I still marvel at how much superficiality, wickedness and selfishness some people are capable of..

Wake up, by god! that the world doesn't revolve around you, only you don't exist, you don't have the fucking problems, only you! stop belittling anyone with those fucking phrases like "eh, so what should I say / do?!".

You're just a selfish, spoiled, rude person who claims to justify their shitty behavior with the usual excuse of a difficult experience. but go fuck yourself.

How much wickedness you have in your body, mamma mia.

You have to get them out, let them go.

Family, friends, exes, relatives, partners, colleagues, near and far, anyone. To break free. To come back to life.

To respect each other.

It takes balance to stand still, not to fall apart.
Let's join hands and take us where reality doesn't touch us.
Where being sick is useless, the only requisite necessary for living is lightness, light-heartedness.

Far from the problems that grip the mind, free from the weight of life that crushes us to the ground and prevents us from breathing clean air deeply.
Let's take the happy soul and go back to living. let's go back to dreaming, that I don't know how to do it anymore.

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