I am lactose intolerant and I am Sicilian and every time I go to Sicily I eat everything and nothing hurts me. I have to tell you that often foods are made with fresh milk, both cheese and ice cream, and therefore it’s not condensed or powdered milk. I often eat sweets and also arancini, calzones, lasagna, pasta with cheese but nothing hurts my stomach. The reason is the quality of the food and the raw materials that are fresh. So I can advise you to eat granita for breakfast, with a nice Sicilian “Brioscia”. You will be full and you won’t have any stomach problems. Then for lunch you can eat all the arancini you want or if you want there are also panelle or calzoni, or even pizza (not the round one but the one they sell in pieces in the takeaways) and you will be happy and satisfied too. Furthermore, in Sicily there is a lot of very fresh fish and you can eat it for lunch and dinner.

( This is a photo of the dawn in Torrenova)

( This is the dawn in Caronia Marina)

( This is the dawn in Acitrezza)

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