happiness, real, you feel it very few times and it lasts a few moments just long enough to realize it, that you cannot say no to the people you love, you would never quarrel, you would forgive everything, but then you give back to those who love you. half of what they deserve. I think we are naturally selfish, otherwise we would be I don’t know, maybe dogs, who know how to give without asking for anything. I think that whoever has hurt you once will always do it, will always have a reason to do it, that if you are one who cheats you will always have an excuse to cheat and if you are one who would never cheat you will never do it even by imposing it, that life is wonderfully beautiful but also tremendously unfair, that experiences teach that with mistakes you grow but there comes a time when sooner or later, you think you would have gladly given up making that mistake. That some things, however much you want them, you will never have them, that the will is sometimes not enough, that constancy is not true which is all, it is not if you do not have the strength, if you wake up in a bad mood, if that day you can’t even remember who you are and what your name is. That everyone likes the good life but you must also know how to do something with the good life, and you must know how to make life really beautiful, to say that it is beautiful, after all. That you never really grow up, not even when the years say the opposite, not even when you have someone calling you dad or mom, that a part of you will always remain childish, even if you have bills to pay and responsibilities at work. Which happens to everyone that evening when you drive aimlessly in your car with loud music and set your navigator with the desire to arrive in California. That’s life.



All of us, including me, are with our minds invaded by a thousand ideas, but lately I have been thinking more and more about the fact that in today’s world no one makes the effort to think, but think seriously about his life, the values ​​he has, the people, both those who are close to you and those who have gone away, what emotions do you feel when you wake up in the morning and live your day until you go to bed in the evening … Everything is too big compared to us, little human beings who think they are full (some with money, some with commitments, some with desires, some only with merits, some only with defects, some with a combination of all this), but who they’re actually fucking empty and meaningless. In my reflection in front of the mirror, I see a girl with two big blue eyes like the sky but which express nothing but false happiness because in recent years I have learned to swallow many injustices and things that are difficult to accept but also to take hits stronger than me but if internally they knocked me out, externally I had to stand up and walk with my head held high in order not to lose control of my life. Sometimes I have lost it, I do not hide it, leading to very negative and self-destructive consequences. Sometimes I think about how fast I have grown, too fast due to various events that have happened, perhaps with too much strength, stubbornness and stubbornness. Do you know what for?
To put up with two parents who asked me to behave in a normal way and see it right despite being 8 years old. I wish I had a time machine. I would like to use it to see my mom again who, despite coming home from work tired, smiled when she ran to me to kiss my forehead or to laugh out loud when my dad tickled me on the hips or to watch movies on the sofa all three together, in short, to have my moments of stability and pure family joy back. Now only small, but at the same time clear memories remain, to which I cling to smile if I feel bad. Finally, I really think that current life is taking us all away, in its immense river of frenzy, superficiality and general hypocrisy, so every now and then put yourself in a position to reflect on yourself, it is the best gift you can give yourself. If you think that life is crap, maybe sometimes you try, for example, to be less hasty when you have to run to catch a train and stop for a moment to observe the beauty that the sky has, even on dull and rainy days, or to turn it off. smartphone to go for a walk to free yourself from stress, or politely return the greeting to those who offer it to you, in short, simply live as you should.

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