Have you ever tried to take care of a woman’s hair? Slip them between your fingers, welcome them in your hands if they are too curly as if it were wadding. Touching a woman’s hair is very important, taking care of it even more. Because if you do it, it is with her consent, it amounts to permission to touch her heart. Dissipating any tangles or brushing them frees his mind, a massage to his soul. We should all take care of a woman’s hair, with dedication and delicacy. Make them a braid or brush them with extreme delicacy, you too will benefit, because relaxing being a source of serenity. A woman’s hair has its own scent, which differs from woman to woman. By arranging her hair you put her soul in order, she will allow you to listen to her secrets, because taking care of her hair is a very intimate act. In Portuguese it is called “cafun√©” the act of tenderly running your fingers through the hair of your loved one. Kiss a woman’s hair, because they deserve respect. Take care of a woman’s hair, because they give positive energy.


As a child I had a beautiful book, because when I pushed the button set in a hard cardboard page, a sweet melody played.
I always leafed through it and looked at the pictures carefully.
On the last page, the musical one, there were two characters; a boy, kneeling with the guitar in his hand, under the window of a girl always looking out on the balcony, who smiled with red cheeks and bright eyes, who listened.
My grandmother told me that that scene represented the "serenade", and it happens when two people love each other.
Every time I looked at those images I always dreamed that, even when I grew up, I would have a boyfriend who, when he missed me, would run to me with the guitar and that he had begun to sing me a sweet poem in such a way as to get me out of the house and be able to see me.
It had become my fixed thought, my desire.
I scrolled through the pages of the book, and I imagined myself living those fantastic scenes.
When the boy handed me a bouquet of flowers, when he opened the door for me, when he held my hand and we walked near a lake, and then let me get on a boat and enjoy the sunset on the water.
And of course when he came to serenade me in the evening.
It was all so beautiful, so perfect.
Then time passed, I became a girl, my body changed but my thoughts didn't.
I was still hoping to find the "boy from the book", but it seemed impossible as most of the people I met didn't even know that the "serenade" existed.
I don't know where that book ended up, but I didn't find any more like it.Then, one day, as I was walking absently and thoughtfully, my foot got stuck in a crack and I fell to the sidewalk.
Quick, someone rushed to my aid.
He lifted me off the ground and I could see a boy who looked my age, with emerald eyes and black hair, matted on his skull.
I had peeled my knee and he was already begging me.
Her skin was pale and soft, it looked like silk.
While he was healing my wounds he asked me how I was, how I felt ... And we started talking.
Then when he was done he looked me in the eye.
I looked him in the eye.
He smiles at me.
I smiled at him.
And I realized that I didn't want to get lost in other eyes and kiss other smiles.

He didn't have his cell phone with him, so I wrote my phone number in his arm.We went out, he showed up at my door and gave me a bouquet of roses.
He always held my hand, offered me ice cream or hot chocolate, hugged me when I was cold.
For my birthday, I heard pebbles hit the glass of my windows.
I opened them, leaned out of the balcony and found him, kneeling on the ground, with a guitar in his hand, dedicating a poem to me for my birthday.Today I was at his house to do my homework together.
I was looking for a tire, but I couldn't find it anywhere.
I opened a drawer to look for it and widened my eyes when I saw a big old book, with cardboard pages and a button that, as soon as I pressed it, a sweet melody came out.
He entered the room and smiled at me embarrassed, confessing that while he was walking down the street, some time ago, he found that book next to a dumpster.
He picked it up and opened it, and the and he liked it so much that he took it with him.
I didn't say anything, just smiled at him and he kissed me.

I don't know if it was fate, or karma or fate or the forces of the universe… I just know it happened, and I couldn't be happier than now.

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